Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Facebook Brandeis Brief: NAACP, Center for Media Justice, Robert McChesney, Richard Spencer and KingCast all Agree it's Time for Government Regulation of Facebook Censorship and Speech Protections.

Hot off the presses.... the NAACP encourages a week-long boycott of Instagram and Facebook
owing to Bad Faith tactics against people of color.

Hot off the presses.... I'll be returning to Court tomorrow to supplement the Brandeis Brief with Appendix C, seeing as I already filed the last letter from CMJ with the Court approximately 3 hours ago!
And of course I'm issuing a Demand for the so-called Civil Rights audit in Discovery.
They're in a heap of trouble. Wait for it.

Center for Media Justice link. 
Oakland, CA —As news reports continue to reveal the extent to which Facebook’s platforms have been used to promote hate, the Center for Media Justice joined Muslim Advocates and 30 other civil rights groups in signing a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg today demanding dramatic reforms to Facebook’s board of directors and the leadership of the company.

This includes calling for Zuckerberg to step down as chairman of the board, the full release of Facebook’s independent civil rights audit, as well as the removal of Vice President of Public Policy Joel Kaplan—who oversaw the hiring of right-wing public relations firm Definers, which actively targeted racial justice organizations on the platform.

This morning, Facebook released an update on its civil rights audit, citing changes the company made ahead of the mid-term elections to address voter suppression. The update doesn’t address the concerns civil rights groups have raised around censorship and hate speech.

The following statement can be attributed to Steven Renderos, Senior Campaigns Director at the Center for Media Justice: "While we appreciate the progress Facebook has made during the civil rights audit, recent news reports have shown that we cannot trust this company to regulate itself.....

Today’s update on their civil rights audit is too little too late. Facebook must overhaul its board immediately, remove Kaplan, and take significant steps towards real accountability for the harm it continues to cause our communities."

The letter direct link.

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg: We write to express our profound disappointment regarding Facebook’s role in generating bigotry and hatred towards vulnerable communities and civil rights organizations. For years, many of us have engaged directly with your company in good faith, seeking change from within the company that we hoped would address a range of civil rights, privacy, and safety problems resulting from abuse and mismanagement of the platform, including engaging in an on-going audit of the civil rights impact of your policies and programs, as well as how the platform has been used by hate groups, political entities, and others to stoke racial or religious resentment or violence. 

In particular, we asked you to take immediate action to stop abuse of the platform. Recent news demonstrates, however, that Facebook was not only looking the other way in response to our concerns, but also has been actively working to undermine efforts by those who seek to hold the company responsible for abuses on the platform.


On its face this has nothing to do with mortgages. But it is more important than mortgages. Read carefully:

Well when you have 77 groups and the Center for Media Justice writing Facebook and a black man and a white supremacist in agreement, you know something is going to change. And eventually it will. It takes exposure and some litigation and that's exactly why I'm here. You can say Richard Spencer is crazy. You can say I'm crazy. You can say Facebook is crazy. All of that might be true. The larger point is that something is indeed going to change.  

"Our coalition represents 77 social and racial justice organizations urging changes to facebook's censorship policies and practices....."

Center for Media Justice January 18, 2017 

Coalition of 77 orgs urges changes to Facebook’s censorship policies. Direct link to letter.

NPR "Unlikely Allies Join Fight to Protect Free Speech on the Internet." 

Activists in the Movement for Black Lives have routinely reported the takedown of images discussing racism and during protests, with the justification that it violates Facebook’s Community Standards. At the same time, harassment and threats directed at activists based on their race, religion, and sexual orientation is thriving on Facebook. Many of these activists have reported such harassment and threats by users and pages on Facebook only to be told that they don’t violate Facebook’s Community Standards. Similar experiences have been reported by Facebook users from a variety of communities, yet your recent response indicates you are adequately addressing the problem. We disagree. 
Yup. This little House of Hegemonic Cards is gonna go tumble soon. Wait for it and read the Facebook Brandeis Brief and listen to the KKNW 1150 Talk Radio discussion.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

KingCast Discusses Facebook Terms of Service Lawsuit and his MERS Litigation on Air at Seattle's KKNW 1150 Susan Harmon Hour.

Three years ago to the day, City Council refused to allow Marie McDonnell to present her findings.
As noted in the interview, Susan Harmon, center, gave Ms. McDonnell her own time. 
#Insane, #transparency

G'Day folks. Three (3) quick items:

First, Facebook is a joke when it comes to how it treats black activists. Y'all have my lawsuit with a very thorough Brandeis Brief (at bottom) I am filing Monday on that that shows how Facebook -- internally known as a "Nation State" squelches free speech.

Second, Mortgage Electronic Services (MERS) is a fictitious and fraudulent entity that costs taxpayers million and millions of dollars in every city in America. Find out why I had to sue Seattle City Council to make them turn over their notes as to why they refuse to sue MERS when many other governments are doing, or have successfully done so. Back Story

Listen up to yesterday's show with Susan Harmon. She's great and it's great to catch up with her in the studio again since she has moved to AZ. It's been three years to the day that we had to hold our own forum with expert witness and forensic document specialist Marie McDonnell. See, the City wouldn't even let her present her findings of her short audit she conducted so I leaked it..... and we paid for her to come back to Seattle with our own resources, airline miles and money. 

But then again what does she know... she was only the Expert Witness in Wolf v. Wells Fargo, a $5.4M Jury Verdict for fraudulent foreclosure.

Third, Facebook put me in Facebook Jail again even though my comment "Meanwhile Facebook gunned down another nigger was clearly NOT hate speech. Go read their stated posted policies online about context and being in the protected class as well as my other comment that I had made right before they banned me, i.e. "we're dropping like flies."

Facebook Hate Speech defined.
Facebook white paper from VP of public policy Richard Allan.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies on Air Friday with Susan Harmon KKNW Discussing City of Seattle MERS Secret Document Lawsuit.

Friday 14 December 12:00p  1150am radio or listen right here.

As the Seattle and Western Washington homeless problem continues to ripen we discovered that many Counties and Municipalities across the Country have been suing Mortgage Electronic Registration Services (MERS) for damages because of mortgage and recording fraud that cheats taxpayers out of millions every month. This is money that could be used to help fund school systems, to lower property taxes or to help the homeless. 

The City of Seattle hired a Nationally-known professional to review King County records. Marie McDonnell basically recommended suing MERS but the Seattle City Attorney's office put the kaybash on it over Lisa Herbold's continued concerns. The City even refused to provide Ms. McDonnell the opportunity to discuss her findings, then the City refused a public records request to provide their communications regarding the matter. 

Seattle Resident Christopher King -- a former Residential Closing Attorney -- sued the City and obtained the emails. Find out what he discovered on this weeks show as he takes a break from his litigation against Facebook to join us in studio!

Links:  Here is a link to the Susan Harmon Experience on KKNW with Michelle Darnell and me addressing my lawsuit and other mortgage corruption in September 2018. Here is a link to a prior journal entry on the matter and another link showing how major press like Seattle Times' Mike Rosenberg ignores the issue. 

The link to the documents is here at my dropbox. I have included Gary Powell as he has written in to 

Documents of note in my review of the CD. Unfortunately the numbers are not the same in the Dropbox folder.

 68 -- Lisa Herbold outlines other audits and is emphatic about getting on with it to protect homeowners. 
80 -- LH cites to Counties in South Carolina auditing on MERS and suing MERS 
94 & 106 -- Massive redaction. Bleak outlook centering on the validity and authority of third parties to conduct audits. However Marie has testified in Civil Trials and other counties sued MERS based on similar information so I can't see that as an issue. 
(August 2014) 
136 -- Massive redactions from Pete Holmes to LH 
206 -- More reductions but Gary Powell writes in to note as attached.... MERS is ripping off the County and he cites to a PA decision. 
271 -- Appears to be a repeat of 94. 
272 -- Another repeat but Lisa stands strong and provides citation to other authorities. We all know that went nowhere, but why? See attached screen shot. 
273 -- Appears to be a repeat 
348 -- Correspondence with Gary Powell and Marie McDonnell, more references to South Carolina. 355 -- South Carolina references as to MERS litigation 
356 -- Brilliant Press release from SF Recorder noting fraud. 
379 -- Repeat showing LH coming strong to Nick, Karen, Steve and citing to other jurisdictions. 
419 -- Jill Smith, Esq emails with LH on Glaski case. 
420 -- LH comes strong again, urging legislation to criminalize bank misconduct as noted by the attachment [I'm done for the evening]. 

Working from top down and bottom up. 
3634 -- Stafne and discussion of Bain, LH looking to find City attorneys to help . Jean Boler Esq. to look into it. July 2014 
4616 -- Useless repeat 
4733 -- Useless repeat

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Wells Fargo Screw Farmer on Flood Assistance and Fraudulent Foreclosure in Washington State.

And this just in: Rescission means.... rescission. What a concept. Affirming Jesinoski in the 9th Circuit case of Hoang v. BoA. This affects my Main Man Michael Levitz the Vietnam Veteran too. I hope he ultimately prevails as well. Take a look.
I have been intimately involved in mortgages for 15 years. Wells Fargo, Specialized Loan Services, Ocwen and Northwest Trustee Services are the sleaziest entities I've ever witnessed, and if you get two out of the four of them on one case you are definitely in for a hell ride I'll say that much. More to follow, especially if there is a Court Hearing I'll be there as usual. For now watch the video. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

KingCast Settles Seattle RCW 42.56 Public Information Lawsuit, and Gives People in a Certain FB Community the Finger.

I settled two lawsuits last week. They both involved document requests and allegations of deceitful conduct. One of them I can talk about in explicit detail and one of them I cannot.

There are a lot of people in Western Washington's Dog Community who probably did not want to see me score a victory in a certain lawsuit I maintained against a certain Kennel and Training Facility that cannot be named pursuant to Settlement. 

These people -- all of them white --  had a million things to complain about and many of them complained the most about me because I said that institutionalized racism was a part of my experience.  

Fuck 'em. Especially that Jamie Edwards asshole. She's always trying to take a piss but then when you ask her to explain why she hates me she can never say anything.

Meanwhile what really matters is that the employees of the facility were able to share information with me that I was able to use to educate the public and to arrive at a reasonable settlement for my efforts. 

I remember at one point another white person opened a GoFund me page and then sporadically said that there was something "shady" about me. Fuck you too dude.

And lastly I know that the guy who runs Seattle Dog Spot has always refused to highlight any of my actions, even two years ago when we had to sue on behalf of Livi the Wonderdog who was killed in a bad kennel. He refused us even after KOMO ran a story and we recovered one of the highest dog Settlements in Washington history.

So he can go fuck himself, too.

So many white people out here in the purportedly progressive Northwest having a problem with a colorful negro and they want to tell him how to operate. Newsflash: I don't really need your help navigating any legal waters. It would be nice if you would run stories about important developments but to the extent that you don't because you don't like my color -- or shall we say -- flair, you can go piss up a rope the lot of ya.


Now then, on to the City of Seattle Settlement. It cost the Seattle taxpayers $2,750.00 to have the Seattle City Council repeatedly try to dodge my request for their notes and the City Attorney notes on why they did not and will not sue Mortgage Industry Juggernaut MERS -- Mortgage Electronic Registration Services.

All of this is pretty odd considering they paid a Consultant to review the King County Recorder of Deeds office and she basically said "Sue MERS."  And of course 12 Counties in Oregon have sued MERS but the bitch-assed "reporters" out here like the Seattle Times' Mike Rosenberg won't even cover it. More on this on Susan Harmon's Radio show soon as noted in my lead post on the matter.

I'll be posting the documents early next week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies see Seattle Times and Mike Rosenberg Protecting Seattle City Hall by Refusing to Cover the MERS Debacle and Homeless Funding.

Preface: I know The Deal, as I have worked for a major daily (Indy Star) and edited a statewide weekly (Call & Post). Major press swoops in and chokes the Truth out of whatever they don't want to talk about with their grubby hegemonic hands.

To wit, in another life in the 1990's the Columbus Alive was a fantastic alternative paper. They were cutting edge and loved the Civil Rights and First Amendment cases I filed that I almost always won. Even when I technically lost, my clients got what they wanted they just didn't get paid as they should have because of corruption.

Then the major press -- Columbus Dispatch -- bought the Columbus Alive and I never got a call or a story again. It's shitty and that's why I will never again grovel for some bullshit editor who tells me what I can and cannot do. No way. RIP Jerry Doyle, you were the best.

Meanwhile here in present day Seattle, suing MERS is but one way the City could help fund solutions to the mortgage crisis. See this recent post containing the video and lawsuit link as well. But when I asked them for their notes as to why they would not do it, as other Counties have done in Oregon, they stonewalled my public records request as seen in my lawsuit and so I had to sue City Council last week, on 11 September 2018. 

Meanwhile major press -- the Seattle The Seattle Times -- continues to ignore the lawsuit. Read my most recent emails to them by and through one Mike Rosenberg, pictured.
Mike are you going to follow up on this? 
Yesterday at 12:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Sir! 

When I wrote you last week you said you would look at it after I filed. I filed the next day, 11 September. It is now 17 September and I have not heard from you in spite of the facts that: 

1. The lawsuit is timely. 

2. The lawsuit is topical -- particularly in light of your coverage of open government issues and the Lincoln Beauregard lawsuit that is also currently pending on a directly relevant public records issue. 

3. Seattle itself admitted that it has to go "back to the drawing board" on homeless funding and development. 

As you know, I have worked for major daily press as a reporter and edited a statewide weekly prior to law school. I am asking for professional courtesy on this as to you and your editor's intentions as I gave you the first crack at this for print media. 
Thank you. 

And did I neglect to mention that I usually win these lawsuits? 
"The Court finds that the present lawsuit was necessary in order for the plaintiff to obtain the documents.... the Franconia Defendants are responsible for the plaintiff's cost in bringing suit to obtain the records.....the Court reserves judgment on the proportion of an award of costs to be paid by each of the Defendants to the plaintiff until after the Court has conducted its in camera review of the documents to be provided by the Attorney General." 
Lawsuit settled after I filed for Summary Judgment and Mr. Berlo got to build his home, finally. 

Meanwhile he is the subject of one of my TV shows for fighting racism in Boston Fire Department. http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2018/05/kingcast-presents-lights-camera-action_7.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g3UrHdj8qA 

Just want you to be fully informed my Fourth Estate Brother,