Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, August 25, 2011

KingCast presents: The official re-filing of the 2003 Mortgage Forgery and Wire Fraud complaint with the Nashua PD, GOP Nashua Chair & Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan and NH AG Attorney Mike Delaney.

Dear Attorneys Bennett, Hogan, Delaney and Chief Conley:

I will be brief:

First of all it pains me to miss all of you today I am enjoying the treats of NYC until that Irene b_____ shows up to splash some water on us. The Good News is that right here you have everything you need to commence the investigation without me. It's not as if you doubt that I'm coming. 

Anyway, the United States is in the midst of an economic crises led largely by mortgage fraud and banking deceit, including but not limited to Citibank money laundering Mexican druglord money with the tacit assistance of lawyers like Sam Shaulson, Esq. In my duties as a State Attorney I remember trying to enforce the law regardless of political ideology or other circumstances, yet I have seen substantially less than that from each of your respective departments. You tend to attack anyone who challenges you instead of investigating their claims, witness Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon, Pamela Reynolds and me. And not to mention the ongoing saga of Charles Glenn's so-called murder case where Attorney Delaney failed to provide exculpatory information about the sole (white) witness, Joseph Salvatore, who, inter alia:

a) lied about having a gun permit on a date certain and;
b) illegally discharged a weapon of the same caliber that killed the decedent.

At this point many of us -- including the Fucci family and the son of a certain Nashua City Official believe that Nashua PD is dedicated to engaging in ideological warfare with many of the area citizens instead of upholding Chief Don Conley's Oath of Office. We further believe, or at least fear, that the FBI will be fully complicit in this activity. Be that as it may we press onward with a complaint so simple that Barney Fife could analyse it, so as I say I will give all of you a Mulligan while I wait to see what you do with Cody Eller, the punk who intentionally ran his car into a motorcyclist but who was initially charged with only Second Degree Assault. This stands in juxtaposition to the Nashua pedestrian death in which a car was recognized as a deadly weapon. If a car is a deadly weapon with respect to a pedestrian then surely it is a deadly weapon with respect to a motorcyclist.

Lastly, I submitted this complaint as blog or journal page entry, in part because it represents a new era in Citizen activism, further in part because Attorney Bennett seems to hate it so much. I will attach it to my Nashua PD form tomorrow morning. He is welcome to decline to answer this query on that basis if he feels so strongly about it, and the World Public will in turn analyse his conduct in light of his signed Oath of Office.

Respectfully submitted,

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  1. Nashua PD has contacted me and I am meeting with them 5 Oct. regarding this matter.