Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Attorney KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Von Briesen Attorney Terry L. Johnson Try to Hide his Client's Hateful Attack on Courtroom Journalist.

Here's the long movie. The Second Amended Complaint is here.

Some blue-blood lawyer thinks he walks on fucking air and that he and his client, Mark Rattan, can do and say whatever they want to. Recall that Mark Rattan is the jerk lawyer who grabbed my camera in direct violation of a standing Court Order. Well the Office of Lawyer Responsibility let him off with only a Diversion program and they gave the subject of my video coverage 2 years' suspension because she has the nerve to fight unscrupulous banks who illegally foreclose. 

Attorney Wendy Alison Nora and I have sued the State of Wisconsin and the related attorneys under RICO and Acting Under Color of Law to deprive us of First Amendment Rights. In this particular instance Attorney Johnson is trying to keep me from asking the Court to take Judicial Notice of the findings of the OLR as to how his client "Approached King in an angry and threatening manner."

However from my filing today:

III. Judicial Notice May be Taken at any Time

Should the Court deny the other aspects of Plaintiff King’s Memorandum then Plaintiff King Respectfully requests that the Court consider solely the OLR document in and of itself. In point of fact, Wisconsin Law provides that Judicial Notice may be taken at any time and is in fact MANADATORY in this instance: 

902.01 (4) WHEN MANDATORY. A judge or court shall take judicial notice if requested by a party and supplied with the necessary information. 


Sunday, January 27, 2019

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Observe Seattle Foreclosure Attorney Jill Smith Join Richard Jones in the Client Hall of Shame.

Well ain't that special?
After Plaintiff Erickson and a licensed Private Investigator tried for WEEKS 
to get Defendant Smith to respond -- even checking local hospitals for her and emailing...
She finally has someone accept Service of Process to avoid Default Judgment. 
That's mighty white of her.
Wow. Jill Smith is evading Service at this point in the opinion of a veteran investigator and process server. That's pretty ballsy conduct from an Attorney who still owes her client a shit-ton of money, right?  Talk about hubris. Talk about insouciance, just, wow. God it pains me to do this but she gets no favors from me even though I feel she's getting railroaded. They are separate issues.

I'll say this up front:  I have little to no doubt that Jill Smith is being railroaded by the Washington State Bar Association as far as her pending (allegedly imminent) Bar Suspension. 

I cannot confirm the duration of any alleged suspension but I have it on Good Faith by at least one of her clients and others that she's getting her ticket pulled for a term of at least a year.

I know the pain of a bullshit bar prosecution. I now how the Bar persecutes lawyers who challenge the establishment, especially when the banksters are involved. The only time I was found to have filed a frivolous Complaint in my lifetime involved a complaint when I sued my IOLTA bank for sex discrimination because of how they screwed with my client during her pregnancy and did everything they could NOT to accommodate her.

Judge David E. Cain was a Judge whom I remember seeing about town and he was going to work with me to get me in speaking events and all sorts of things like that. But when I sued that bank he turned around and slapped my black ass with the $5K fine and said it was ridiculous because Bethany's boss was a woman so it couldn't possibly be sex discrimination.

Everyone and their mother knows that is hardly a dispositive thing but he made it into one, and he allowed the Defendant, by and through one Robert Eblin, to file a gerrymandered Deposition in which she said "I wouldn't have a case" in response to a hypothetical question by him. The whole thing was complete shit, just as the whole thing about Scott Stafne was bullshit, the whole thing against Wendy Alison Nora is bullshit (I'm a co-plaintiff in her lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin and the Supreme Court and Office of Lawyer Regulation) and the whole thing against Attorney Smith is probably bullshit too. Eblin has probably retired as I don't see him as a listed attorney in the past year or so and he was a partner at Bailey Cavalieri so he's probably set. He can keep his blood money and his bullshit victories. That's why he aged so poorly since last I saw him in '99 or so. Shit I fucking look great. That's what good clean honest living will do for you. Elbin is only 2 years older than me.

Here's the rub: Not one of my issues ever involved client dissatisfaction of failure to perform or failure to return monies. Not. One. But Jill has this issue before her with at least one client, Shelley Erickson. Ms. Erickson and I go back a long way since I moved here and we along with Karen Pooley and many others were responsible for trying to make Seattle City Council sue MERS as many other government entities have done throughout the Country, including right next door in Multnomah County (Portland) and 11 other Oregon Counties. 

Anyway Attorney Smith acknowledged the debt but still has not sent any money, not even partial payment, so WTF???  Further, Ms. Erickson and I have tried to get any kind of itemized statement we could from Attorney Smith and we have failed resolutely. Smith says it was a flat rate case. I basically said to her that's bullshit. Provide proof of the hours you put in because it doesn't matter under Contract you still have to show what you did to deserve hanging on to the money and I don't believe she did much of anything, so that's sad. 

Compound that sadness with the fact that Attorney Smith does I believe have a life-impacting brain condition. I am more than sensitive to that as noted by my Reflection on my mother last month. 

But she still owes her client the money dammit. Notwithstanding that, I commented to this hateful blogger who is on a rant against Neil Garfield and Jill Smith: I basically said dude you're flat fucking WRONG because 3 year SOL does not compute in WA State anymore because Hoang holds that it's 6 years, not three. Let's see if he actually publishes my admonishment. 

1 Feb 2019 Upate: He did, and I'm wrong actually. We had a good vibe chat: 

Interesting. At first blush, I’d say the 9th Circuit flouted the express language of 15 USC 1640(e) which provides 1 year limit on offensive actions for violation of 15 USC 1635(f). However, reading the Huang v BOA opinion I see that Hoang demanded relief for contract violation under the Washington State Consumer Protection Act, and Washington State provides a 6 year limit for contract breach actions. So the opinion makes sense. Had Hoang sued under 15 USC 1640(e), the 9th Circuit would have upheld the dismissal.

Stay tuned. More communication will be posted. The story of how Richard L. Jones screwed Karen Pooley in my opinion is here. I thought he was cool but really I see him now as a smarmy Lincoln Town Car driving bastard.

Also, Melissa Huelsman is a complete asshat too. Just.... the worst. I have no idea how her AVVO rating is so high when I know so many rational people who have been through the wringer with her. 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and How to Sue Facebook Say "Happy Anniversary Pepper!"

Pepper Underfoot the Australian Cattle Dog came into my life on 30 December 2016 the day after our baby Livi the Wonderdog was murdered by an idiot at what we discovered to be an illegal kennel. We fled our East Coast vacation and flew back to Seattle and, on a lark, decided to check NOAH for a suitable dog to join our family of Elisa, Fang Weatherwax and me at the time. 

Life after Livi still remains painful at times. There's no two ways about it, litigation and other results notwithstanding. But Baby Pepper is such a joy to have around each and every day that I just can't love her enough. On a good day she gives me the same LOL.

You had Big Paws to fill Pepper, and you do it with class and distinction each and every day. I know Livi loves you honey.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies: Second Amended Complaint in Nora, King and Rinaldi v. State of Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation and Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Second Amended Complaint is down at bottom. First check out my Reply Brief as to Defendant Stephanie L. Dykeman evading service. Yah the Process Server got to her house, car in driveway, lights on, purse on table and then deadly silence after he knocks on the door. This from a distinguished very white member of the bar, nice. But that's a Wells Fargo Attorney for ya. When they're not shoving your camera around (Mark Rattan) or calling someone a nigger (Drug-snorting Howard Apgar, Esq phone interview) they are evading Service of Process. 

Stephanie L. Dyke by the way definitely lied about how she could ascertain that Defendant Rattan's hand never touched mine from across the room when we are both claiming dibs on a camera that is 3" long. Yep.  It's all disgusting but true.

The original journal entry from 23 March, 2017.
Since that time the OLR has punished Attorney Nora and called her a threat to Law
Whilst giving Attorney Mark Rattan a slap on the wrist and "diversion plan"
for attacking a professional videographer who was following all of the rules of Court.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmYatdpIlSU (edited with background)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nJ7XjK37C4 (raw video part one -- setting the rules)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4_E3X_E9yo (raw video part two -- the attack)

Take time and watch these videos of Wells Fargo Attorney Mark Rattan attacking me when I was minding my business lawfully recording a Court Hearing. The Hearing was in my opinion part of a dog'n'pony show for yet anther run at attorneys who defend homeowners against wrongful foreclosure; it is happening all over America.  As a former residential closing attorney  I founded Mortgage Movies Journal with hundreds of Court and court-related videos over the past eight years to document the issues.

This is a lawsuit that alleges criminal racketeering on the part of the entire legal establishment in Wisconsin, MN. The allegations are that these entities are basically driven by the whimsy of the bankster attorneys because the Bar Association/Office of Lawyer Regulation never investigate fraudulent conduct on the part of the bank attorneys and selectively target homeowner attorneys and independent journalists who get in their way because we threaten to expose mass corruption.

By the way, you might think that the Wisconsin Association of African-American Lawyers would be interested in this one, right?  I've won Civil Rights trials when I practiced and I got this white guy attacking me to cover up abuse of a Civil Rights-minded white female attorney in Wendy Alison Nora, right?

Negative. He told me to get the hell outta town and that he was "worse" than Mark Rattan's lawyer Terry Johnson, his former boss at Von Briesen. Don't believe me? Read the emails but remember this: His new boss Dana Sachs I support waaaay over Scott Walker, because Scott Walker and that Judge Juan B. Colas support fraudulent banisters 24/7. Maybe Dana can use my video right?

Now we see the back story as to why I got booted out of that hearing: Because I cover corruption like no one else in the Country, with cameras in courtrooms 24/7 that's why.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Facebook Brandeis Brief: DC AG Karl Racine, NAACP, Center for Media Justice, Robert McChesney, Richard Spencer and KingCast all Agree it's Time for Government Regulation of Facebook Censorship and Speech Protections.

First A moment about Mom. She told me to get a blog 20 years ago and I laughed... "Who does that?" I said.  Anyway Facecrook legally prevailed on a Contempt of Court matter that allowed me to post about her passing from this Earth. Now we get into everything else. And obviously as former Diversity VP Mark Luckie noted, Facebook does not understand black people because if they did they would know damn well not to disrespect a black man's mother.  So to hell with them, will be standing here and litigating this until Hell freezes over now.

Well then on to the case:  This is obviously not about mortgages but it is important so that is why I am sharing it here. First of all, in addition to everything below from NAACP and the Center for Media Justice please note that yesterday Facecrook and Google got a $.5M love tap from AG Bob Ferguson and King County Courts for failing to obey state law on political ad transparency. Facebook had tried to run off to Federal Court but Judge Robert smacked that down with a Remand on 29 October 2018 according to Pacer. Nice.

Also this week District of Columbia AG Karl Racine sued the shit out of Facebook for allowing data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica to improperly access date from as many as 87 million users.

Now this may sound familiar because it is. It is in fact a variation of Vickery v. Facebook, a case that has some of its roots right here in Seattle. That was was shipped down to California for multidistrict litigation with many others who claimed that Facebook and I believe Google violated their Privacy Rights by continuing to collect data on them even when they are not logged in to Facebook. The Plaintiffs lost in the summer of 2017.

Here is an Amicus Brief on In Re Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation arguing for reversal. Here is another story with similar allegations.  I remember 12 years ago when folks were weaning off of MySpace my film maker told me "King this Facecrook thing is going to be huge and they are going to do bad things." His father was an FBI agent (see para 12) so he knew what time it was even back then even if the rest of the County is only waking up now. I am not exactly certain about the interplay between these cases and the 2011 Consent Decree with the FTC but I do know that the FTC is looking into Facebook yet again.

From the Amicus Brief: 
Users expect that their web browsing history will remain private—no one imagines a marketing executive standing over their shoulder and taking notes as they use the Internet—but the lower court improperly assumed otherwise, a clear error at the motion to dismiss stage. The court also misunderstood the purpose of privacy law, theorizing that users have an obligation to adopt complex, technological measures to assert privacy claims. That is what people do in the absence of law. That is why laws are enacted. The lower court should not have dismissed the statutory and common law claims.
By the way, in that loss widely hailed as a big blow to Internet privacy the Court expressly ruled (p.12) that Plaintiffs could pursue a Breach of Contract claim against Facebook if they could identify a specific promise or set of contractual promises. Allegedly they could not. But I can and so Facebook is going to argue 47 U.S.C.§230 but I'm going to say that the Good Faith clause in that Statute applies and gosh knows Facebook is in no position to argue Good Faith about anything it does, right. Right.

Stay woke people, stay woke.  And break up Facebook like the bad dice game it really is. @Freedom from Facebook.

Hot off the presses.... the NAACP encourages a week-long boycott of Instagram and Facebook
owing to Bad Faith tactics against people of color.

Hot off the presses.... I'll be returning to Court tomorrow to supplement the Brandeis Brief with Appendix C, seeing as I already filed the last letter from CMJ with the Court approximately 3 hours ago!
And of course I'm issuing a Demand for the so-called Civil Rights audit in Discovery.
They're in a heap of trouble. Wait for it.

Center for Media Justice link. 
Oakland, CA —As news reports continue to reveal the extent to which Facebook’s platforms have been used to promote hate, the Center for Media Justice joined Muslim Advocates and 30 other civil rights groups in signing a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg today demanding dramatic reforms to Facebook’s board of directors and the leadership of the company.

This includes calling for Zuckerberg to step down as chairman of the board, the full release of Facebook’s independent civil rights audit, as well as the removal of Vice President of Public Policy Joel Kaplan—who oversaw the hiring of right-wing public relations firm Definers, which actively targeted racial justice organizations on the platform.

This morning, Facebook released an update on its civil rights audit, citing changes the company made ahead of the mid-term elections to address voter suppression. The update doesn’t address the concerns civil rights groups have raised around censorship and hate speech.

The following statement can be attributed to Steven Renderos, Senior Campaigns Director at the Center for Media Justice: "While we appreciate the progress Facebook has made during the civil rights audit, recent news reports have shown that we cannot trust this company to regulate itself.....

Today’s update on their civil rights audit is too little too late. Facebook must overhaul its board immediately, remove Kaplan, and take significant steps towards real accountability for the harm it continues to cause our communities."

The letter direct link.
Dear Mr. Zuckerberg: We write to express our profound disappointment regarding Facebook’s role in generating bigotry and hatred towards vulnerable communities and civil rights organizations. For years, many of us have engaged directly with your company in good faith, seeking change from within the company that we hoped would address a range of civil rights, privacy, and safety problems resulting from abuse and mismanagement of the platform, including engaging in an on-going audit of the civil rights impact of your policies and programs, as well as how the platform has been used by hate groups, political entities, and others to stoke racial or religious resentment or violence. 

In particular, we asked you to take immediate action to stop abuse of the platform. Recent news demonstrates, however, that Facebook was not only looking the other way in response to our concerns, but also has been actively working to undermine efforts by those who seek to hold the company responsible for abuses on the platform. 


Well when you have 77 groups and the Center for Media Justice writing Facebook and a black man and a white supremacist in agreement, you know something is going to change. And eventually it will. It takes exposure and some litigation and that's exactly why I'm here. You can say Richard Spencer is crazy. You can say I'm crazy. You can say Facebook is crazy. All of that might be true. The larger point is that something is indeed going to change.  

"Our coalition represents 77 social and racial justice organizations urging changes to facebook's censorship policies and practices....."

Center for Media Justice January 18, 2017 

Coalition of 77 orgs urges changes to Facebook’s censorship policies. Direct link to letter.

NPR "Unlikely Allies Join Fight to Protect Free Speech on the Internet." 

Activists in the Movement for Black Lives have routinely reported the takedown of images discussing racism and during protests, with the justification that it violates Facebook’s Community Standards. At the same time, harassment and threats directed at activists based on their race, religion, and sexual orientation is thriving on Facebook. Many of these activists have reported such harassment and threats by users and pages on Facebook only to be told that they don’t violate Facebook’s Community Standards. Similar experiences have been reported by Facebook users from a variety of communities, yet your recent response indicates you are adequately addressing the problem. We disagree. 
Yup. This little House of Hegemonic Cards is gonna go tumble soon. Wait for it and read the Facebook Brandeis Brief and listen to the KKNW 1150 Talk Radio discussion.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

KingCast Discusses Facebook Terms of Service Lawsuit and his MERS Litigation on Air at Seattle's KKNW 1150 Susan Harmon Hour.

Three years ago to the day, City Council refused to allow Marie McDonnell to present her findings.
As noted in the interview, Susan Harmon, center, gave Ms. McDonnell her own time. 
#Insane, #transparency

G'Day folks. Three (3) quick items:

First, Facebook is a joke when it comes to how it treats black activists. Y'all have my lawsuit with a very thorough Brandeis Brief (at bottom) I am filing Monday on that that shows how Facebook -- internally known as a "Nation State" squelches free speech.

Second, Mortgage Electronic Services (MERS) is a fictitious and fraudulent entity that costs taxpayers million and millions of dollars in every city in America. Find out why I had to sue Seattle City Council to make them turn over their notes as to why they refuse to sue MERS when many other governments are doing, or have successfully done so. Back Story

Listen up to yesterday's show with Susan Harmon. She's great and it's great to catch up with her in the studio again since she has moved to AZ. It's been three years to the day that we had to hold our own forum with expert witness and forensic document specialist Marie McDonnell. See, the City wouldn't even let her present her findings of her short audit she conducted so I leaked it..... and we paid for her to come back to Seattle with our own resources, airline miles and money. 

But then again what does she know... she was only the Expert Witness in Wolf v. Wells Fargo, a $5.4M Jury Verdict for fraudulent foreclosure.

Third, Facebook put me in Facebook Jail again even though my comment "Meanwhile Facebook gunned down another nigger was clearly NOT hate speech. Go read their stated posted policies online about context and being in the protected class as well as my other comment that I had made right before they banned me, i.e. "we're dropping like flies."

Facebook Hate Speech defined.
Facebook white paper from VP of public policy Richard Allan.