Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies tell William Liess and Eckert, Seamans foreclosure mill: "Are you defending against La Mar Gunn? Why do you like my journal so much? Clean up your act or you're next."

Meanwhile, I guess an activist, educated black homeowner who fights foreclosure and banking corruption cannot win a County Recorder election. In Pennsylvania I'm sure the establishment hates Nancy Becker, but in Delware they went one step further, suggests La Mar Gunn, who won --- and   then lost --- his race last week: When I saw a bunch of hits with his name (see below thumbnail) I knew something was up, so I wrote him and he wrote back as I will publish later. He won by two votes and it was certified by the Board of Elections for the State, which is run by Democrats. Gunn is a Republican. But then Court staff and attorneys and all the cronies in the Board of Canvass got together and the result:  No explanation, just a sheet saying Gunn -1 ballot McKenna +3. Somewhere along the line a Superior Court Judge flip-flopped too.... more on this later.

Look below to see the approximate location of the ip address
from the State as to who is looking:
I'll bet is the "recount" headquarters.

Mr. Gunn has has some measure of success fighting corruption... he got faux notary Nikole Shleton decommissioned for life.....  and that is why Eckert Seamans and the State of Delaware are always snooping on my Mortgage Movies Journal. Anyway where is Eric Holder? We had a hard time getting in touch with him after Attorney Howard Apgar called Shirley Golphin a nigger who couldn't afford her mortgage. Listen to my interview with Attorney Apgar as well as the tape. I wrote Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates as well, no response. Where is President Obama? Where is Justice? Stay tuned for an interview with Mr. Gunn and for the answers to these pressing questions.

Update: As to Attorney William Liess and shown in the thumbnails: How is is that you can send a substantive letter to La Mar Gunn on 22 July 2011 trying to excuse the false and fraudulent notary issues that he was not aware of until recently, yet you don't even apply for pro hac vice until 26 August, 2011?  As Mr. Gunn's Memorandum Contra (also thumnailed) your Motion correctly argues, you cannot hold yourself out as representing anyone unless or until you actually have authority to do so, but yet you did. You probably never thought I would appear, but then hey, that's your fault not mine. Seems shady to me, Counselor I will telephone you shortly for comment.

I see you watching and I'm watching you watching me. Are you watching me watching you watching me? Well whatever the case, that Canon 60D makes one hell of a video. Stay tuned and one day you may see yourselves in KingCast-Mortgage Movies Vision. I'm starting my background review of you, and Judge Jurden was less than pleased at your baseless allegations against another duly-licensed member of the bar. In other words you got spanked. 

As I show below the fold you've got about seventy (70) entries since 26 August, some of which show you looking for yourselves on my journal... well how about that, turns out Margaret England -- on the sham foreclosure of financial planner Lamar Gunn -- is or was an Eckert, Seamans Attorney.... now I see we're getting somewhere, ahem.  And I will of course advise you not to threaten to have me arrested when I come knocking like those idiots at Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg.  And keep coming back you might learn something.... The Nashua Police Department is learning that the Canon 60D makes a good, crisp 1080p movie as I force them to investigate forgery and wire fraud, that much is certain.

6 September 2011 update -- These guys are living up in my blog, so the King of the Blogs trumps the Dean of the blogs. All these law firms with histories of robo-signatures and other shady practices are worried that people like me will start popping up everywhere with cameras. Scroll down to see more. 

So now Francis Pileggi, the head MF (My Friend) in charge at Eckert Seamans is on the La Mar Gunn case, huh? Well I'm not worried about him but he sure is worried about me..... because they are camped out in my journal but I've never once read theirs. See you soon, Counselor. Be certain to wear a nice suit with monogram shirtsleeves like Shawn Masterson and I will take a 50mm 1/4 portrait of you at no charge, I'm a nice guy that way. Top blogger by Lexis, huh? I'm sure his kinfolk are pleased.... I like Lexis too.... it let's me find all the cases that prove lawyers like him are completely disingenuous.
And they are entirely flustered by KingCast and Mortgage Movies Journal as they continue to grow and the soft power of video is harnessed for the putsch. Look below the video on the jump page to see what journal entries they are reading today.

magnify this user Eckert Seamans ( [Label IP Address]

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nashua Police Chief Don Conley forced to investigate KingCast complaint on mortgage fraud, forgery and wire fraud.

So once again I report a clear cut case of forgery to Nashua PD, the Hillsborough County Attorney and the AG's Office, which is not being run by an increasingly shady Mike Delaney, read the Charles Glenn journal entry. The last time they all ignored it, probably too busy thinking of how to prosecute people who videotape them like Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds (courtroom video) well Good Luck with that given last week's Bench Trial for Ridley Report and the 1st Circuit Decision in Glick v. Boston PD, hahahaha....
Here is the good background journal entry featuring U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, who is "full of shit" according to her constituents. Got it all on KingCast/Mortgage Movies video, yessum. Chief Conley: This is all about your Oath and your Bond. You've got some great men and women working for you, risking their lives every day. Make us respect the badge 24/7 and never fear it without Just Cause.

Monday, August 29, 2011

POTUS returns to KingCast to read more about Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Read below the fold to see that The Executive Office of the President was reading about how Glenn Beck favored Paul Hodes over Kelly Ayotte.... and we all know she was horrible on Consumer Fraud and hates the CFPB and her constituents says she's "full of shit."

Foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore's Goon Squads trespass and harass homeowner after Countersuit for Wrongful Foreclosure; they are ignorant and wrong on the Law.

Mickey Norman is a lying-assed scumbag Judge. Read the Complaints.

Mickey Norman is a lying-assed scumbag Judge.  Read the Findings.

Above is how it turned out, with a dirty corrupt Judge Mickey Norman threatening to have me hauled out of Court while he did everything in his power to make Todd Wetzelberger a "vexatious litigant." The Court conveniently lost my Notices of Media Coverage, ahem. There were supposed to be immediate hearings on the matter as to the amount of damages sustained by Mr. Wetzelberger's purported vexation but guess what eight (8) months later.... zip, zero zilch. They know they are corrupt as hell, and Judge Mickey Norman put the burden of proof and persuasion on the Defendant to show that M&T Bank did not have standing; which is bullshit. Everyone knows the Plaintiff has to make its case in the first place, which it never did. 

...Here's the first journal entry and video with 480 views... the Verdict?

Absolutely positively sketchy.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Update: Morris, Nichols Arsht & Tunnell & Uniform Law Commission follow KingCast/Mortgage Movies as the Banking Industry fights against reform of UCC Articles 3, 4 and 4A.

I’ve got to get back to play (and possible evacuation here in NYC) but first this early morning update is in order, note that ULC President Michael Houghton attended UVA Law around the time that my favorite Case Western Law Professor Ted Mearns was a UVA Professor. I worked for Professor Mearns, he's a class act.

Somethings’ gotta give….. America cannot continue with this Balkanized approach to foreclosure proceedings where some principled jurists do the right thing while others are left to give homeowners the proverbial shaft on Substantive and Procedural Due Process matters. These are heady issues folks, and you have come to one of the only places on the Internet to get educated as to potentially ground-breaking changes on the horizon next year in America’s troubled (euphemism: completely unlawful) banking and foreclosure industries. As the ULC considers changes (see its 11 July 2011 agenda) the Bankers Clearing House will fight back, given its position in their 6 Jan 2011 letter to ULC Chairs Michael Houghton, Esq. and Judge Harriet Lansing, authored by Joseph R. Alexander. However, as we know, the banks cannot be trusted, and their scumbag robo-signing shady attorneys like Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg will go as far as to call police on innocent homeowners and journalists, then lie to building security about whether they knew the reporter was covering the case. Got that on film, it’s a wrap.

So it comes as no surprise to find that the Uniform Law Commission folks have been assiduously reading a certain link about a shady lawyer named Margaret England, who burned rubber on another innocent homeowner, Lamar Gunn. As we recall Mr. Gunn is the financial planner who lost his home to foreclosure even though he never missed a payment and the alleged underlying debt had been satisfied. When he attempted to contact her she responded with the same tired-assed DBM “Dangerous Black Man” rhetoric of a hater. Key players now include Zurich American Insurance, Select Portfolio Servicing, Jeffrey Stephan, Madeline Ramos, GMAC, William Leiss.

As to the Uniform Law Commission they are due to issue a comprehensive report by January, 2012 addressing standing to foreclose vis a vis possible changes to the UCC:

RESOLVED, that the Committee on Scope and Program recommends to the Executive Committee that, in view of the current foreclosure crisis, an expedited Study Committee on Mortgage Foreclosure be formed, and that the committee submit a report for consideration at the January 2012 midyear meeting.  The report should identify which issues among the following recommended by the JEB on Uniform Real Property Acts should be addressed in a drafting project:

• Who can commence foreclosure?
• What evidentiary proof is required to commence a foreclosure?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

KingCast presents: The official re-filing of the 2003 Mortgage Forgery and Wire Fraud complaint with the Nashua PD, GOP Nashua Chair & Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan and NH AG Attorney Mike Delaney.

Dear Attorneys Bennett, Hogan, Delaney and Chief Conley:

I will be brief:

First of all it pains me to miss all of you today I am enjoying the treats of NYC until that Irene b_____ shows up to splash some water on us. The Good News is that right here you have everything you need to commence the investigation without me. It's not as if you doubt that I'm coming. 

Anyway, the United States is in the midst of an economic crises led largely by mortgage fraud and banking deceit, including but not limited to Citibank money laundering Mexican druglord money with the tacit assistance of lawyers like Sam Shaulson, Esq. In my duties as a State Attorney I remember trying to enforce the law regardless of political ideology or other circumstances, yet I have seen substantially less than that from each of your respective departments. You tend to attack anyone who challenges you instead of investigating their claims, witness Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon, Pamela Reynolds and me. And not to mention the ongoing saga of Charles Glenn's so-called murder case where Attorney Delaney failed to provide exculpatory information about the sole (white) witness, Joseph Salvatore, who, inter alia:

a) lied about having a gun permit on a date certain and;
b) illegally discharged a weapon of the same caliber that killed the decedent.

At this point many of us -- including the Fucci family and the son of a certain Nashua City Official believe that Nashua PD is dedicated to engaging in ideological warfare with many of the area citizens instead of upholding Chief Don Conley's Oath of Office. We further believe, or at least fear, that the FBI will be fully complicit in this activity. Be that as it may we press onward with a complaint so simple that Barney Fife could analyse it, so as I say I will give all of you a Mulligan while I wait to see what you do with Cody Eller, the punk who intentionally ran his car into a motorcyclist but who was initially charged with only Second Degree Assault. This stands in juxtaposition to the Nashua pedestrian death in which a car was recognized as a deadly weapon. If a car is a deadly weapon with respect to a pedestrian then surely it is a deadly weapon with respect to a motorcyclist.

Lastly, I submitted this complaint as blog or journal page entry, in part because it represents a new era in Citizen activism, further in part because Attorney Bennett seems to hate it so much. I will attach it to my Nashua PD form tomorrow morning. He is welcome to decline to answer this query on that basis if he feels so strongly about it, and the World Public will in turn analyse his conduct in light of his signed Oath of Office.

Respectfully submitted,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Notice of Media Coverage in Wetzelberger v. M&T bank, Thomas P. Dore: The State is watching, will Dore call the police on me as did Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg?

Cross-Post: Living Lies Journal. For some reason Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg did not appreciate my Notice of Media Coverage so they called the police on me with no legal basis whatsoever and Senator Menendez' Office is slow to respond, despite their encouragement to the homeowner and me to file a complaint.

So here's my notice in this case, which references an interesting journal search by the State of Maryland moments after the wrongful foreclosure lawsuit against Maryland foreclosure mill Thomas P. Dore was filed. As you may recall Mr. Wetzelberger has Attorney Dore on Oath testifying (and admitting) that he brought a foreclosure proceeding without any knowledge of the underlying facts, nor did he bring original documents or anyone with him who had knowledge of same. Anyway the Notice references systemic problems in Maryland including a statesman who has twice been found in violation of Homeowners in Protection of Foreclosure Statutes and leaving them homeless. See you at the movies!

Christopher King tdore@cbddlaw.com.... 9:05 AM (1 minute ago)
To all:

Please be advised that I will be following the above-referenced case and providing video coverage and legal commentary. 

You are all welcome to provide comments verbally or in writing, but none of you are welcome to call the police on me like Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg unless or until you ask me to leave your offices and I refuse. Any other approach will find you facing litigation.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People
http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- Documenting Deceit

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nashua, NH Police Department has no documents indicating they reviewed a clear cut case of forgery and wire fraud, so KingCast gives them a Mulligan to get it right.

Note: Read the comments to see my request for Chief Don Conley's Oath of Office and Bonding information.

(13 Aug 2011) Dear Attorney Cullen:
It has occurred to me that the Nashua Police Department (who unfortunately has posed as NH AGs while they violated Michael Paulhus' Constitutional Miranda Rights) surely would have conducted an investigation into the wire fraud and forgery that occurred when a certain title company affixed a phony signature to a mortgage and faxed it off for funding to WAMU I believe it was (note to newbies: watch the above Kelly Ayotte "she's full of shit" town meeting from 7:35 onward to understand this -- she was the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the State of New Hampshire when this happened. And because your clients are so professional I'm certain they would have retained some records memorializing their efforts to investigate and/or refer the matter to the proper authorities.......

From Paulhus:
“The Defendant’s waiver of his Miranda rights was involuntary as it was induced by the trickery and deceit of the officers, particularly Det. Maloney…. In this case, Det. Maloney and Sgt. Parenteau misrepresented the nature of their investigation from the moment they entered the interrogation room with the defendant....Motion to Suppress GRANTED.
-Judge Bernard J. Hampsey, Jr., June 30 2005
 On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 11:19 AM, Bennett, Stephen <BennettS@nashuanh.gov> wrote:
Dear Mr. King: The Nashua Police Department has been unable to locate any documents that are covered by your request.
Steve Bennett
Christopher King to KellyBrianJackjennifer 
show details 11:46 AM (5 minutes ago)

Terrific, much as I suspected. So I'll give your client a Mulligan and I'll stop in this week to file a new complaint as the illegality is still manifest and never been corrected, as noted:

Note:  Christopher King said...

In addition to 42 U.S.C. §1983 there is also 42 U.S.C. §14141.....

KingCast/Mortgage Movies FOIA request appeals to ten U.S. Senators regarding foreclosure mill Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg's hateful calls to the police on a homeowner; foreclosure mill Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor looks on.

Dear Senators:
It has been just over a month now since Phalen, Hallinan & Schmieg called the police against a homeowner and me and lied to them about knowing who I was or that I had issued a Notice of Media Coverage in the underlying attempted foreclosure case. You should know that robo-signing and other illegal activity is suspected in the underlying case and that the homeowner has never received any certified documents that are required to proved standing, ab initio.

I wrote Ms. Gilligan after following the reasonable advice of a young intern at Senator Menendez' office who witnessed us speaking with the dumbfounded veteran policeman in the hallway who had just bellowed to Phalen, Hallinan & Schmieg "We have two gentlemen here and we don't know what the fuck is going on because nobody is answering the door."

Frankly, she didn't seem particularly inviting and downplayed the young man's position on staff "he's just an intern" and acted as if she had no idea why I was so upset... it was almost as if the homeowner or I had done something wrong or was unwelcome. However, a homeowner group understood full well that I did nothing wrong and copied me on a letter they wrote Senator Menendez noting that the homeowner or I could have easily been shot for Pete's sake..... Meanwhile noted Author Michael B. Hudson "The Monster" is watching, we corresponded early this morning. All the foreclosure mill attorneys are watching my posts, wondering when they will get a shot at Internet exposure, all I can tell them is to wait for it, because it is coming and it is coming with a new Canon in 1080p clarity. These firms are obviously ashamed of being seen or they would not act in this manner, calling police and running and hiding..... Golbeck, McCafferty & McKeever and Young, Conaway Stargatt & Taylor to name a few, look below the fold for more on that. I have written Ms. Gilligan on two occasions since then but have not heard back, which makes little to no sense at all:
Here we have a National epidemic of mortgage fraud and fraud upon the Court that has severely compromising our economic and social welfare and I can't get a response to the simple requests that I set forth in this journal entry:

1. An investigation and public reprimand as the proof is all on video;
2. Copies of Constituent Complaints against Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg that he has received either on his own or as a member of any of the following Committees;

Banking Committee

  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development
  • Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection
  • Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment
3. A copy of any and all responses contemplated by the four (4) bullet points received pursuant to your 20 July, 2011 letter to FDIC Acting Comptroller Walsh, Chairman Bernanke and Acting Chairman Gruenberg as linked:

Sen. Menendez and Colleagues Urge Transparency 
in Foreclosure Practices.
I am certain that you all are quite busy with your daily activities and in tracking this very issue, however I am certain you are also aware that mortgage fraud, abuse of homeowners and fraud upon the Court are matters of extreme importance as you noted in your letter one month ago. Can someone please contact me regarding these matters and my inquiry?

A few recent visits by foreclosure mill law firms:

Friday, August 19, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies see Attorney Margaret F. England pack up and head for the hills in the Fraudulent Foreclosure of Lamar Gunn's Delaware home.

29 August 2011 update: The State of Delaware is reading along, check the thumbnail below. They need to take action on this. Remember how I told you about this situation back in May? He's the financial planner who never missed a payment but who nonetheless got thrown out of his home in Delaware, the sleazy banking capital... err... capitol of the United States. Well come to find out the shady lawyer Margaret England (rt. shot with a Canon 1D MK IV) who tried to accuse him of some sort of threatening impropriety just took a powder -- after the case was fully briefed. Say what? It's true. Apparently Elvis has left the building, did she have an ethical awakening? 
And not only that, the shady Judge in the lower Court got appealed to the Supreme Court where his wife.... the Shady Judge who swore him in... gave it all a pass.

And remember how I noted that Attorney Margaret F. England of Eckert, Seamans, Cherin & Mellott, LLC tries to hide behind a request for Protective Order, as if Mr. Gunn is somehow harassing her.... when he was the one illegally and fraudulently removed from his home. This is what is called N_____Justice. See when I was a child I never believed people when they said "you got n_____ in all colors" because I was ignorant and thought that only black people received the full n_______ treatment. While Mr. Gunn's situation is certainly troubling, so too is that of white man George Hendricks, who could have been shot because he had the chutzpah to bring this n_____ journo along with him into the ivory towers inhabited by Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg. Point being, unless you are one of them, you are one of us.... and believe me, in their eyes we are ALL n______.

Sometimes getting Justice requires an all out media and legal assault, along with more than a modicum of Good Luck in finding some responsible government officials to actually address these unlawful situations. I'll be there every step of the way for Mr. Gunn, and when I get down there some of these people can say hello to my little friend: The Canon 60D with Rode SVM stereo mic. Because real n_____ are always packing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies asks "Why is the Bureau of National Affairs Google searching foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore?"

Watch the related video. From what I understand the homeowner has sued Thomas P. Dore and the phony L.E. pictured, and as this 60 Minutes/NH U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski video shows at :25, that same homeowner got Dore to admit under Oath that he has no clue about the underlying facts (i.e. chain of title, note, mortgage, assignment, allonge....) that would support a lawful foreclosure.... And I imagine that I will soon hear back from Senator Robert Menendez' Office after I was invited to speak with them about the thug lawyers and staff at Phelen Hallinan & Schmieg who recklessly endangered a homeowner and me?
magnify this user The Bureau Of National Affairs ( [Label IP Address]

United States Washington, District Of Columbia, United States, 0 returning visits

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

KingCast tells a salty Nashua PD lawyer Steve Bennett: When I sue your client for RSA 91-A violations everything I do gohn be funky....

From now on. Enjoy the cross post from my personal journal at Chris King's First Amendment Page.

FW: KingCast RSA 91-A to Nashua PD regarding my report of Mortgage Fraud, Wire Fraud.

You see how the FBI Nashua PD is bloody pissed off about my last post detailing yet another case holding that citizens have the right to video police officers just about everywhere other than the "Live Free or Die State" so I can't wait to smash them up in Court.  The FBI has the authority to address the type of abuse that Nashua PD metes out to people who video police officers? That is why Mike Gannon, Pamela Reynolds and I complained to themHere are some related links and courtroom videos.

Monday, August 15, 2011

KingCast Ohio AG pals Kent Markus and Richard Cordray are heading up CFPB much to Senator Kelly Ayotte's chagrin!

I love it. These are two of the Good Guys, trust me on this. Kent was furious in the elevator that I initially didn't get an offer when I was a law clerk, two days later I had an offer. And Attorney Cordray is smart as a whip and helped out on the Hate Crimes Forum co hosted by then AG Lee FisherTerry Gilbert and Yours Truly when I was at Case Western Law, simultaneously clerking for Attorney Terry Gilbert and the AG's office. Now we rejoin each other on the Internet, nice. Now they are duly informed of their nemesis Kelly Ayotte as well. It's KingCastic!

RSA 91-A -- KingCast asks Nashua PD Counsel Brian Cullen: What did your clients do when I reported the mortgage wire fraud to them in 2003?

Dear Attorney Cullen:

It has occurred to me that the Nashua Police Department (who unfortunately has posed as NH AGs while they violated Michael Paulhus' Constitutional Miranda Rights) surely would have conducted an investigation into the wire fraud and forgery that occurred when a certain title company affixed a phony signature to a mortgage and faxed it off for funding to WAMU I believe it was.  And because your clients are so professional I'm certain they would have retained some records memorializing their efforts to investigate and/or refer the matter to the proper authorities. Mortgage Fraud is a serious matter, Sir, so I would imagine your clients took it seriously, unlike your clients' co-Defendant Kelly Ayotte, who slept on the largest NH consumer fraud in history, the mortgage-related FRM Ponzi scam. You can watch more about that scam in the video at top (it's popular, with 975 hits in 40 hours) from Senator Ayotte's North Haverhill town hall meeting, the one where the observer told me "She's pleasant and sweet and full of shit."

Herefore, Therefore and Wherefore I respectfully demand a copy of the file on this matter (have your clients prepare a Vaughn index for the items that they deem confidential or classified), along with the previously-requested copy of the complaint I lodged in 2002/3 when a certain Detective unlawfully entered my premises much as another certain Detective (Karliss I believe) unlawfully entered Mike Gannon's premises in 2006 as noted in this week's Courthouse movie.  Read the emails: