Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, July 23, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies public information request and Complaint on Bank of America + Mortgage fines.

Dear Attorney Coakely:

I walked out of Bank of America today without cashing a check, and here's why: The American Public has had it up to its proverbial neck with irresponsible and fraudulent banking practices, with Bank of America being a Principal violator. But today I note a new low: A $6 fee to cash a $50 check.
It was a pleasant surprise to find it when I was cleaning out my wallet today but a quick trip to the local BoA turned that smile upside down. I notified the branch manager that this is a) usury and b) tantamount to wrongful dishonor of a check per Your Style v. Mid Town Bank, 501 N.E.2d 805 (1986). The manager (Maria, Upham's Corner) and I had a cordial discussion about the matter and she didn't lie or threaten to arrest me like the idiots at Citibank, but she told me that this policy had obviously cleared legal, which brings me to you:

As a former AAG I find it hard to believe that your office would have approved this sort of surcharge, so pursuant to MGL 66 § 10 please provide me with any paperwork that indicates your assent to these outrageous charges. Regardless of consent I hereby posit this journal entry as a formal complaint and look forward to an investigation.

Turning to old matters:

1. At one point your office wrote me in response to my September, 2010 query (direct link at last para) that you were going to get actual numbers for the amount of fines assessed against any and all real estate companies that the AG and/or Mass Division of Banks took in for the years 2006-2009, inclusive. I now add 2010 and retender my request for a showing of distribution of those funds.... (more juicy tales of government malfeasance below the fold).....

2. Also at noted in the previous link, as to the request for information on the CORI violations and Defamation suffered by Darrell Jones and Joanna Marinova, respectively, I see that neither your office or Governor Patrick's Office ever punished the LE violators despite the fact that there were "repeated" infractionsThat is shameful, actually. How can either of you demand that the public conduct itself in a lawful manner when ranking LE officers can violate the law with impunity. It makes a mockery of Justice, so much so that even another EOPSS Director wrote in this email:
"The ticket didn't say anything about sexual acts. The officer wrote it was dismissed. This statement needs to be put out because no one is speaking out. The administration should have responded that these allegations are clearly not true. 
What we have here is a crooked cop who is not only presenting a lie, but also snuck the information out of the institution which is violating CORI laws and CORI information. If the Herald did their research they would have seen that it was all dismissed. It was the Herald's and Jessica Van Sack's Responsibility as a reporter to look into all the facts. Jessica didn't. She ran the story. So either she got a forged report or she intentionally ran it."
But His Excellency repeatedly promised me that this matter was going to be "put to bed" but not "swept under the rug," which it clearly was. To this day I believe the DOC is still fighting turnover of the unredacted investigation report. Small wonder former DOC Director Harold Clarke and 5 Mass Parole Board staff took a powder. So I hold both of you jointly and severally liable for this dereliction of duty and look forward to your response on the outstanding matters. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of these matters.

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