Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, August 13, 2011

RSA 91-A -- KingCast asks Nashua PD Counsel Brian Cullen: What did your clients do when I reported the mortgage wire fraud to them in 2003?

Dear Attorney Cullen:

You do realize I am about to sue your client again, this time on the 2006 Mike Gannon porch video, the 2011 Mike Gannon/Pamela Reynolds Canal Street beatdown and macing, and potentially the 2002/3 police complaint I issued. Be that as it may, it has occurred to me that the Nashua Police Department (who unfortunately has posed as NH AGs while they violated Michael Paulhus' Constitutional Miranda Rights) surely would have conducted an investigation into the wire fraud and forgery that occurred when a certain title company affixed a phony signature to a mortgage and faxed it off for funding to WAMU I believe it was.  And because your clients are so professional I'm certain they would have retained some records memorializing their efforts to investigate and/or refer the matter to the proper authorities. Mortgage Fraud is a serious matter, Sir, so I would imagine your clients took it seriously, unlike your clients' co-Defendant Kelly Ayotte, who slept on the largest NH consumer fraud in history, the mortgage-related FRM Ponzi scam. You can watch more about that scam in the video at top (it's popular, with 975 hits in 40 hours) from Senator Ayotte's North Haverhill town hall meeting, the one where the observer told me "She's pleasant and sweet and full of shit."

Herefore, Therefore and Wherefore I respectfully demand a copy of the file on this matter (have your clients prepare a Vaughn index for the items that they deem confidential or classified), along with the previously-requested copy of the complaint I lodged in 2002/3 when a certain Detective unlawfully entered my premises much as another certain Detective (Karliss I believe) unlawfully entered Mike Gannon's premises in 2006 as noted in this week's Courthouse movie. 

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  1. This is funny as hell, you know they don't have shit there will be no Vaughn index.


    Too busy stomping on people with cameras to actually do their jobs.