Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, January 23, 2015

KingCast Says "You Didn't Stop Skating Because You Got Old.... You Got Old Because You Stopped Skating!"

Gotta' stay nice and young to keep healthy so I can keep exposing these banksters and their attorneys for what they are...... which is pretty much the Anti-Christ.

Well well well... Aunt Dell Stewart Bailey made my Day with this 1976 pic of me before I got my first real skateboard. Wow. I think it wasn't long after that, that Uncle Joe (RIP) and Aunt Dell brought my cousin Randall over...... I recall him being like a toddler who was taller than I was LOL.... thanks Auntie I love you. I'm on the inlines these days but another skate deck is in my future. You don't stop skating because you got old. You got old because you stopped skating, don't get it twisted.


Friday, January 9, 2015

KingCast & Mortgage Movies:QLSC v. Karen Pooley QLSC loses Motion to Dismiss Fraudulent Concealment Argument before Judge Kenneth Schubert.

As you can see in the top movie, Quality Loan Servicing Corp. (hereinafter, "QLSC") 
lives by the principle of See no evil, hear no evil....... 

Note: Kathy Salyer had Eleanor Dubay running a sweep to keep KingCast cameras at bay.  You may recall about a year ago to the Day when Karen Pooley had Quality Loan Servicing and their lawyers at McCarthy Holthus for a snack before Judge Kenneth Schubert as the Court issued adverse rulings on allegedly confidential discovery issues.  Well today the smorgasbord continued, with Ms. Pooley taking some hits on the RCW 9a "Little RICO" and brick and mortar causes of action relative to QLSC.  Unfortunately they lost a Motion to Dismiss relative to Ms. Pooley's Fraudulent Concealment Claims in that the Court found that she is allowed to seek discovery and litigate the issue of whether or not the purported Beneficiary (holder/owner of Note) used fake documents when the either knew or should have know that the documents were bogus.          
And then I was writing just now to a very high-powered attorney in another jurisdiction about the ongoing La Mar Gunn stolen Recorder of Deeds election in Kent County, Delaware and I was explaining what I do. I told said Counselor: 

Here are pictures and upcoming videQuality Loan Servicing losing a MTD on Fraudulent Concealment today; their lawyer can't stand me either. She's got her little knave running sweep to try to deny me the hallway shot, but I came through as usual. That camera comes out and their guilty conscience gets the better of them almost every time. Heck man, that's why they all hate me. But that's not my fault. If they were upstanding citizens like Judge Schubert they wouldn't give a shit.  

He and I always have a good little rap session where we remind each other that we appreciate the other one. If we had more cameras like mine and more judges like him we wouldn't be in this fucked up situation and our time and resources as lawyers, industry analysis and just plain American people would be spent on more productive pursuits.

Video forthcoming. For now here's last year's. 

And oh as a bonus Remember what an ass Joe McIntosh was when M & H threatened to have me arrested for no lawful reason? I forgot about that, but yah that's why they fucking hate me, well fuck you too. Unreal the goddamn hubris these people have. I am so done with taking it, and I say it right out in the open, the same kind of language I know they used behind closed doors. I have friends in places like these and I've been around the block a few times too my friends. You just have to call a spade a spade.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

KingCast and Shoreline Community Wince as Alleged Gunman Reported at Meridian School.

I asked, but they haven't a clue as to what he looks like, only that he had a pulled over-head hoodie. No clue as to whether it was a handgun or a rifle. No notation as to the general size of the suspect, thin, fat, medium, tall, short.... No notation as to whether he had an accent or anything..... More pictures and interview with Deputy Sheriff Gates to follow. Note: The rifle pictured is reportedly NOT the suspect weapon. No injuries are reported, and some of the children at other area schools are on lockdown as they received notification of the event after students had arrived.  

The total lockdown was a joint decision by the district and area law enforcement. Any other incidents in the future will be handed on a case-by-case basis.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies and Washington Appellate Judges Hear Case on Unconstitutional Nature of Washington's Deed of Trust Act.

Judge Dwyer's prior, well-principled Decisions have met with disapproval from the bankster-controlled State Legislature in Olympia. Details and full video coming by tomorrow.

I have reviewed this matter on prior occasion and believe that the DTA is a completely unconstitutional end-around judicial substantive and procedural due process There are some who believe that declaring the Deed of Trust Act unconstitutional may have detrimental effects on homeowners in the short run if judges continue to overlook the law and just basically kowtow to the banks like so many legislators down in Olympia. 

We must applaud, rather than criticize judges like Stephen Dwyer who attempt to maintain some sense of decency justice and fair play in a system so overwrought with criminality that it makes me, as a former escrow attorney, throw up in my mouth a little bit each and every day. I've testified in Olympia before. Remember the Joint Reform Bill 6507 that died on the vine? Watch the response in today's movie.

From Attorney Scott Stafne:

I will be arguing Sandra Shelley Jackson. APP. V. Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, et al.. Res, Case # 72016-3-, before Division I of the Washington Court of Appeals on Tuesday, January 6, 2015. The case involves several questions, including the constitutional nature of the superior courts' jurisdiction to hear cases under the Deeds of Trust Act. Several people have asked me if the arguments are open to the public. The answer to that question is yes. Art. I, section 10 of the Washington Constitution requires such appeal to be heard publicly.

I have interviewed Attorney Stafne on related matters on prior occasion, to wit:

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Set to Sue Kent County Delaware Recorder of Deeds Betty Lou McKenna and her Lawyer John Paradee for First Amendment/Free Press Violations.

La Mar Gunn Interview with Delaware 105.9.

Here is the 9 Jan 2015 letter from the Delaware Supreme Court slamming Betty Lou McKenna and John Paradee for trying to convene an immediate hearing when they had already wasted the Court's resources on a request that the Court was already in the process of denying. 

I was waiting for this letter so I could add it to my Free Press First Amendment lawsuit so that the Court can see that I hardly the only one who thinks that these people are full of shit.

Lest we forget.... it appears that Betty Lou McKenna and John Paradee originally requested a "Full Investigation." Now they renege. Wonder why.
Good Day Attorney Paradee, I see you are trying to railroad the State High Court into holding an expedited hearing so that you can get Betty Lou McKenna sworn in by Governor Markell. We vigorously oppose that little end-around the Fair Election Process. 

I am aware that you find me funny, but while you're busy laughing I along with others are filing DOJ complaints, the GOP Chair, the Black Caucus, the NAACP and I have all addressed Governor Markell. 

Further, I spoke with Senator Coons' office in light of his Voting Rights Act advocacy and Candidate Gunn is demanding a full forensic evaluation of those mystery ballots. My Free Press First Amendment lawsuit will arrive in your hands with Waiver of Summons by the end of this week or top of next. If you and your candidate and the State actors like Lisa Robinson have nothing to hide then you all should freely welcome this sort of inquiry and have an open process where hard drive and ink forensics are employed. I will settle for nothing less, so suit yourself, I guess. 

La Mar Gunn won 6 times to my count. They just could NOT let him win. 

Also State of Delaware caught a case of the worries; they have been all
camped out in my journal page. I should start charging rent, LOL.

Sign the Petition:
Also this just in, see how they manufactured this McKenna vote? This is an illustrative ballot because Jack Paradee fought to have this process conducted in the dark, out of the public eye. This was someone who voted for neither candidate. It happens. The question is, now that a "tie" was declared, will Governor Jack Markell condone petty politics of his Democratic Brethren or will he Do the Right Thing and appoint La Mar Gunn as the Recorder of Deeds? 

After all, as noted in today's forthcoming Petition and YouTube video, the Governor has to know that this is his legacy as well as the legacy of the State. They passed the buck to him and the buck has to stop with him, it's as simple as that. He can be engaged in petty politics or he can take the high road. These people don't like the high road; we see what happened to me when I took it, they shut down my cameras and lied to me about the public policy as noted by the County Corporate Attorney. I have always traditionally worked for Democrats. Jesse Jackson. Dick Gephardt. John Kerry. But this issue is bigger than any political affiliation: It is the difference between Right and Wrong. To coin a phrase from William Hurt in Gorky Park: 

"We cannot fall into the chasm.... between what is said.... and what is done."
Don't look now but the Court has found irregularities and ORDERED 
a hand recount. It has been a Big Week for La Mar Gunn.

So contrary to the misinformed musings of Betty Lou McKenna's Deputy Recorder, it turns out there is no policy banning cameras in the Kent County Recorder of Deeds building. Bring on the lawsuit now folks. As a public office (except for the corrupt Federal and Bankruptcy Courts who do it by operation of lawlessness) don't ever deny my cameras the right to roll without repercussion. I'll sue the snot out of them right here in Seattle, WA and let them remove it to Federal Court or try to change the venue. Their whole Game is so corrupt. Corruption on cameras, corruption on the election, where does it stop. It stops when La Mar Gunn is instated as the Kent County Recorder of Deeds, INDEED.

For more information about what a financial sleaze ball Betty Lou McKenna really is (foreclosure/Deed in Lieu/Bankruptcies out the wazoo) watch the video at bottom and read the original journal entry. Remember, I had telephoned her and Attorney Paradee prior to arrival in Kent to get some of these things squared away and to inquire about certain apparently libelous statements issued by Paradee against La Mar Gunn, but they ignored me. They again ignored me after the Deputy clerk told me to contact them after she denied my camera access, all of which I can prove on video. I told them to suit themselves.... and they sure did, LOL guys see you in Court. You've certainly earned it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Watch Seattle Apodment Moratorium Imperil Innocent Retiring Mother.

Josh Randall ponders his mother's fate before Seattle City Council

Do I like apodments... err.... micro housing? In general, no. I will not eat them with green eggs and ham and Might I reconsider my general disdain depending on the circumstance? Yes. To wit, the situation with Kathleen Randall, in which the purchase of her U-District home at 4315 7th Avenue NE is imperiled because the developer cannot obtain a build permit.  Permits are needed, inter alia, to fix a crumbled sewer line that rendered the home uninhabitable. The thing of it is, the application was submitted prior to imposition of the moratorium but as I told City Council yesterday I believe that much of pushback they are getting in permitting is because of the moratorium. I wrote Council today:

As such, Ms. Randall has become my neighbor in Shoreline...... with the difference being that she did not move there by choice; she really moved there because the developers are helping out until the Deal goes through but that game is getting old as hopelessness and homelessness loom large. Here is a long-term administrative employee of a well-respected area hospital who raised a family, staring at the twilight of her years and spending all of her money on attorneys to try to get somewhere in all of this. I am forwarding a copy of this Journal entry to her attorney and wish them all the best.

Monday, December 8, 2014

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Ask the Banks: Did Reimer Arnovitz Chernek & Jaffrey Returned Foreclosure Court Checks Match Client Disbursement Checks?

So we've already gone through the litany of lies and of deceit by this law firm ad nauseam, going back to 1977 go here if you need any of that, plus you can read the Ethics Complaint I filed against them that is still in Play with respect to the managing partners.  So you know those creepy lawyers lied against me to the Columbus Bar Association and claimed they didn't talk to me as a reporter on the Pattie Busby foreclosure case because of FDCPA privacy concerns, only for me to prove that they had actual knowledge that she waived privacy, LOL.

So now the question is will these dozens of Summit County return checks, from 2012-2014 match the client disbursement checks to the banks, and will everything reconcile cleanly with the Reimer IOLTA accounts. Many many people tell me that they may not, because Reimer basically "took the money and ran" on many occasions by simply zeroing out the account when the the client was allegedly entitled to the full face value of the check because Reimer had promptly billed them when they set up each account with the Court in the first place.

If everything comes up clean, fine. If not I have no problem watching these lying-assed dirtbags squirm around a bit, maybe lose a license or two, three or four. This is where the banksters and I have an odd alliance: They don't want to be associated with firms that get caught breaking the law and they certainly don't want their money stolen, right. Scuttlebutt has it that the banks have been demanding full accounting from Reimer, Arnovitz lately. Well after they get done reviewing these checks the scrutiny just might heat up a notch or two, LOL guys looks like you fucked with the Wrong Guy. I warned you about that but your waxing hubris and sense of self-entitlement got the better of you.

2012 Returned Checks
2013 Returned Checks
2014 Returned Checks