Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mass AG Martha Coakley dodges questions on fines and banking regulation.

Dear Attorneys Coakley and Abdeljaber:
Your tangential response to me will need to be corrected lest I file a Public Information lawsuit. As you may recall, I issued a request for information to you in July 2011 when Bank of America tried to charge me 12% to cash a check. I complained about it, and then I did two things:

1. Asked you for paperwork indicating that the State had assented to this usurious rate.
2. Asked you to provide previously-promised materials on what you do with the money you get from the mortgage/real estate fines. 
You failed to address those matters and I find that it could not have been an accident. Now I need real answers, as opposed to the go-to-hell letter you sent me and I am giving you exactly seven (7) calendar days from Tuesday morning, 6 September to provide them.

As the owner of Mortgage Movies Journal I sincerely hope you continue to deny any hasty settlements with these unscrupulous banks, by the way because as you stated, “Responsible parties must be held accountable in order to fully protect homeowners and return to a healthy economy.” Anyway, you remember me -- I was the reporter who caught video of your staff at Mass Division of Banks trying to take Cat Gibbons/Miracle Mortgage Broker's License even though you had no complaints about her and even though her stated income deals put no on in harm's way. Years ago the State ignored her complaints against a company that defrauded her when such company should not have been doing business in Massachusetts anyway because Vermont had taken their license. See Fidelity Guarantee Mortgage Corporation v. T Reben, 809 F2d 931 (1987). Read about it here

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