Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, September 30, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies shows how to deal with recalcitrant government attorneys on FOIA and Public information requests: Martha Coakley, U.S. Trustee, NH Bar Discipline.

The key is never to let up. Once you know you are right, just keep on hammering and eventually you will win. Think less of a chess match and more like a steady stream of water that just slowly cuts a channel into granite..... in the Granite State no less! The NH Supreme Court/Bar letter is coming later today or over the weekend. As a former LE Attorney I am appalled by some of this.

Back Stories:
U.S. Trustee Larry Sumski FOIA -- Attorney Larry Wahlquist
Martha Coakley/Banking & Mortgage
NH Failure to investigate Wells Fargo Attorney Shawn Masterson

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies checks in on Occupy Boston; never-ending sequel to Occupy Wall Street!

Tonight I heard the same points being made that the banking industry and Wall Street is out of control, so I actually put down the journo hat for a minute and told folks to pay attention to Neil Garfield's Living Lies JournalForeclosure Hamlet and Mortgage Movies (in that link watch Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg call the cops on an innocent homeowner and Yours Truly). I'll have a short film wrapped tomorrow for now those of you who have not seen the New York movie it is above, and the original link with more stills is here, peace. Also this guy pictured at U.S.K. photo blog was great, unfortunately I had bumped into someone and my mic jack must have come loose (you can see my rig top right) so I didn't catch the audio!

KingCast/Mortgage Movies ask "How can Scott Hyman enjoy Rosh Hashanah when the legal system is still putting the screws to him?"

Not mortgages but directly related.....Okay, so I noted back in April for the Passover Seder journal entry and on Capitol Access TV in Concord, NH that I was sick and tired of some of you showing up in here and in my videos bashing Jewish folks and assuming that they control everything. The point I made was that you have jerks and you have good people of all races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, etc.

Well another half a year has passed, so it has now been approximately 16 months since Scott Hyman "prevailed" in his $1.7M anti-Semitic property abuse case down in Lakeville/Hemlock Association, involving a firebombed home, busted out windows, urine and feces and other unsavory facts. Here is the omnibus entry on that, "Neighbors." He and his goy neighbors Don and Julie Prescott won the Jury trial fair and square and then opposing counsel Richard Serkey filed what I believe to be some pathetic post trial motions that actually point toward their potential malpractice more than anything else because he failed to object to various issues being put in the record. In any event, I have never in my life seen a case sit like this and for the life of me I can't understand it. Judge Cosgrove seemed to be a reasonable Jurist, seemed very deliberate and fair, if a 60-40% biased toward Defendants in terms of rulings from the bench. But at this point I have to honestly wonder why the holdup? As I pointed out in April this places Scott Hyman (and the Prescotts) in perpetual Hell basically because he has nothing to appeal from if the Court reduces the verdict or orders a new trial and no money to settle for in the event the Court upholds the verdict. So first his neighbors ran him out and shit on him literally, and now the Court is following suit in the figurative sense.

Happy New Year Mr. Hyman, things are looking up.... because they can't get any worse!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

KingCast tells Mass AG Martha Coakley: You have until Friday 30 Sept. 2011 to issue real answers to the banking fee and mortgage fine questions, thank you.

Here is your back story with video from a recent Bank of America excursion; the questions were simple:

1. Did your office approve of usurious 12% check cashing fees used by Bank of America and if so, provide the paperwork, and;

2. How much money did your office and/or the Massachusetts Division of Banks bring in on Mortgage fines and how was it distributed.

For some reason the first response that came back to me was dilatory, obfuscatory and evasive, so we're going to try again.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies sees Attorney Paula Lee Chambers join Shawn Masterson in the liar's club in nasty Wells-Fargo case: Ingress v. AHMSI NH 2011-CV-373.

I make the natural inference that both of these lawyers are liars based on the following chain of events, starting with Attorney Masterson:

Fact: Shawn Masterson stated in Open Court in this KingCast/Mortgage Movie video that he and his client, Wells Fargo, were in possession of the original note and mortgage. This was in State Court where Diane Nicolosi heard objections to Masterson's representations because of the lack of any bank officer's presence (clearly hearsay testilying by Masterson) yet she did not care. Wells Fargo v. Byrd, anyone?

Fact: The original documents have never been produced despite Yours Truly offering up a Veuve Clicquot challenge to Attorney Masterson, what non-lying attorney could resist making me at once eat crow and drink my wine?

Fact: The NH Supreme Court summarily dismissed my Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal complaint against Masterson because I am not an aggrieved party, and apparently they do not find any problem with this likely (mis)representation because they refused to investigate it themselves, despite the fact that there are "Linda Green" documents involved. Ms. Ingress has asked me for a copy of the Complaint such that she may file it herself to see what excuse the NH Supreme Court comes up with next to ignore the issue. "Oh, that's in litigation.... we won't get involved...." or some such bullshit.

Fact: In Federal Court with Ms. Ingress as Plaintiff, Attorney Paula-Lee Chambers pops up, not unlike a weasel (thanks 3rd Bass 1991 LOL) to claim that she conferred with Plaintiff over a now-pending Motion for Extension of Time. But Chambers continued to "confer" with Plaintiff to obtain assent after she filed her Motion on 21 September, click the thumbnails folks, whoops.....  You see, pursuant to local Rule 7.2 you have to explain what attempts you have made to obtain assent from opposing Counsel. In this case Ms. Ingress offerred conditional acceptances as she was contemplating doing Chambers a favor, yet Attorney Chambers refused to note any of it in her 7.2 Cert. More on this below but by the way folks, keep an eye on another Bad Faith mortgage case pending before this Court involving Paula Lee Chambers, Bedard v MERS, 2011-CV-1117, in which the Defendants are also sitting on a continuance to respond to Plaintiff's Amended Complaint.  At least in that case you can see that they stayed the foreclosure proceeding, unlike the Barracudas involved in Ms. Ingress' case.  Meanwhile former Hinshaw, Culbertson Partner Todd Duckson is facing SEC fraud charges. Now I need to call these folks for an update.
By way of comparison, I have made a good faith mistake Rule 7.2 mistake last week and am preparing a Notice of Errata because I used the wrong email chain when sending out my Request for Interlocutory Certification of an (yet another) unwritten Order (look between #122-123, below). My email never reached the intended parties. Anyway, the issue in question is an unwritten Order denying my Motion to Vacate Magistrate McCafferty's Report and Recommendation in my case after she eventually admitted that I was correct about her ties to McLane, Graf et al. in case no. 2010-CV-501. How does the Court Certify an unwritten Order you ask? Well first Judge Barbadoro would have to actually issue a written Order for starters....

Anyway back to this case, this does not appear to be a Good Faith mistake because Attorney Chambers knew goddamn well that she had already filed the Motion on 21 September to beat the deadline so there was no way in hell she could even possibly agree to the following language offered by Ms. Ingress as she spoke with her the next day, yet she continued to engage her in discourse to what end I wonder?
Dear Attorney Chambers:I will only accept your Motion if you promise me in writing that you can and will produce the original documents in this case, i.e. note, mortgage and assignments. Cut and paste this message......
This Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal, failure to disclose material facts issue brings into question whether or not Attorney Chambers also was full of shit a few years back and misled the Court or opposing counsel or the Parties in any way when she "abrubtly" left the law office of Certulo & Capone during Chiulli & Sons v. Hanover, Hartford Superior 
 so I will take it upon myself to notify Chiulli and Attorney Michael P. Barry about this new case so they can track her actions:

While the court believes that Barry sincerely believed that Chambers had the authority to settle......

Friday, September 23, 2011

Landya B. McCafferty to host iPad session at Rudman Federal Courthouse; may address how to cut and paste and post her recusal in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD U.S. Dist. 2010-CV-501

See how technology shapes our future?

Read more about the back door recusal and pending Interlocutory matters. The US District Court will be hosting another lunchtime presentation by Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty on how the federal judges are using iPads.  Several lawyers have recently asked Magistrate Judge McCafferty to show them how to use their new iPads and share with them information on iPad functionality and standard iPad applications.

This presentation will be a repeat of the presentation that was held on September 22, 2011.  As a few lawyers were unable to attend the first session, Magistrate Judge McCafferty decided it would be best to open this up to another group of lawyers who might have a new iPad or who are interested in purchasing one.

If you are interested in attending, feel free to join Magistrate Judge McCafferty for an informal iPad demonstration.  Bring a bag lunch.  Soda will be provided.

Thursday, October 20, 2011
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Warren B. Rudman US Courthouse
55 Pleasant Street

Attendance is free but advance registration is required.
You can register through the court's website at the following link:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

KingCast says "Get out of my yard you fucking Coons!!!"

What it's not: Mortgages.
What it is: Kinda funny.
You know there is nothing more irritating than a goddamn coon showing up to your party, uninvited and unwelcome. Many people in NH feel just like coons when they enter the so-called Justice system. 

Factoid: In 1998 some coons were running across the street, mid day. As they headed toward my 2nd floor porch I put the cat inside and grabbed a broom and started wailing on the phone pole they were climbing:

"You coons get the fuck out of here!" I bellowed as the neighbors (all white) just shook their heads and laughed. It was one of the funniest things, ever. Speaking of fucking coons, did you know that NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte accepts the support she gets from racist hate website Niggermania? Really? Yes, Really. She is also a Free Speech hater and her buddy Landya B. McCafferty helps her out in that regard in the free press racial lawsuit KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD., NH Dist 2010-CV-501. You see Kelly and her buddies Martin Dunn and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht tried to run this coon out of town when I was NAACP Legal Chair but I stood strong while they all folded, it's all here in this journal page, yessir....Also her Chief of Staff John Easton is a complete liar as well, I telephoned the Senate Ethics Committee to check up on this complaint but of course they had nothing to say. Anyway watch these:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NH Supreme Court temporarily helps Shawn Masterson avoid ethics complaint in dirty Wells Fargo Mortgage Fraud case.

Horace v. LaSalle, anyone?
Wells Fargo v. Byrd, anyone?
I guess Judge Nicolosi didn't get the memo.

So no sooner than I issued by Notarized Affidavit did the NH Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel dismiss it based on jurisdiction and standing.... so now they give a damn about standing when Attorney Masterson never showed that Wells Fargo had it in the first place. What a bunch of hypocrites. But guess what?

If I am not a directly affected party, Jeanne Ingress is and she will file. Moreover, I am asking them to instigate a Complaint based on what I showed them. NH Courts might as well be bought and sold by the corporate elite for the most part. Just a bunch of completely lawless thugs IMO. They will in turn probably deny both matters, I am just here to make the record as Ms. Ingress continues on with her Federal Complaint and Petition to Quiet Title. Meanwhile responsible State Actors in Nevada do better. Much mo betta' thanks to AG Catherine Corez Masto. And oh, in Mississippi we have a real U.S. Trustee doing what NH Trustee Larry Sumski refuses to do, he instead hates on KingCast and Mortgage Movies calling me a "YouTube cohort." I heard him say it right in front of me when he didn't know who I was or that I was there in Open Court, the scumbag. Watch the video.

1. Case No. 10-10518 filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, Chapter 13 Trustee Locke Barkley filed an Objection to proof of claim submitted by Bank of America Home Loan Servicing, LP. Proof of Claim shot down. 

2.   In Case # 09-11763 filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Mississippi, chapter 13 Trustee Locke Barkley filed an adversary complaint case # 10-01172-DWH against 

KingCast moves for Interlocutory Appeal on Judge McCafferty's Back Door Recusal in Free Press Racial Case, KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

28 U.S.C. 1292(B) Interlocutory Appeal Request for Certification in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashu...

OMFG I am dying here, on the phone with an insurance investigator initials K.E. whose brother is an attorney in NH who used to date Kelly Ayotte 10-12 years ago what a hoot.... I was out for a jog when I saw an accident last week.... anyway the person is now a fan of KingCast journals and movies!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Judge Barbadoro tells KingCast "I told you to shut your nigger ass up already.... your Motion to Vacate Judge McCafferty's Report and Recommendation is denied even though she recused herself through the back door."

Uh-oh.... here comes the N-word..... noblesse oblige, LOL.  See how Nigger Justice works in New Hampshire? Defendant Kelly Ayotte worked at McLane, Graf. As such, former McLane, Graff lawyer Judge McCafferty knew goddamn well she should not have been sitting on my free press, racial discrimination case in the first place, and so too did McLane Graf lawyers Jack Middleton, NH Bar President Jennifer Parent, NH PD Lawyer Brian Cullen and GOP attorney Gordon MacDonald yet none of them disclosed the relationships. Hell, Magistrate Muirhead trained Landya McCafferty and he is also former McLane Graf noblesse oblige.

This whole thing is just so much fucking bullshit it's incredible. And remember before you say "there goes King being bombastic," remember I offered a non-monetary settlement in this matter. I was the perfect gentleman and look where it got me... nowhere, so I'm done with that shit. I will start picketing outside their offices now in 1080p KingCast vision, shooting with a Canon just like I rocked it at Wall Street this weekend, to hell with these war pigs. Meanwhile Nashua PD lawyer Brian Cullen threatens sanctions against me for unethical conduct but his client has been found in contempt of court in NH District Court and he is facing an ethics complaint from former LE Ralph Holder because Mr. Holder never received a medical report that exonerated him of abusing his wife as NH took kicked his nigger children out of the fine white school system in NH and put them down in an inferior school system in MA and even cited race as a reason, in complete violation of Palmore v. Sidoti and Brown v. Board of Education.

To hell with this bullshit, I am preparing an Interlocutory Appeal: The Court's once again failed to address the issues, just as it failed to address the issues when it first told me that my 18 U.S.C. §455 Motion to Recuse was "entirely without merit," only to see her finally step down but without issuing any Entry or Order. Further, the Court shouldn't be telling me I can't file any more motions unless or until there is a finding that I filed something frivolous and there is not such finding in this case. Quite the contrary there is no vexatious litigation going on here, just a nigger Plaintiff filing reasonable motions and receiving Nigger Justice.

Related: NH Nigger Justice video entry.
Related: NH white girls are niggers too!
PS: Despite the fact that my photography graces their 2011 calendar and in their Newsletter, the ACLU in New England has not stepped up to the plate on any of my cases, not because of their merit but because of politics. Meanwhile I get FB friend requests from ACLU directors with backbones, like Dane Claussen (we both lived in Pittsburgh, a great city BTW). That's because New England is a stinking cesspool.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies return to Wall Street to see a different sort of Occupation......

An unrelated but yet quite related story: Monday 19 Sept. 2011 ---  Rut Ro.... the N-Word rears its ugly head in New England Courtrooms....

Limited mainstream press of course but reporters from all walks of life watched in earnest.... I chatted with several of them, including stringers from CBS shown below.
What's next?
80+ Flickr pics (done!)
A KingCast/Mortgage Movie
Flickr is right here; tomorrow afternoon for movie
Because Mortgage Fraud has got us all by the balls whether we know it or acknowledge it.
Some idiot Wall Street drones and a couple of suburban moms were trash talking today's protesters and I told them "Oh, So I guess white collar crime is good for us, then?"
I went off on them when the suburban idiot said "These people need to get a life!"
"Oh really... you have no idea who these people are, or what they do with their time when they are not here.... and how's your equity value in your house doing?"
The cop standing behind me says "Hey you said you were investigating mortgage fraud?"
"Well it happened to me......"
Whereupon a great discussion was had, I helped educate him and that's all I'm going to say at this point but I shook hands with ALL of those 6 LE standing there who were listening and learning.
I think Amy Arbus and I were the only two people who caught this.

"Wall Street has a strong security presence especially after September 11, 2001...."

Well no shit Sherlock, I am well aware of that, you better believe they scoped me out thoroughly before Dagha and I hit the Stock Exchange floor last year for the Poetry Slam! You know, social security number, addresses, two ID's ran and processed, everything but fingerprints. So here is the video of Dagha and Yours Truly at work in our Boston Bridges Nonprofit at Mattahunt Community Center and here are the NYSE stills and short video clips. Anyway, this Anonymous/Adbusters event noted at HuffPost is wild!!!  So it will be interesting to see what happens this year as I return as owner of Mortgage Movies Journal to scope out some folks who are not quite so bullish on Wall Street. If I get a shot of these faux banker doppelgangers it will make my day!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies present: A visit with Wells Fargo Advisors who say... "We're not the Mortgage Side!"

This was oh-so-special: "We're the brokerage side....(we're not like those plebian negroes on the mortgage fraud side)" as if their shit doesn't stink, basically laundering the ill-gotten gains from folks like Jeanne Ingress and George Hendricks. Movie up tonight for now dig the pics and the older vids:

Shawn Masterson claims to have original wet ink documents, never produces them yet wins before Hillsborough South Judge Diane Nicolosi.
Jackass lawyers at Phelan Hallinan call cops on homeowner and Yours Truly. More pics below the fold.

Monday, September 12, 2011

POTUS gets a primer on NH Injustice and Columbus Public Schools NCLB Fraud with Gene Harris "No Confidence" Vote.

When I was a licensed, practicing attorney in Columbus, my answering machine (remember those?) at one point said:
"Hi. If you are black, a woman, poor, gay, handicapped or a white person without substantial financial means and living in Columbus, chances are that your Civil Rights are being violated right now, and you may not even know it. But thanks for calling me, because we'll set the record straight -- even if no one wants to admit it."
Read the OG post from June, 2006. I included the thumbnails so you can see where Giselle Johnson has been arguably unethical for quite some time. Stupidintendent Harris gave her carte blanche to oppress people, including clients of Yours Truly as I have documented in current video at KingCast.net. You see this is some serious, serious business, especially because of the position that Giselle Johnson, Esq. held as I noted last week after my affiliates at JusticeforKids helped expose No Child Left Behind fraud. A whole lot of people love to trash talk me but I stand my ground, Canons in hand.
United States Flag  Washington, District Of Columbia, United States    Executive Office Of The President Usa (

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nashua PD to investigate Mortgage Forgery and Wire Fraud; Senator Kelly Ayotte's silence is deafening.

Here's the back movie with me at Nashua PD. I visited Kelly Ayotte's Office before on mortgage fraud, and her own constituents say she is "full of shit." And oh, her favorite judge -- Federal Magistrate Judge McCafferty --  had to recuse herself on my free press racial lawsuit, KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD. She did it on the DL.

Friday, September 9, 2011

KingCast presents a short film about Landya B. McCafferty's back door 28 U.S.C. §455 recusal: It taints the Judiciary and NH Bar Association in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD Free Press Racial Lawsuit, NH Dist 2010-CV-501.

Prologue: I forgot about Judge McCafferty in my hometown doing dirt, fixing cases, lying to Federal Agents and serving jail time. Judges are not infallible guys, they lie cheat and steal all the goddamn time. Sometimes they get caught, more often they do not.

Another non-mortgage movie but you better watch it carefully anyway.....So first Judge Barbaro dismisses my 28 U.S.C. §455 Motion to Recuse Judge McCafferty out of hand and Orders her to finish me off....  err..... evaluate the rest of the case, then she promptly takes a powder. The folks at Niggermania who so ardently support Kelly Ayotte said my case "smells like a nigger," well maybe it does. Senator Ayotte did not disavow their sentiments and accepted their support, watch the movie. All I know is,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NationStar and Harmon Law foreclosure mill are worried about KingCast/Mortgage Movies exposure of their violation of Court Order to produce original documents in Marie Miller foreclosure case.

Hey guys take a picture, I did.
I'll be taking several more and 1080p movies on 17 Nov. 2011

Nashua PD, NH GOP and Kelly Ayotte Attorneys threaten sanctions when Judge McCafferty's silent recusal is exposed in KingCast v. Ayotte et al, NH Dist 2010-CV-501 but they don't even have their facts straight.

Again not a mortgage movie but oh-so-related when it comes to studying the processes of oppression by these pig lawyers. So these deceitful Attorneys knowingly allow ethical breaches by a Federal Judge then try to threaten me with attorney fees because I have the nerve to file a motion over it after the Court unlawfully tries to prevent me from filing any more documents in the case -- without any finding identifying any specific frivolous filings in this case? Frankly they can go to hell. Let Judge Barbadoro sanction the living shit out of me, I'll just walk it on up to SCOTUS. Look at the thumbnail to see the proper way for Judge McCafferty to recuse herself, using a goddamn COURT ENTRY instead of some back room bullshit. They wanted a battle well goddammit they are going to get one. Here's today's email chain containing the bogus threats:

Brian Cullen to meStephenLavoieDEmilyHeilMarta.Modiglia.ryanvbarrysberwickmichael.delaneymike.delaneyreporterRipholdenHousePublicWor.david.cotephil.prestonfranpotterrobert.thompsonnancy_elliottsilvawards589jeffbrownenhrick.watrouswill.smithgrichardsonnixonraichelawrh.rowe
show details 11:37 AM (2 hours ago) 

Mr. King.  I object to you filing this motion on the following grounds:

1.       The Motion is inaccurate.  You state that the “13 July 2011 Order . . . can no longer be located at present in the ECF file . .. “ In fact, the order you cite is a July 12, 2011 order and it remains present on the ECF docket report. 
2.       The Motion is an improper second motion to reconsider the denial of that July 12, 2011 order.  You filed a motion to reconsider that order on July 13, 2011 (not July 14, 2011 as you incorrectly state in your proposed motion). See Docket No. 113.  Although you claim that your Motion to Reconsider was not addressed by the Court, in fact the Court denied that motion by Order dated July 14, 2011 (denying all pending motions other than the motions to dismiss).
3.       The proposed Motion violates the Court’s Order of July 14, 2011.  The Court has been extremely clear that further motions of this sort are prohibited.  See Order July 14, 2011 (“No further motions other than discovery motions shall be filed with this Court until further order of this court.” 

Should you insist on filing this motion or any similar motion, I will not only object but request attorneys’ fees and the posting of a bond to prevent further improper filings in light of your documented history of pursuing frivolous actions and failing to pay court ordered sanctions, as detailed in the order disbarring you from the practice of law in Ohio, a copy of which is attached.

Brian Cullen

Christopher King to BrianStephenLavoieDEmilyHeilMarta.Modiglia.ryanvbarrysberwickmichael.delaneymike.delaneyreporterRipholdenHousePublicWor.david.cotephil.prestonfranpotterrobert.thompsonnancy_elliottsilvawards589jeffbrownenhrick.watrouswill.smithgrichardsonnixonraichelawrh.rowe
show details 1:28 PM (10 minutes ago) 
Let me tell you something Mr. Cullen:

1. The Motion is not inaccurate. I searched for that Order and it does not appear anywhere in the view documents. It does appear when I went to link the document, however, which I just did.

2. It is not an improper Motion to Reconsider because of the material development of Magistrate McCafferty's silent recusal, done in a manner devoid of the typical Order she files:

3. You want to reach back into the 1990's to try to discredit me in a 2010 case, huh? You are desperate now and losing your cool. The record is already set and the damage is done. File whatever you want to file, and I will counter file for sanctions against you. Regardless of what you get this local Court to hop to by the time this case gets to SCOTUS you will be singing a different tune.

Just because you and your happy little client are upset that my people are schooling them good on their documented history of abusive actions such that they hide from KingCast cameras. 

4. And that's not all.