Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, September 17, 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies return to Wall Street to see a different sort of Occupation......

An unrelated but yet quite related story: Monday 19 Sept. 2011 ---  Rut Ro.... the N-Word rears its ugly head in New England Courtrooms....

Limited mainstream press of course but reporters from all walks of life watched in earnest.... I chatted with several of them, including stringers from CBS shown below.
What's next?
80+ Flickr pics (done!)
A KingCast/Mortgage Movie
Flickr is right here; tomorrow afternoon for movie
Because Mortgage Fraud has got us all by the balls whether we know it or acknowledge it.
Some idiot Wall Street drones and a couple of suburban moms were trash talking today's protesters and I told them "Oh, So I guess white collar crime is good for us, then?"
I went off on them when the suburban idiot said "These people need to get a life!"
"Oh really... you have no idea who these people are, or what they do with their time when they are not here.... and how's your equity value in your house doing?"
The cop standing behind me says "Hey you said you were investigating mortgage fraud?"
"Well it happened to me......"
Whereupon a great discussion was had, I helped educate him and that's all I'm going to say at this point but I shook hands with ALL of those 6 LE standing there who were listening and learning.
I think Amy Arbus and I were the only two people who caught this.

"Wall Street has a strong security presence especially after September 11, 2001...."

Well no shit Sherlock, I am well aware of that, you better believe they scoped me out thoroughly before Dagha and I hit the Stock Exchange floor last year for the Poetry Slam! You know, social security number, addresses, two ID's ran and processed, everything but fingerprints. So here is the video of Dagha and Yours Truly at work in our Boston Bridges Nonprofit at Mattahunt Community Center and here are the NYSE stills and short video clips. Anyway, this Anonymous/Adbusters event noted at HuffPost is wild!!!  So it will be interesting to see what happens this year as I return as owner of Mortgage Movies Journal to scope out some folks who are not quite so bullish on Wall Street. If I get a shot of these faux banker doppelgangers it will make my day!


  1. king, you're 2 for 2 with LE (remember the short timer in Long Beach CA ?). They are falling over themselves to tell how crooked the system is because they finally realize they are pawns too, but have families and have to put food on the table from their chosen profession. This is soft power at it's best. They know, we know, and they know that we know so it should get interesting how the lines are drawn when LE are victims of the "the big short" too. Keep making inroads with LE so they know we are in this together.

  2. All I can say is I hope so. I really hope we are ready for this. Could we hope for solidarity from the police at some point? Maybe if it lasts long enough. As you said above, mortgage fraud has affected people from all walks of life.

  3. RIght guys..... that could really be a good outreach program for KingCast and Mortgage Movies..... make something we can distribute to the rank and file LE so we can poison the well (or trough) from which these corporate pigs drink.

    Long Beach.... Orange County Commissioner Mondo.... protecting Aurora Servicing in a case where he refused to allow the Defendants to have a Judge Trial.... oh, those were the days. Well at least my met my GF on that trip, and the case is on appeal so it's All Good.

    Take a look.



  4. The uploading of the movie:

    9p update: Movie footage is uploaded and in place for rough cut. I am much better at video than stills. Adding stills and voiceover and optimizing sound will occur by noon tomorrow, it is 7:20 long now and final will keep to <10mins.

    And yes, it is good. Real Good.

    It is exporting 1:45a.

    It has exported 6:00a. but I have to go downstairs and over to Kinko's as Time Warner NYC completely sucks "392 min. remaining"

    That is absurd for a 9 min 1080p movie.

    Look for it by 9a.... I am very very proud of this one, peace.

    9:04a... Kinko's was no faster, 247 min remaining, headed to FDR to hit tennis for a bit, Time Warner should be class action lawsuit Defendant, defective service, full fare fees... bullshit, bullshit, bullshit TTYL

    Folks send me your vids to I can link them mortgagemovies007@gmail.com
    Or browse KingCast blog if you're bored waiting.

    11:25a back from tennis.... still 139 minutes to go!
    So Boston does one thing better than NYC.... Internet. And the 30 year old wacky Frenchman tournament player does tennis better than the KingCaster thanks for the lesson Jonathan :)

    1:05p --90%...meanwhile for a history lesson, see how Boston FBI targeted a progressive black city councilor with no criminal or misconduct in his background into taking $1K I believe it was, and gave his ass something like 3 years in the Fed but a drug-dealing white cop Todd Randall -- who pocketed FBI money in corrupt Revere, MA got away with basically nothing.... http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2011/07/us-attorneys-oh-so-concerned-about-full.html

  5. Occupy Wall Street rally:

    Christopher King to tdore, smenapace, bmiles, mdevan, john, Todd, employment, george, George, borrower.statu., rosemarie.diam., rsaltzman, eargentieri, michael, gspivak, LGordon, asuch, mharmon, tmh, jdeachman, sarah.powers, Jfrankenberg, ldoyle, mike.delaney, Kelly, Kelly.Ayotte

    show details 5:01 PM (0 minutes ago)
    Very interesting.


    Of course you know I have clearance for NYSE floor so it's not like anyone like Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg should be calling the goddamn police on me, you got that?

    So no, I'm not going to take this shit from you guys. You've been warned. Don't let it happen again.

    And oh, I hope you don't mind me cussing when I tell you not to call the goddamn police again, after all remember the retired LE veteran himself said he didn't know "What the fuck was going on" when Phelan et al did that to me, a rather logical response I might add.

    And lastly, Nashua PD and I have scheduled a meeting tomorrow afternoon to review my forgery mortgage/wire fraud complaint

    So if or when I come to you for information any funny business will simply not be tolerated.

    Thank you in advance for you time, consideration, cooperation and continued attention to these matters.
    Christopher King, J.D.
    http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People
    http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- Documenting Deceit