Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jackasses at Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg foreclosure mill vacate the office and call police on KingCast/Mortgage Movies.... police ask "What the fuck is going on?"

Whoa... read the Monday update, these guys lied to the Chief of Security about KingCast/Mortgage Movies so I am filing an Ethics Complaint on them with NJ Bar.

Update Cross-Post: New Jersey Anti-Foreclosure Group. 
 "A big thanks to Christopher King at Mortgage Movies for the great video."
The movie is coming soon, hopefully late night but certainly by 8am as I am uber tired. This time I will simply quote from others at Lawyers and Settlements as the staff and lawyers at Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg vacate their office and call the police on KingCast/Mortgage Movies and an alleged debtor.  Too bad for them when LE arrived they actually agreed with us, and asked "What the fuck is going on here...."
I'll tell you what the fuck is going on here, is that Attorney John Narkin is getting ready to update his class action pleadings and add some things that I'm not going to get into in this space. Also it's not like they can make me go away.... I'll be at every single public hearing documenting all of this sketchy foreclosure action against a guy who has repeatedly asked to see verification of ownership and chain of title and offered payment on his "loan" which is more aptly described as an undisclosed investment contract making millions for greedy banks and their friends with every signature....... Meanwhile all I wanted to ask these knuckleheads was whether they had complied with   the current New Jersey mandate to Show Cause. To me it's a logical question because as I queried in my Ethics Fraud update against NH Hillsborough Judge Diane Nicolosi and  Schectman, Halperin Savage Attorney Shawn Masterson: Standing is Law School 101....Did you guys pass Civil Procedure class or not?
And who died and made Wells Fargo the Pope... they're more Perp than Pope but still getting away with it here and in the NH case.... Every time I see a law firm acting in this manner I am going to file a professional Ethics Complaint against them for conduct unbecoming.
Philadelphia, PA: Got to hand it to attorney John Narkin. He's got this foreclosure crisis thing figured out—well, near as anyone can figure it out. The 113-page class-action suit on behalf of distressed homeowners filed by Narkin's firm, BHN Law in Philly, lays out the whole sorry story in amazing detail, complete with links to video clips.

In addition to demanding that well-known culprits in the lending business pay up for the pain they caused, BHN also comes down hard on a law firm that worked with Wells Fargo, N.A., Countrywide, and others. It describes the firm in the documents filed as "a foreclosure mill" with a Gordon Gecko "greed is good" attitude.

"Obviously this is a national disgrace," says Narkin, whose firm specializes in hunting down boogie men involved in everything from securities fraud to consumer protection law.

"The tentacles of the foreclosure mess are amazing," says Narkin. "The mess created by predatory lending is one thing, but consider also what an awful investment collateralized debt lending turned out to be." (KingCast adds that there is yet more to this story but I'm not telling it right now. Just think about the duties to the Trust that are typically violated during collateralization).

Narkin's firm has devoted hundreds of hours to a class-action complaint that alleges that Countrywide, Wells Fargo and a "high-volume law firm," Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, engaged in fraudulent schemes to collect inflated and manufactured foreclosure fees from financially troubled families in danger of losing their homes.


  1. you now how to tease a story. this is the gift that keeps on giving. A lot of LE know the scam and they are just trying to feed their families. Turn them around to the light and when shit hits the fan you will know which side they are on. Remember, most of them have "mortgages" too. They know the banks have turned them into financial slaves.

  2. Hey Man the movie would have been loading already..... were it not for the fact that I lost two sets of headphones in the last 24 hours (I took public transpo down so I could work and edit and nap). The first were really nice Sony and then this morning I bought some POS Colbys and lost them as well.

    It's a hectic life doing what I do. Sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going :)

    Anyway yah the LE were quite sympathetic today you will see that loud and clear in the morning. I left several business cards with them, Peace.


  3. ... Smieg. what a fitting name

  4. Thanks for what you are doing, Christopher...it's awesome...just wish you could tone down or bleep the f-word---my kids like to watch and read about this stuff, too!!! Oh, well...

  5. Excellent work, Chris!

    Please email me (johnpers@comcast.net). I'm all too familiar with this foreclosure mill, having been served a complaint on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank, NA. I can reveal some things to you both. I gave them such a hard time, PHS wound up being substituted with a global law firm.

    I would like to reach out to the defendant in the video and invite him (and of course yourself, Chris) to our NJ anti-foreclosure group meetings we hold every month. We have some interesting things to share with you which you might like to put in your movie, as we'd love to contribute to it!

    By the way, to know that you are on board with Rod Class and the likes is all the better.

    Thanks for everything, Chris!

  6. Just got back in town and have some avuncular duties to tend to, my boy's firstborn 6th birthday, guess who gets to run the video for that :)

    Catch up to all of yooze later :)


  7. As I noted in the movie page:

    One of the more profound movies I've made on the mortgage side:

    Think about what a punk-assed move it is to call the cops and then not stick around to explain why you called the cops.

    That's because my little Canon might as well be an AK-47 when it comes to blasting these dishonest lawyers who bail when faced with the prospect of going mano y camera with the KingCaster. In the Jeanne Ingress movies we saw similar responses but nothing quite like this.

    I can't wait to do it again.

    Who's next?

  8. C'mon guys when you see me make a typo -- especially in the name of the subject -- let me know. I misspelled Schmieg.... This happened as I was cutting and pasting somehow, in a hurry so the YouTube and blog/journal hits don't show up if you run the whole name of the firm, whereas they do if you just run the first two names.

    The war with soft power depends on 100% accuracy to raise SEO awareness so if you see me fucking up, call me on it so I can fix it.


  9. New movie going up by 3p or so on 2 Aug 2011.... documenting the lies noted in this journal entry. They so clearly owe me an apology.

    Let's see if they are adult enough to provide one, I doubt it.

    So this time I will make certain to spell the firm name properly, and I won't even charge them in quantum meruit or unjust enrichment for the free advertising I'm giving them. I mean, as they say any publicity is good publicity, right?

    And seeing how they operate I am sure there are some potential scumbag clients out there who will be chomping at the bit once they see this.