Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Support Scott Stafne for Congress!"

There is but one man with the kind of drive, humanitarian interest, intelligence and innate knowledge of Constitutional Law necessary to make a change that could actually hold the banksters and their services accountable to the Common Good and that man is Scott Stafne.

I'll be posting several of my videos involving Mr. Stafne and his related legal practice since I moved to Seattle three (3) years ago!


Scott Stafne for Congress FB

Bradburn v. ReconTrust

Scott Stafne, KingCast and Susan Harmon on Air
Pardo v. Northwest Trustee Services
Knecht v. Fidelity.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Ask: Will Dirty D.A. Dan Conley Punish Cops Trespassing at Fire Captain James Berlo's House?

James Berlo was a Boston Fire Captain who exposed racism many years ago and ran into trouble. Undaunted, he then went on to expose cronyism that led to poor equipment choices (read: Viking gear) that arguably contributed to the deaths of two firefighters (Payne and Cahill) in an infamous restaurant fire I blogged about many years ago.

Coming up I will publish a narrated history of Mr. Berlo's life that we are fairly certain Union Wonk Joseph Finn that ordered all the copies of the Written History be confiscated from every Fire House, they even tried to order the Men not to read it. This was in the past month; hence the visit from these thugs. I can't wait until he files a Complaint then wait and see what Dan Conley does with it. Ha-ha-ha Dan get busy I'm watching you. 

Note: James Berlo does not have a mortgage. He bought this home with cold hard cash. But his story is still remarkable on several fronts, so I have included it several times on this journal page.

James Berlo was a Boston Fire Captain who exposed racism many years ago and ran into trouble. Undaunted, he then went on to expose cronyism that led to poor equipment choices (read: Viking gear) that arguably contributed to the deaths of two firefighters (Payne and Cahill) in an infamous restaurant fire I blogged about many years ago. 

Most recently he exposed the bullshit coverup and raw incompetence at the Boston Back Bay fire that needlessly took two lives. For all of his work you would think that the City would reward him, but that's not how it works in Boston:

How it works is they use skaggy-assed Sheila Leahy to trump up sexual harassment charges on him, then they lie about him taking illegal drugs after he was injured on the job and then cause his home to be raided in an illegal firearms taking. Leahy by the way had been fired for misconduct but then mysteriously brought back to work. I hear she has strong penmanship skills, ahem.

Also, we believe that these cops are casing the joint because Mr. Berlo recently released his written memoirs and they were getting a lot of attention at various fire departments in the past several weeks, ahem.

So in the video Dan Conley is seen running from my questions several years ago after my exclusive video coverage of the Revere Dan Talbot Police Murder case. That's because while he has certainly done a lot of good in his life, when challenged on any of his faults or possible corruption he turns into a complete asshole.  And Mr. Berlo and I have reason to believe that Dan Conley has been, and will continue to be, a complete asshole when it comes to this situation.

Prove me wrong for once, Dan. We're waiting. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Crawford v. Cent. Mortg. Co. 404 S.C. 39 (2013) Prove you do NOT Have to be a Licensed Attorney to Help Underwater or Foreclosure Homeowners on HAMP or Loan Modifications.

Here come the haters.... this time I kicked Maryland Bar Ass'n ass on the issue of unlicensed practice of law vis a vis loan modifications so instead of admitting defeat they passed the buck to Washington State Bar Association in hopes of securing a victory there.

They then complain because I use "J.D." behind my name.... well you know what, I kinda EARNED THAT. I won't have any of there bullshit, not yesterday, today or tomorrow. A nice waste of two hours of my life yo.

I wrote the WashBar:

Good Day to All:

I believe my attached letter says it all. The only established case law in the entire Country -- and Washington Policy on the matter of representing homeowners in loan modification cases makes it more than clear that one need not be a licensed attorney. Crawford v. Cent. Mortg. Co. 404 S.C. 39, 744 S.E. 2nd 538, 2013 S.C. Lexis 144 (2013).

OVERVIEW: ISSUE: Whether a loan modification constituted the unauthorized practice of law. 

HOLDINGS: [1]-Modifying a loan without the participation of an attorney did not constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

Once again I have to establish law on this point; as to the use of "J.D." behind my name well I kind of EARNED THAT and it will stay with me for the rest of my natural life, to be quite clear. It is not negotiable under any circumstances. Just ask Senator Kelly Ayotte about the spanking she endured on this exact same issue that started a decade ago, when the complaining party was still in undergrad. Oh yah, I've testified to the WA legislature on related matters so I'm not having any of this nonsense.

 I look forward to receiving a dismissal letter in short order. Respectfully submitted,

Friday, March 25, 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Seattle City Hall Ignore Marie McDonnell, Multnomah County MERS Litigation and Pina Orsillo-Belgrano in "Turning the Tables."

Yessir..... Here is some back story about Multnomah County, disingenuous Washington AG Bob Ferguson and why several of us may be suing King County for willful malfeasance later this year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies May 26, 2016 Summary Judgment Hearing: City Hall Emails Regarding James Berlo Arbitrary and Capricious Build Permit Denial.

Some back story and my Motion for Summary Judgment.
Above see a picture of some upcoming footage from the Quincy City Hall area last week:  Councilor Margaret LaForest and her male cohort ran away from my cameras like the giant cockroaches they are in a massive Walk of Shame. Read here to see my Reply Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment and watch all the older videos. The new videos are coming soon!

Counselor Timmins was not present.
Councilor DiBona was pleasant and earnest. Councilor LaForest ran away like a giant cockroach.
Councilor Palmucci called me "bat shit crazy" but he can piss off:  Assuming arguendo that I am bat shit crazy I am an experienced zoning professional and I am entitled to my goddamn documents.  See the Hooksett NH preliminary zoning analysis included below from my days as a New England zoning manager for Omnipoint (T-Mobile). I believe we won that one, and I know we won in North Andover and in many others. So those of you watching the action on your mobile phones from these communities can thank me for my dedicated service!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Dirty Nationstar Attorneys Busted Misleading the Court About Basic Loan Mod Language!

Just disgusting. We will need to share this. And I will soon be in receipt of a scanned copy of Ms. Brunzo's Reply Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment that I will be posting, to show what a bunch of lying creeps these people really are. 

Citing to general language of a contractual offer out of one side of their mouth while ignoring the conjunctive language of the money paragraph -- the controlling specific paragraph on acceptance -- is just something that someone lacking a moral compass would do, and that is what she is dealing with.

They know very well she accepted that Trial Payment Plan within the window of time allowed and they also know that Nationstar accepted the monies she tendered; they tried to return some of the money to cover up the fact that a Contract had been established, and that they are in breach of same.

Here is some back story on this Dual Tracking juggernaut.