Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

KingCast, Mortgage Movies See Harmon Law, Nationstar and Fannie Mae Dual Track Innocent Health Care Provider in Rhode Island.

They lied to this homeowner about not having all of her paperwork in, then she missed the Temporary Payment Plan and boom, within days Nationstar foreclosed.

Harmon Law and Nationstar are just about the worst. Google David Stern.... you'll see. More on this later, I am out of town, at family day for my goddaughter so I can give her one of my old lenses (the nifty fifty) as she begins her career with the lens. But if you didn't already know this, read the about AG Martha Coakley v. Harmon and later I will post more about the shaming of Harmon Law but for now watch me (along with several others) testify about Nationstar before the NH Committee for Redress and Grievances.

And by the way, I've never known it to be legal for a servicer to foreclose, but that is all that Nationstar could be, at best. Look at these two assignments... BoA always dumps off the distressed properties so it is not their hand on the foreclosure. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Interview Request with WA AG Ferguson on Foreclosure Mill Attorneys and Office Integrity.

Lanny Breuer and Eric Holder: Much Ado About Nothing.

As a former Assistant Attorney General and escrow attorney I can safely say that America's legal compass dangles in a very precipitous state when big money interests have co-opted the very institution that our citizen rely on for consumer protection. Are the foxes watching the henhouse in the Nation's Capitol and in Washington State? Some have even argued that it is tantamount to a pedophile watching a daycare center. 
This is part one of several, and in this part I will share the Stacey Solie feature on bought and sold Attorneys General that was vetted by the NYTimes last year. In the story Reporter Solie specifically mentions Washington AG Bob Ferguson ethical challenges in reportedly shaking down the 5 hour energy drink people in this story last year before two major developments came to light in Washington.
In no particular order, first the Seattle City Auditor and other government employees conspired to put a muzzle on the contents of the land records audit conducted by Marie McDonnell analytics. The audit focussed on the implausible constructions that MERS uses to legitimize a clearly flawed business model that allow for transfers of property without any predicate ownership interest. McDonnell's local mentor and consultant was Attorney Scott Stafne, who will be on air with me on the Susan Harmon Hour this Friday at noon, on 1150 AM.

I have run video of several successful Stafne law office hearings and I am further aware that his client won a partial summary judgment motion against MERS in Snohomish County case of Schiavone v. MERS.

Despite that, or some would argue because of that type of spirit, we come to issue #2, with Attorney General Bob Ferguson issuing a subpoena to Attorney Stafne, which in turn led Attorney Stafne to inquire as to the relationship between  Ferguson, Seattle City Hall and two recent foreclosure mill attorneys whom Ferguson hired. 

This leads to the obvious concern of neutrality because I am not aware of any recent hires of homeowner attorneys on Ferguson's staff, so there is immediately a conflict of interest issue of the same nature that I covered in New Hampshire with its Committee on Redress and Grievances a few years ago:  

Now as seen here in these emails Attorney Roesch of course was involved in the investigation against Cal-Western: I sent him some information I had discovered during a mediation, and he sent me a consent decree. That's good for what it's worth, which really isn't much because it doesn't go into the systemic problems of fraud and deceit that run rampant in the chain of title. In fact, it was arguably window dressing.

And now Attorney Roesch's linked in page is no longer visible but lets look at the national revolving door trend witnessed by AG Eric Holder and his purported prosecutor Lenny Breuer, neither of whom seemed to be able to indict or prosecute a ham sandwich during the entire mortgage industry debacle.

Eric Holder = Covington Burling 
Lanny Breuer = Covington Burling 

Benjamin Roesch = Lane Powell 
Daniel Davies = Davis Wright Tremaine

I will leave you for now then, but stay tuned for part two in which I telephone Attorney General Ferguson and ask for a brief interview on some of these issues because we all know his support for open government is legendary as he believes that even private emails of public employees are within the purview of open records requests. I lost on that same exact issue some years ago in New Hampshire (link) so I am glad to know we are making progress in America and I anticipate that AG Ferguson will readily invite me in for a in interview session on video.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say TILA Rescission is Sabotaged in Washington with Josh Schaer Serving Dual Role as Trustee and Creditor.

It's all a Big Shame folks. And Josh Schaer is involved.... see from my interview with him last year I had really hoped he would come around and stop working for those scumbags, but hey I guess the money's too good. From the Bakers:

If you are unfamiliar with this landmark case, you can read it here: Jesinoski v. Countrywide This case is extraordinary because the material facts of the Baker's case are identical to the Supreme Court case, and yet their home has been taken from them, though they were never in default on their mortgage.   The Baker's properly rescinded their mortgage in 2009, which was not in default, and their notice of rescission was ignored and their house was subsequently foreclosed upon in June 2015, in the face of this pending appeal.   

The principle matter in this case is that the USSC, in January of 2015 mandated that the TILA never required a borrower to sue the creditor for ignoring the notice of rescission in order for the note to become void by operation of law. They further declared that TILA is unambiguous on it's face, and because of this, NO court has the discretion to interpret it.  This means that all transfers and court rulings on the material issues of this case are VOID because the court was ruling on VOID MATERIAL FACTS AND DOCUMENTS and the trial court should have vacated the ruling.   

The Baker's TILA rescission was done properly, exactly as specified in the TILA, invoked for egregious misrepresentation of finance charges at loan closing by Paramount Equity Mortgage that they discovered and for which they were seeking redress.  When the lender refused to correct the errors, the Baker's exercised the legal right of TILA Rescission as a last result.  Prior to the rescission, they obtained pre-approval of a new mortgage to tender the proceeds of the rescinded mortgage as outlined in the TILA.  

They were not in Default or alleged Default.

Even the trustee displays incompetence about what TILA Rescission is: He repeatedly declared that the Baker's attempts to "get a free house" were going to fail, and made many other comments on record in this regard.  Educated people know that Rescission does NOT offer a free house to anyone, rather it attempts to restore the parties to the position they were in before the mortgage was established, and that includes the borrower tendering back the funds borrowed.  The Baker's were prepared and able to do this, but this fact is always downplayed in court.  You see, that would taint the whole "deadbeat debtor" thing they were pushing.   

It is of note that the attorney for the alleged "Creditor" and the attorney for the "TRUSTEE" were the same guy: Joshua Schaer.  Later, he resigned as the bank attorney, presumably because the Baker's attorney pointed out that it was unlikely that the "Trustee" was capable of being "impartial" (as the law dictates) if the same attorney represented BOTH the bank and the trustee! Unfortunately, in Washington State, this is business as usual. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

KingCast Slow Motion Analysis: Paraplegic Jerry McDole Disobeying Orders but Adjusting Pants While Shot by Wilmington Delaware Police.

This is not directly mortgage related but I wound up in Delaware because of corruption
in the mortgage industry, i.e. the La Mar Gunn stolen election at 
Kent County Recorder of Deeds.

Update: The 911 call indicates it was a potential suicide situation. See below. That makes it all the worse......Well folks we have another questionable Delaware shooting and show of force in the shooting of a paraplegic Jerry McDole. I have taken the liberty of enhancing the video image by zoom, color and sharpness (and slow motion) and I cannot see any weapon being drawn. It looks to me that he adjusted his legs, and was fussing about but he made the unfortunate decisions to: 

 a) apparently put his hand in his pocket and 

 b) not raise his hands. 

Police have a tough enough job but why make it any more difficult than it has to be, I ask in his death. But these police had options, dammit. A come-from-behind, stun guns, all kinds of options. And for crissakes I hope they were not responding to a potential suicide call with deadly force, right? At Central DE NAACP President La Mar Gunn's FB page I explain that two of my prep school buddies and I just had this conversation two nights ago here in Seattle and it went like this: 

The three of us discussed this the other day and I came up with "officer what is it exactly that you need me to do" with your hands up and no movement whatsoever. 

Very tactical move for obvious reasons if you think about it. You surrender control and authority and if on video make it very difficult for them to drop you. It should be the new National mantra, actually but what do I know.... That's just based on years of experience as a male, negro, AAG and crim defense/civil rights atty (kicked these cops' asses). Of course some rogues will kick you in the head and some PD will hide the dash cam, ahem see James Blake/Delaware movie below but that's life I guess. 

Then you sue, if you're alive. That's all you got, folks, sorry. And remember, these are white police here, and a black suspect. That's the worst possible combination and most likely to get you shot.

Meanwhile watch the movie below in the James Blake journal entry for a history of East Coast Police abuse as noted in the video below. Also, Delaware is a fucked up place for black people anyway. It is the only State out of ten or so in which I was threatened with arrest for running video at the Kent County Recorder of Deeds whilst investigating the stolen La Mar Gunn election. Read more about the legacy of Governor Markell and AG Matt Denn here. Judge Young Rule 59 referencing the Motion to Recuse that he had ignored here.  I've stopped responding in that case they are all so corrupt they can kiss my black ass, frankly. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Quincy Incumbents Hide FEMA Emails in Forced-Place Insurance/Zoning Debacle.

Here is your back story on how the City of Quincy, MA is putting the screws to James Berlo, a Good Man. 

Re: Margaret LaForest response to M.G.L. c. 66, § 10: She withheld a crucial FEMA email to James Berlo 

Yesterday at 9:51 PM 
From Christopher King 
To jtimmins@quincyma.gov 

Mr. Timmins, Also it has occurred to me that this has the taste, feel and smell of a RICO violation. We've got several individual actors conspiring to deprive Mr. Berlo of a Constitutionally-protected right and at least one of them knowingly withholding a crucial email from FEMA that appears to be dispositive. 

As such, it's not like Pelfresne, but something different. I am going to spend a little time on Lexis and likely approach the FBI as your client's answers continue to filter in. Because as you know, I'm not here to play around.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

KingCast Mortgage Movies See McDonnell Analytics Final Report Ignored by Seattle City Council as School Teachers Strike for Money Hiding in Plain Sight in the Registry of Deeds.

29 September Update: In a scathing interview Marie McDonnell explains some of the political details in her King County mortgage review (read: audit) and how some State Actors are conspiring to discredit the review and all of its ramifications. This despite the fact that her local advisor Scott Stafne just handed MERS a fairly thorough beat down this month in Whatcom County Superior Court in Schiavone v. MERS et al. It's online you can find it just do your homework. You'll need the case number I provided below.  For more discussion read the Truthdig feature and enjoy the 2015 Studs and Ida Terkel award-winning writer David Dayen's feature at The Intercept.

The bottom line: The City must entertain her and her team before a special meeting, and I will not accept anything less. And on that point I most definitely have authority to speak on behalf of everyone who came before Council last week as seen in the City video link below.

24 September Update:  
In this freeze frame I am delivering Ms. McDonnell's response to the city auditor. BTW Nick Licata made it clear that he's not going for the auditor's bullshit. I am at 24:30 followed by Attorney Richard Jones...from Bain. City video.

Meanwhile Attorney Burnside is always happy to see me!  He is at the moment on the losing end of Schiavone v. MERS et al. up in Whatcom County.

23 September Update: My letter to City Council reads as follows..... The City Auditor has rejected the Marie McDonnell investigative findings even as she has found problem in indexing MERS documents and a host of other problems that we industry professionals have been dealing with for years.  My point today is to highlight not only the full RFP process and contract -- which called for a presentation by Marie McDonnell that we need to schedule today -- but to inquire of any and all specific movements by any Councilor to protect homeowners from any kinds of foreclosure or mortgage abuse since they appeared at my forum and at Jane Mair's house two (2) years ago with big promises. I helped Ms. Mair sign her loan modification papers, by the way (video).

I have a homeowner with Wells Fargo on a second mortgage where they have two allonges one specifically indorsed and one in blank to suit their ever changing moods just like NY Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain said about them in a scathing opinion last year.  To make matters worse they then submitted a Lost Note Affidavit from a guy who was a pimple-faced kid selling mass-produced jewelry at Zale's at the time my clients allegedly signed their mortgage documents.

I came before you last week to commend you for allowing my cameras in the Recorder of Deeds and everywhere else, unlike Delaware where they have that crooked Judge Robert B. Young (noted below) lying about the law and denying my First Amendment challenges, but in the end you're not supposed to be just better than Delaware.  That doesn't take much. Your challenge is to be Seattle, and all that Seattle is supposed to be. And you can't do that with feet of clay. With banks, you have to fix the animal in the eye with a masterful gaze, instead of kowtowing to them. This is particularly true with WF and Wachovia, as they along with Citibank have a history of aiding and abetting Mexican drug money laundering (Citi story here) see below including the $160M consent judgment against Wachovia. Ms. McDonnell told me yesterday "these institutions are not serving humanity," and she's right.

Some folks who are interviewing me tomorrow told me I give good theater. That may be true but that is rather easy when my mise en scene is the apocalyptic destruction of America's middle class. This is Greek Comedy at its highest.

22 September Update: On phone call with Marie McDonnell. I am not going to get into the substance of this conversation until a later date but I will say that she and I both believe that this information needs to be public and hosted on a City website, no ifs, ands or buts. She too agrees with me that there could be penalties civil and/or criminal.

And she looks forward to a public powerpoint presentation by her and her partners before City Council... as per her Contract. Now that the Report is being made public we need to schedule that before election day. From today's short video interview she asks:
"Is it tolerable in a free society to have the playing field vertically stacked against the consumer... these institutions are not serving humanity."
Fascinating the night and day between Seattle and Delaware, isn't it. The Intercept story.

You see, in Seattle a free negro such as myself gets to speak and be heard, what a concept. Moreover, the government might actually do something about corruption...... but in Delaware, you just get dirty Judges as mentioned in the forum. Specifically one Robert B. Young. Motion to RecuseRule 59. I don't even care anymore about Delaware. It does what it does because it is the banking capital of the U.S. Think about it. If I can ruffle feathers in Seattle they know they have to silence me in Delaware.
U.S. House of Representatives are Intrigued:

OK so here is the clarification straight from Marie: The first version was not supposed to be released, but the 8 September version is supposed to be released. Minor edits are being made and she anticipates it may be released next week.

While I may wish that it had been immediately released, prompt release of same is sufficient to my inquiry, and again my offer to help with legislation, enforcement, monitoring or video documentation remains in place.

Thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Our friend Marie McDonnell did the audit after years of persuasion by Karen Pooley and many members of the community years before I ever arrived on the scene to host a housing forum you will see portion of later in this video. But first you will see how the city is not being proactive in the face of ongoing lawlessness noted in the McDonnell are in this excellent article, and you will see the striking school teachers looking for money that they are rightfully owed, and you will see and hear some of the counselors' viewpoints on the state of foreclosure abuse, and then you will see and hear my comments this year, an entire year after I told them we owe the children an audit because the monies generated from proper recording fees and correction of other malfeasance will free up monies throughout the area.

Attorney Scott Stafne's office assisted in this auditing process and instead of congratulating him the AG's office went on a witch hunt against him, which prompted a public records request from him. Let's watch......[below is my letter to City Council as delivered]

Sunday, September 13, 2015

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Say James Blake NYPD Attack Highlights East Coast Police Abuse.

James Blake demands for termination of NYPD cop here. His name is James Frascatore and he has a checkered past. The back story and my Providence Complaint and Dana Harris information is here.  The Delaware dirt is here. This is the digital proof that I filed a complaint on May, 2013 and they know it. And I know that they know because below that is a tracker showing how they have been reading my journal entry since the Dana Harris story ran. Thanks to Reporter Milkovits for all of her hard work.

As a former LE attorney who has both successfully sued and represented police officers I must say that I can think of no excuse for a failure to identify yourself during the execution of an arrest regardless of whether or not you have a good faith belief that you have the right suspect. For that the NY PD owes James Blake an apology right there on the face of things. For those of you who don't know Mr. Blake could be a fragile egg because he was paralyzed for a while when he ran into a net post and we were all scared for him several years ago.

Now before I get deep into this, here's a funny thing to think about As I tennis player Now I have perhaps one tenth of James Blakes tennis game. He's got a monster forehand and is an accomplished professional who could be anyone on a good day. These days at 50 I'm kind of a club hack with a decent backhand on a good day at my best I feel confident I was in the top million tennis players in the world, LOL.
Now one thing we do have in common besides our relative shades of blackness is respect for good police and contempt for law officers who dont deserve the right to have a badge. quote I know a bit more about the subject of course and direct you to the first State of Delaware, with the unlawful kick in the face of a black man who was clearly complying with police orders, the questionable shooting of a potentially unarmed suspect Terrence Fletcher in Delaware, which is compounded with the likely unlawful arrest of a bystander who lawfully criticized police for firing in a daycare area.

 It is unlawful to arrest someone for running video of public officals in public areas, even though there is a racist judge Robert B. Young in Delaware who threw out my First Amendment lawsuit while outright lying about the facts and law of my case. All of that is documented on my mortgage movies journal website.

And on Chris King's First Amendment page we see another example of police abuse where a white cop verbally abused me and physically intimidated me for no lawful reason at all. I was not speeding, gunning my engine, hitting a wheelie or anything of that nature. I had bought a brand new tire and was scuffing it in a bit, in my own lane of travel and I saw the cop the whole time.

Well Providence ignored my complaint for two solid years until the case of Dana Harris appeared when he as a black man was pulled over and given a warning for having a air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror. The police in Jamie's case and in the Harris case have legitimate excuses for some of their conduct. Mistaken identity for Jamie and a similar issue in Harris because they were looking for his cousin and his car had just left the property. But what about those cases in Delaware, or in my complaint in RI?

From my tracker I have the proof that they know I sent an electronic complaint 2 years ago. There's simply no excuse for this dereliction of duty and I demand an apology both for the initial incident and the failure to follow up, which is potentionally a Civil Rights violation in and of itself. Lastly, while I have covered instances of police abuse against whites, the problem is more acute against minorities, and the Baldus Study confirms this and is still relevant today.

Jamie thanks for coming forward on this and here now is the phone call with Providence police from last week, stay tuned for updates.