Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NJ Court slams Wells Fargo in Wells Fargo v. Sandra Ford; Ohio was first in Wells Fargo v. Jordan, will NH be next with Jeanne Ingress case?

Here is Wells Fargo v. Sandra Ford, enjoy today's feature presentation.
On appeal, defendant argues that (1) Wells Fargo failed to establish that it is the holder of the negotiable note she gave to Argent and therefore lacks standing to pursue this foreclosure action; (2) even if Wells Fargo is the holder of the note, it failed to establish that it is a holder in due course and therefore, the trial court erred in concluding that Wells Fargo is not subject to the defenses asserted by defendant based on Argent’s alleged predatory and fraudulent acts in connection with execution of the mortgage and note; and (3) even if Wells Fargo is a holder in due course, it still would be subject to certain defenses and statutory claims defendant asserted in her answer and counterclaim.


  1. To all:

    In NH the Supreme Court Rules were substantially overhauled to grant a heavy presumption in favor of the Press, a fact I will be discussing at this weekend's New England News and Press (NENPA) conference as a panelist.

    I'm about to get up with Todd Wetzelberger, check him out at Surefire Loan Modifictions and start taking this National. When we get to Court if the Court throws us out in any jurisdiction we simply roll the video the minute the parties walk out of the door, damaging either way.


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