Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, August 29, 2011

Foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore's Goon Squads trespass and harass homeowner after Countersuit for Wrongful Foreclosure; they are ignorant and wrong on the Law.

Mickey Norman is a lying-assed scumbag Judge. Read the Complaints.

Mickey Norman is a lying-assed scumbag Judge.  Read the Findings.

Above is how it turned out, with a dirty corrupt Judge Mickey Norman threatening to have me hauled out of Court while he did everything in his power to make Todd Wetzelberger a "vexatious litigant." The Court conveniently lost my Notices of Media Coverage, ahem. There were supposed to be immediate hearings on the matter as to the amount of damages sustained by Mr. Wetzelberger's purported vexation but guess what eight (8) months later.... zip, zero zilch. They know they are corrupt as hell, and Judge Mickey Norman put the burden of proof and persuasion on the Defendant to show that M&T Bank did not have standing; which is bullshit. Everyone knows the Plaintiff has to make its case in the first place, which it never did. 

...Here's the first journal entry and video with 480 views... the Verdict?

Absolutely positively sketchy.


  1. Indeed. The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

  2. you saw cop had the taser on him. Don't think he wouldn't use it on private property, with no charging instrument, reasonable suspicion or probable cause. They walk on to private property, threaten, harass, intimidate someone quietly enjoying the use of that property and the cop stands idly by, doesn't bother to even make them produce identification. What a fucking joke. And your tax dollars fund their paycheck. Only reason he didn't jack me up is because I have the camera and witness on phone every time. The first visit the cops were trumping up "disorderly conduct" charges right in front of me while my asst took notes. Watch out, since this could happen to any one of you.