Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, August 18, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies asks "Why is the Bureau of National Affairs Google searching foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore?"

Watch the related video. From what I understand the homeowner has sued Thomas P. Dore and the phony L.E. pictured, and as this 60 Minutes/NH U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski video shows at :25, that same homeowner got Dore to admit under Oath that he has no clue about the underlying facts (i.e. chain of title, note, mortgage, assignment, allonge....) that would support a lawful foreclosure.... And I imagine that I will soon hear back from Senator Robert Menendez' Office after I was invited to speak with them about the thug lawyers and staff at Phelen Hallinan & Schmieg who recklessly endangered a homeowner and me?
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  1. Since we're always making our record and you never know who's watching, your readers should know (since this blog pings to many other sites) that the exact same day the suit- Wetzelberger v. Dore et al was filed someone from a MD State Government building was snooping around my website and the IP address tracked back to the Prisoner Aid Association of MD. Not sure if some ex-con was hired to snoop around or there is a nearby building since you can't be entirely pinpoint in exact building the IP address is from without some sophisticated tools. They are probably using a proxy server anyway to mask where the lowly schlep in a cubicle is trying to dig up dirt to discredit me (a common tactic) since I'm now going after these crooks.

    Ironically, they have been showing up with the Baltimore Co cops (never told why) most likely bribing someone higher up as private muscle for the attorneys who have tried to threaten, intimidate and coerce me into giving up.

    Problem for them is I used to be a deep sea diver, had many instances where I thought I was dead, these clowns are a bunch of cowards, and if the neanderthal cops that made legal determinations without a license to practice law didn't carry lethal force on their person while threatening me under color of law (see Title 42 and 18 USC for the crimes they committed) they wouldn't come anywhere near the property. Summons should be in mail next week, subpoenas will issue and we'll see who has the last laugh when the facts are in the public light. thx for shining a light on their crimes