Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, September 19, 2011

Judge Barbadoro tells KingCast "I told you to shut your nigger ass up already.... your Motion to Vacate Judge McCafferty's Report and Recommendation is denied even though she recused herself through the back door."

Uh-oh.... here comes the N-word..... noblesse oblige, LOL.  See how Nigger Justice works in New Hampshire? Defendant Kelly Ayotte worked at McLane, Graf. As such, former McLane, Graff lawyer Judge McCafferty knew goddamn well she should not have been sitting on my free press, racial discrimination case in the first place, and so too did McLane Graf lawyers Jack Middleton, NH Bar President Jennifer Parent, NH PD Lawyer Brian Cullen and GOP attorney Gordon MacDonald yet none of them disclosed the relationships. Hell, Magistrate Muirhead trained Landya McCafferty and he is also former McLane Graf noblesse oblige.

This whole thing is just so much fucking bullshit it's incredible. And remember before you say "there goes King being bombastic," remember I offered a non-monetary settlement in this matter. I was the perfect gentleman and look where it got me... nowhere, so I'm done with that shit. I will start picketing outside their offices now in 1080p KingCast vision, shooting with a Canon just like I rocked it at Wall Street this weekend, to hell with these war pigs. Meanwhile Nashua PD lawyer Brian Cullen threatens sanctions against me for unethical conduct but his client has been found in contempt of court in NH District Court and he is facing an ethics complaint from former LE Ralph Holder because Mr. Holder never received a medical report that exonerated him of abusing his wife as NH took kicked his nigger children out of the fine white school system in NH and put them down in an inferior school system in MA and even cited race as a reason, in complete violation of Palmore v. Sidoti and Brown v. Board of Education.

To hell with this bullshit, I am preparing an Interlocutory Appeal: The Court's once again failed to address the issues, just as it failed to address the issues when it first told me that my 18 U.S.C. §455 Motion to Recuse was "entirely without merit," only to see her finally step down but without issuing any Entry or Order. Further, the Court shouldn't be telling me I can't file any more motions unless or until there is a finding that I filed something frivolous and there is not such finding in this case. Quite the contrary there is no vexatious litigation going on here, just a nigger Plaintiff filing reasonable motions and receiving Nigger Justice.

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PS: Despite the fact that my photography graces their 2011 calendar and in their Newsletter, the ACLU in New England has not stepped up to the plate on any of my cases, not because of their merit but because of politics. Meanwhile I get FB friend requests from ACLU directors with backbones, like Dane Claussen (we both lived in Pittsburgh, a great city BTW). That's because New England is a stinking cesspool.


  1. Picketing to start at McLane Graf, Cullen Collimore and NH Federal District Court
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    They want a legacy case well I will give them a legacy case, serious as a heart attack.


    Just waiting on my new bike chain and watching the weather, I hate to drive or take a bus up there when fall riding season is so pretty. And don't worry Counselors, I'll eventually move to New York and you will be a distant reminder in my rear view mirror as to how inbred and corrupt New England politics and Justice (same thing) really is. But until that day comes -- and as long as I am receiving Nigger Justice -- I'll be in your face making movies.

    And don't even think about instigating an unlawful arrest.

    Have a Nice Day.

    Christopher King, J.D.
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  2. Let me tell you how it really works for anyone who is not of the privileged class, particularly in NH:

    You show your lil' nigger ass up to Court.

    You study your lil' nigger ass off to review cases, codes and statutes and their relative applicability.

    You file your lil' nigger motions.

    You issue your lil' nigger Settlement Offers.

    And in turn the Court and the Defense Counsel pretty much ignore all of it and make arbitrary and capricious rulings issued on whimsy and political influence. The Defense Counsel in this case didn't have to worry or even respond to my offer of settlement -- which was merely to engage Defendant Ayotte in 20 minutes of discourse as to what constitutes a Journo in 2011 -- the same topic I address as a guest panelist at New England News and Press Association Annual Conference and Trade Show.

    And the reason they didn't have to extend the courtesy of a response is because they are in control of everything in their little boys and girls clubs and they don't have to give a shit about your lil' nigger ass.

    Until you start digging deeper and putting it on the Internet and showing up to their offices to run video.

    That's how it works, folks... and don't ever forget it.

    -The KingCaster.