Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, December 16, 2010

KingCast presents: A crazy day -- Scott Hyman finally gets a hearing in record $1.7M Anti-Semitic property case, KingCast raps with Capital Access TV on Kelly Ayotte Free Press racial lawsuit, mortgage fraud.

More pics and a KingCast movie tomorrow or Friday, but I'll say this: 
On the show (a double feature airing this weekend and next) we talked about Mortgage Movies Journal. It was Good. Damn Good.

PS: Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association defense attorney Richard Serkey put his regal foot in his mouth and gave KingCast left-handed praise when he reportedly cried "Mr. Hyman used the media to his advantage," in fighting the verdict in today's JNOV/New Trial hearing. He didn't like my blanket coverage, especially this movie , in which I note that FOX 25 jumped ship and even claimed they didn't have their first broadcast from when someone torched his house. I had a copy and used it in the movie. Also, the problem is, I'll show you my phone records, I telephoned Attorney Serkey but he had no comment, so to hell with that notion. Pshaw, I even put a good picture of him in one of the movies, I'll find it tomorrow.

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