Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, September 2, 2011

Channel 10Channel 10 WBNS Report: Columbus Public Schools' Superintendent Gene Harris and Giselle Johnson, Esq. are set to take serious heat in the Federal Investigation on No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

It's not mortgage fraud but it is part of the same sort of scheme involving tacit governmental compliance in scams that hurt the American Taxpayer. Substantial background post is here. KingCast affiliate Justice for Kids' Kennedy Kent brings the Federal heat to Columbus Public Schools' leading ladies. She is identified as a former employee to the general public but to me she is, and always will be, one half of Justiceforkids.net 
(listen to the audio phone calls to the District and watch the vintage videos at the CPS School Board), I'm in them as an attorney, asking questions about a child whose nose was broken because of bullying. They have been an affiliated website to mine for six or seven years now and we appear together on this radio show with conservative talk show host Dirk Thompson from WTVN. Jerry Doyle has also been a guest, his story is remarkable as well

KingCast sees Ohio AG aide steal and get weekend jail sentence as Jerry Doyle interrupts school board meeting and gets solitary time in the hole.

Bonus round: Guess who her main man is? None other than James Whitaker, the man who exclusively filmed KingCast in the 1990's when I was winning Civil Rights cases, watch "American Lawyer" on KingCast.net. He's in this picture with Michael Isreal after we prevailed in the Hamilton, Ohio police abuse matters. Also in that video you will see me talking to Attorney Johnson in a segment where I say "I'm trying to be the reasonable guy here, I'm trying to avoid the mismash of a subpoena," after Attorney Johnson once again engaged in obfuscatory conduct over a simple records request. Well her time is coming now because Superintendent Gene Harris (see the vote of "No Confidence" after a sexual assault case) basically gave Johnson carte blanche to disregard all of our concerns, and made her the exclusive information conduit. In said capacity she covered up much of this and many other things. I will post that letter soon.

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