Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, August 15, 2011

"The Monster" author Michael B. Hudson is now following KingCast/Mortgage Movies and witnessing the shame of Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, Senator Kelly Ayotte and U.S. Trustee FOIA Counsel Larry Wahlquist.

The folks in my current town of Boston sure do like Mr. Hudson's work so by extension I'm sure they like mine as well, if they are a bit reluctant to openly admit it, maybe because I criticized the Governor as not doing enough to curb the unlawful practices at Ameriquest when he was on their board, I dunno. But see in a free Country I am allowed to criticize and to praise Governor Patrick as I note in this campaign video.
......Anyway, I'm fairly sure Author Hudson saw the most recent KingCast/Mortgage Movies video of Senator Kelly Ayotte at the N. Haverhill Town Meeting (a/k/a the "She's full of shit" show) hoping to dummy down Elizabeth Warren's CFPA featured above. See the related RSA 91-A request to Nashua PD for their investigative file after I notified them of Wire Fraud, ahem. They won't have anything in the file because they don't care: They are more concerned about macing and beating people like Mike Gannon or Pamela Reynolds when they video Detectives acting like adolescent punks. Watch last week's exclusive KingCast Courtroom video.

I made certain to share with him the ridiculous position held by Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg that they can call the police on a homeowner and me (see videos and correspondence with Senator Robert Menendez). I made certain to show him the ridiculous position held by Attorney Larry Wahlquist that I am not entitled to a FOIA no cost exemption as a journalist when the law in the governing State of NH explicitly holds otherwise based on a mortgage case no less! 

In turn I'll be reading his book and I will see if I can catch up with him today for a quick KingCast interview as I am in the City, then I have to get back to preparations for the First Annual Jamaica Plain Music Festival... I have Teaser video #2 before me right now on the edit. Let's see if I can roust him up from Brooklyn to join me for lunch in the Village :)

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