Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jackasses at Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg foreclosure mill vacate the office and call police on KingCast/Mortgage Movies.... police ask "What the fuck is going on?"

Whoa... read the Monday update, these guys lied to the Chief of Security about KingCast/Mortgage Movies so I am filing an Ethics Complaint on them with NJ Bar.

Update Cross-Post: New Jersey Anti-Foreclosure Group. 
 "A big thanks to Christopher King at Mortgage Movies for the great video."
The movie is coming soon, hopefully late night but certainly by 8am as I am uber tired. This time I will simply quote from others at Lawyers and Settlements as the staff and lawyers at Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg vacate their office and call the police on KingCast/Mortgage Movies and an alleged debtor.  Too bad for them when LE arrived they actually agreed with us, and asked "What the fuck is going on here...."
I'll tell you what the fuck is going on here, is that Attorney John Narkin is getting ready to update his class action pleadings and add some things that I'm not going to get into in this space. Also it's not like they can make me go away.... I'll be at every single public hearing documenting all of this sketchy foreclosure action against a guy who has repeatedly asked to see verification of ownership and chain of title and offered payment on his "loan" which is more aptly described as an undisclosed investment contract making millions for greedy banks and their friends with every signature....... Meanwhile all I wanted to ask these knuckleheads was whether they had complied with   the current New Jersey mandate to Show Cause. To me it's a logical question because as I queried in my Ethics Fraud update against NH Hillsborough Judge Diane Nicolosi and  Schectman, Halperin Savage Attorney Shawn Masterson: Standing is Law School 101....Did you guys pass Civil Procedure class or not?
And who died and made Wells Fargo the Pope... they're more Perp than Pope but still getting away with it here and in the NH case.... Every time I see a law firm acting in this manner I am going to file a professional Ethics Complaint against them for conduct unbecoming.
Philadelphia, PA: Got to hand it to attorney John Narkin. He's got this foreclosure crisis thing figured out—well, near as anyone can figure it out. The 113-page class-action suit on behalf of distressed homeowners filed by Narkin's firm, BHN Law in Philly, lays out the whole sorry story in amazing detail, complete with links to video clips.

In addition to demanding that well-known culprits in the lending business pay up for the pain they caused, BHN also comes down hard on a law firm that worked with Wells Fargo, N.A., Countrywide, and others. It describes the firm in the documents filed as "a foreclosure mill" with a Gordon Gecko "greed is good" attitude.

"Obviously this is a national disgrace," says Narkin, whose firm specializes in hunting down boogie men involved in everything from securities fraud to consumer protection law.

"The tentacles of the foreclosure mess are amazing," says Narkin. "The mess created by predatory lending is one thing, but consider also what an awful investment collateralized debt lending turned out to be." (KingCast adds that there is yet more to this story but I'm not telling it right now. Just think about the duties to the Trust that are typically violated during collateralization).

Narkin's firm has devoted hundreds of hours to a class-action complaint that alleges that Countrywide, Wells Fargo and a "high-volume law firm," Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, engaged in fraudulent schemes to collect inflated and manufactured foreclosure fees from financially troubled families in danger of losing their homes.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nashua Police abuse survivor Pamela Reynolds and KingCast supplement the Mike Gannon FBI Complaint, she demands criminal discovery & video copy.

Read below the fold to see what an inbred, incestuous playing field I face in NH.

Meanwhile I'm off to NH for another Mortgage Movie and it's deep... just got off the phone with Attorney John Narkin, more stuff, including class action litigation involving Wells Fargo (see prior posts involving my Ethics Complaint) and their NJ area law firm Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg that would make the layperson's head spin. As someone who has been around the industry and around the Courts it no longer spins my head. It just makes me cry.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

U.S. Bank v. Kimball, (Vt. No. 2010-169) and other New England foreclosure cases beg the question: Did Diane Nicolosi and Shawn Masterson pass Civil Procedure class?

C'mon guys, we all went to law school..... What's the first thing you learn in Civil Procedure: Standing. It's pretty flipping simple -- if you don't have standing, get the hell out of here and stop wasting Judicial resources. New York Supreme Court Justice Schack will sanction your ass for that in New York. I get it, read my Rule 3.3. Candor to the Tribunal Ethics Complaint response to NH Bar. Florida Bar Association Ethics panel gets it, they ordered attorneys to disclose document irregularities such as those presented by robo-signers like Linda Green. My pals at Leagle get it, they posted the case of U.S Bank v. Kimball, (Vt. No. 2010-169, July 22, 2011) . Vermont Supreme Court gets it, they wrote the opinion. Massachusetts SJC gets it, they authored U.S. Bank v. Ibanez (SJC 10694 January 2011). And surprise, surprise even NH gets it when it wants to, ask Deutschebank. They love Mortgage Movies Journal BTW.

So why can't Hillsborough Superior Court Judge Diane Nicolosi or Schectman Savage lawyer Shawn Masterson get it? Is Wells Fargo in either of their investment pools or what? It is a logical question when you consider my video clearly shows Attorney Masterson as he testilies about the original mortgage and note when he has no more way of knowing the authenticity or trail of title than he knows the number of angels that dance on the head of a pin. It's all poppycock, balderdash..... (bruhahahaa... one for you KingCrimson fans).
So why isn't the major press featuring a daily or weekly Mortgage Movies column where they go into courtrooms and report developments in this crucial area that spawned one of the most-watched 60 Minutes episodes in recent history? Some like Alexander Higgins (great journal feature) and Ben Bagdikian before him have suggested, with substantial anecdotal evidence, that the major press is bought and sold. Having worked for major press and medium press. I'm not going to disagree. Throw in the entertainment sleaze portion to pay more bills and make more money and there you have the negative sum total of most so-called journalism in the United States. Viva the Fourth Estate, piffle.

PS: On a tangent of sorts, why was U.S. Public Defender Nancy Bergeson murdered?

NH Bar, regulatory agencies and Hillsborough County Court start dodging the KingCast/Mortgage Movies foreclosure ethics complaint.

Mortgage Movies Wells Fargo Shawn Masterson Diane Nicolosi NH Trustee Sumski Ethics Complaint Response
I checked my mail on the way out for a ride. Wait till I get back home to show you the dodge and weave on my pending Ethics Complaint.... made all the better with the clear cut Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal policy in Florida that perfectly echoes the concerns highlighted in my Complaint, right on down to the "Linda Green" docs. There's even a question as to whether there is a complaint against Shawn Masterson but hey I must be allowed to file a complaint in NH on him because I saw him practicing law in an NH courtroom. Therefore he must be barred here even if pro hac vice they have jurisdiction over his actions.

Meanwhile Hillsborough South returned the copy of the Complaint I sent to Judge Diane Nicolosi because "You are not a party to this case." Silly.... I know damn well I'm not a Party to the Ingress case, what I am is a courtroom observer, former State Attorney and trained mortgage industry professional issuing an ethics complaint against Her Honor and Shawn Masterson. Party.... did someone say party? Party on, I say.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Notice of Media Coverage in NJ Wells Fargo Foreclosure Case.

I told you in this journal entry last week I was headed down there, looks like sooner than later. Have camera will travel, as I told Eric Steele yesterday on his California talk show (link forthcoming). Or in the alternative if you have some raw footage and need a movie I can do that, as I did for this gentleman in Maryland as noted in this journal entry showing the FUBAR'd POTUS mortgage...... Whatever you need, I've got it. I cover corruption so I've got indefinite job security.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

KingCast video: Mike Ganon Demands 2011 Exculpatory Evidence of Nashua PD First Amendment Beat Down, Macing.

Just a bit more to let you know the mentality of the NH LE and Justice system.... You newbies best review FBI Semper Fi Post #1.
Savage Nation producer Eric Steele and I were having a chat about this and other troubling Banking Mortgage Fraud issues (see Mortgage Movies Journal) today.... more on this later. Meanwhile, Mr. Gannon and I even rode our motorcycles in the rain (apologies to Billy Joel) to Nashua PD to deliver our requests. Movie coming tonight. For now read the Semper Fi FBI journal entry from last week and read today's RSA 91-A Demand, above. I didn't read Mr. Gannon's Demand for Discovery but I know he basically hand wrote it, and Demanded access to the video. 
At one point in the lobby as you will see, I clarified that he doesn't even need to gain physical access to the video but that I will record it for him.
I will then turn over one video card to Nashua PD and keep 
one for Mr. Gannon and the World Public so that they can see I have not altered anything. Simple. Shouldn't be any need for litigation right.... but I bet that there will be litigation, and as a former LE Attorney I will be more than happy to bring it to them. City Attorney Brian Cullen is getting salty with me now that the FBI might investigate, not my fault. Read today's email exchange below the fold.

Brian Cullen to me
show details 3:08 PM (2 hours ago)


I responded to your July 5 and July 10 91-A requests on July 11.  By that same email, I noted that the City required 30 days to determine whether your July 11th request for what you termed at the time the

Monday, July 25, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies salutes young blood in Japan for keeping it real as MSNBC "reporter" gets owned.

No I don't agree with him 100% but he is generally coming from The Real. I in turn shared with his viewers the FUBAR'd POTUS mortgage, some fake cops and another Internet Shill getting pwned by Yours Truly at the end of this movie. The "reporter" is clearly a mouthpiece for an agenda set down by some faux suck-ass "editor" just as Roll Call was for Senator Kelly Ayotte, see my related Ethics Complaint against Ayotte Chief of Staff John Easton, who couldn't give a damn about accuracy in his quest to obtain money to defend my Free Press lawsuit. I mean, damn guy, isn't it enough that you already have Landya B. McCafferty (Robing Room), a judge from Kelly Ayotte's old firm who also worked under and with my opposing counsel Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent, respectively? Meanwhile, who is this tool in the thumbnail at right? If your copyrighted image is so important why not respond to my inquiry with an offer of Proof of Claim, you know... like a B10 that NH U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski never investigates, check the pending Ethics Complaint mit video. 

Cats like him are lazy, crooked, stupid or all of the above IMO. Judge Schack over in New York can spot the issues ab initio (read below the fold).

"Do you have a degree in Journalism?"
"Yes I do... highest honors."
Totally PWNED!
KingCast: Degrees in Law, and Communication (focus Journalism and Rhetoric), former Title Insurance Producer.

Judge Schack is cool, Judge Diane Nicolosi (in the ethics complaint, supra) is not. She too, is either lazy, corrupt, or stupid IMO.

Judge Schack Speaks Again

Saturday, July 23, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies public information request and Complaint on Bank of America + Mortgage fines.

Dear Attorney Coakely:

I walked out of Bank of America today without cashing a check, and here's why: The American Public has had it up to its proverbial neck with irresponsible and fraudulent banking practices, with Bank of America being a Principal violator. But today I note a new low: A $6 fee to cash a $50 check.

Friday, July 22, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies ask why in the hell was Bill Faust shot dead in his own driveway?

Methinks he knew too much. WTF why is he being tasered in his own driveway from the get go, huh? You haters can't kill everyone. What will you kill President Obama when or if he complains about the real reason for the mortgage fraud that's got him all crossed-up?

Y'all do remember he sued the scumbags at Citibank, right? They are not simply racist, they hate pretty much everyone and they were the worst TARP abusers in the Land. More on this is a movie headed toward the Indie festivals hahahaa.... And they money launder Mexican Drug money so they can pretty much go to hell, right. Sam Shaulson, I've been waiting a while for this. How do you go home and be a father to your children when your professional activities are so innately corrupt? With any luck your son will verge from that path.

My parents were both hard-working knaves for the paramilitary complex. I evolved from that, went to prep school, law school etc. so I could be a free thinker and report on things in and about the Live Free or Die State.... or anywhere else I damn well please for that matter, hahahaaa....so there is hope. Guns of Brixton my friends.... When they kick out your front door... how you gonna come... with your hands on your head... or on the trigger of your gun.... 
You can crush us
You can bruise us
But you'll have to answer to
Oh, Guns of Brixton

The money feels good
And your life you like it well
But surely your time will come
As in heaven, as in hell......

Police and Thieves.... in the streets... scaring the Nation... with their... guns and ammunition.....

KingCast/Mortgage Movies sees fake Maryland foreclosure cops trespass and get a smack down, next door in DC POTUS falls victim to mortgage fraud and Florida AG protects corruption!

Sooo... Bill Faust shot dead in his own driveway, huh..... he might have been reaching for a taser.... As a former LE Attorney I want to know why is he being tased in his own yard.... WTF????

As cross-posted on The Venomous Eggplant Journal... I dunno... some name some short-minded individual gave me for complaining about Police corruption in Revere, Mass. Embrace the race.
RIP Dennis Hopper.
-The KingCaster, with our Highest Nature in Course (HNIC).

The fact that these idiots would profess to know the law in Maryland while KingCast and Mike Gannon have posited a Complaint with the FBI based on Maryland law is pure serendipity. Now the homeowner knows the license plate and where they rented the car so we will indeed take the young lady's advice, i.e. find out who they are.... and sue them for trespass.
Oh, but wait...... there's more.... President Obama has a mortgage more crooked than a banker's hours are short., it' is completely FUBAR'd... Thanks to my friends at 4ClosureFraud for this one, plus at no extra charge they threw in some vintage DEVO to boot! It's a Wiggly World, folks.... it's never straight up and down.... because it's crooked hahahahaaaa.... And as Bryan Ellis concurs in full no dissent, just ask Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson, two AAGs who got downrated after their investigation into mortgage and banking fraud went a little too deep. As a former AAG myself I say don't sweat it ladies you'll progress past believing much of what the State has to offer and get into private practice. Anytime you need work you can holler over here and we can get down, Peace.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slashdot and Carlos Miller's Photography is not a Crime journals join KingCast in exposing the Truth about Nashua PD First Amendment abuse of Mike Gannon, others.

Another brief aside.... see the kind of police state hegemonic clampdown we are dealing with in NH that prompted the Mortgage Ethics Complaint below? Patrick Meighan's Nashua Telegraph coverageSlashdot's 2011 coverageSlashdot 2006 coverageCarlos Miller website and coverageKingCast exclusive 2011 video in the FBI links 1 and 2. More.... much more.... to follow. Found it! Here is the letter I wrote Nashua PD as NAACP Legal Chair:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Justice takes a Holiday: KingCast/Mortgage Movies writes Florida Ethics Professor and Bar Advisor Tim Chinaris, Esq. on NH Mortgage Fraud and "Linda Green" docs.

Please review this situation with all of the earnestness at your command. As someone who has managed a title company and practiced law as a Deputy Attorney General and Federal and State litigator I am appalled at what strikes me as patently unethical behavior here in New England. Specifically the unabashed use of bogus "Linda Green" documents and Attorney Shawn Masterson testilying about the presence of some sort of legitimate original note and mortgage that have never been produced in the case, yet the Court by and through Judge Diane Nicolosi found a way to ignore all of these issues of proof and standing despite vigorous objection by a well-prepared pro se litigant. I have a lot of courtroom video and in every segment her opposing counsel ask me to shut my cameras off or run away from me. Watch the first movie below and read my final ethics complaint going out today. http://www.scribd.com/doc/60360813/Nicolosi-Masterson-Wells-Fargo-Sumski-Wahlquist-Ethics-Rev3

Thank you for telling the Truth in Florida Ethics as noted by my colleague Neil Garfield at his wonderful site "LivingLies."

A Bar staff opinion held it makes no difference whether the case was open or closed or what stage an open case is at in terms of the lawyer’s duty. The opinion said that under Rule 4-3.3 (Candor Toward the Tribunal), the improperly prepared affidavits constitute false evidence, and the lawyer has a duty to disclose that to the courts.
As I write this journal entry Ms. Ingress is filing in Federal Court and also filing a Motion to Quiet Title in State Court. Stay tuned.... for the chilling conclusion as Justice takes a Holiday in New Hampshire.

"Last fall, the nation's largest banks and mortgage lenders, including JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and an arm of Goldman Sachs, suspended foreclosures while they investigated how corners were cut to keep pace with the crush of foreclosure paperwork. Mortgage Movies Note: Wells Fargo didn't... they kept on lying and must be punished.

Since then, suspect paperwork has been filed not only with foreclosures, but also with new purchases and refinancings. Critics say the new findings point to a systemic problem with the paperwork involved in home mortgages and titles. And they say it shows that banks and mortgage processors haven't acted aggressively enough to put an end to widespread document fraud in the mortgage industry.
"Robo-signing is not even close to over," says Curtis Hertel, the recorder of deeds in Ingham County, Mich., which includes Lansing. "It's still an epidemic."
In Essex County, Mass., the office that handles property deeds has received almost 1,300 documents since October with the signature of "Linda Green," but in 22 different handwriting styles and with many different titles.
Linda Green worked for a company called DocX that processed mortgage paperwork and was shut down in the spring of 2010. County officials say they believe Green hasn't worked in the industry since. Why her signature remains in use is not clear.
"My office is a crime scene," says John O'Brien, the registrar of deeds in Essex County, which is north of Boston and includes the city of Salem....."

Open letter to Florida Bar Association re: Ethics Complaint on robo-signatures.

Christopher King to tchinarisJeannesmasterson

KingCast/Mortgage Movies affiliate film makers head for the festivals and celebrate the dawning of a new era with Keys for Cash and Nevada Supreme Court denials of standing.

Say..... Tyler... did you serve that Keys for Cash note to Joe and Diane Morell after Mortgage Movies put this movie and journal entry up showing the Procedural and Substantive Due Process violations occasioned upon them by Commissioner Mondo in their Unlawful Detention Salem Witch Trial? Why is your client changing its position? The Morells inform me that they have filed an Appeal on that travesty of Justice as their Substitute Trustee was denied the Right to speak at trial. Let's see where that leads as neighboring Nevada "just said no" to unproved claims and lack of standing. Read the jump page for that.

Meanwhile some KingCast/Mortgage Movies affiliate film makers are busy between Boston and NYC, wrapping up a movie that could very well be the darling of certain film festivals next year. I'm interviewed yes, and so is the Boston area lawyer in this picture as he relaxes and spills the beans from his backyard, but we are small potatoes next to the headliners..... and that is all I'm going to say at this point but when they are ready to go public, you will read about it -- and watch trailers first -- right here.
For now you can read the Mortgage Movies Summation of the Nevada Supreme Court cases of Pasillas v. HSBC Bank USA, 127 Nev. Adv. Op. No. 39 (July 7, 2011) and Leyva v. National Default Servicing Corp., 127 Nev. Adv. Op. No. 40 (July 7, 2011): right here.... as I was tardy getting my Ethics Complaint out against NH Judge Diane Nicolosi and foreclosure mill lawyer Shawn Masterson I took the time to add this language into the final version and I'm headed down to the post office right now. Heck I might even fire up the Triumph and head to Manchester to personally deliver it to Trustee Sumski, that will make a fun movie......

But wait, Neil Garfield just gave me another boost, so I am emailing Florida Ethics Attorney Tim Chinaris:

A Bar staff opinion held it makes no difference whether the case was open or closed or what stage an open case is at in terms of the lawyer’s duty. The opinion said that under Rule 4-3.3 (Candor Toward the Tribunal), the improperly prepared affidavits constitute false evidence, and the lawyer has a duty to disclose that to the courts.

.....In the Ingress case there is a "Linda Green" Assignment, and to my knowledge Wells Fargo has failed to produce an original wet ink note or mortgage. Ms. Ingress is off to Federal Court and State Court with a Motion to Quiet Title, I may capture some video of her filing in State Court and will post her docs soon. Watch Attorney Shawn Masterson as he testilies to the bench in hushed tones that I caught on DVD and amplified for your viewing (mis)pleasure.

Now then on to Nevada:

......And yet there is more as Nevada Courts join the wave of the future in holding banks, nominal lenders, banks and servicers accountable:

Pasillas v. HSBC Bank USA, 127 Nev. Adv. Op. No. 39 (July 7, 2011):

Respondents failed to meet the mediation program’s statutory requirements:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

KingCast/Mortage Movies reaching into NJ and Montana, and asking why NH Trustee Lawrence Sumski is derelict in his duty vis a vis Deutschebank v. Anthony Tarantola.....

At left, thanks to my pals at 4Closurefraud journal coverage of Deutschebank v. Anthony Tarantola and Trustee Diane Kerns, you see how clear it is that these banks and servicers almost never have True Standing to foreclose. Okay so I am finally sending out the Ethics Complaint against various NH lawyers and Judge Diane Nicolosi for allowing what appears to be Fraud Upon the Court. If other jurisdictions can see the Fraud and lack of standing inherent to this securitized note fiasco why can't they? Or is it that they see it but just don't care, either way they should be removed from their positions and someone more responsible substituted.

New Jersey favors cameras but there are some limitations that threaten the independent journalist. I meet those criteria and am forwarding my media notice tomorrow. What is most telling however, is that the lawyers for the NJ Bar Association voted against access, which is completely antithetical to everything that law is supposed to stand for. Open government, principled decisions made out in the open, all of it. That's because too many lawyers are involved in shady, corrupt, ethically-challenged, amoral and immoral conduct, and that's a fact. I hate scumbag attorneys.

As I told my Montana friends who are working with me to establish a legal database for wins,  there are not too many people out here who have my unique background as former state attorney, licensed Federal attorney, private practice attorney, large and small newspaper reporter and title insurance producer. Each of these disciplines has attempted to marginalize me in some measure but guess what: The Internet is the Great Equalizer.  So I'm baaaaaack........and I'm good to go. Besides, life is more fun from this side of the camera, anyway :)

Tarantola in text: