Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, October 31, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies commences ethics complaint against foreclosure mill Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg for calling police on homeowner and media and lying about it.

Read the Baum Law Firm post below here: And I included the John Perseo letter to Senator Menendez here. In the picture the LE is calling Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg and telling them "We don't know what the fuck is going on because no one is answering the door." All because of KingCast/Mortgage Movies and my trusty little Canons. A lot of major press hates me because they lack the cajones, knowledge, liberty or general fortitude to do what I do, well that's unfortunate but also not my responsibility or fault. I just call a spade a spade. The work continues unabated with this efax submission. They are in district 3B, certified mail goes out today.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Looks like the Baum Law Firm is giving out Tricks instead of Treats, mocking homeowners and ignoring their own fraudulent foreclosures.

First dig the Preliminary efax Complaint to the New Jersey Bar Association on Foreclosure Mill Phelan Hallinan & Schieg. They are in district 3B, certified mail goes out today. I got them so good that Senator Robert Mendendez' Office refuses to respond to me because they know an honest response would put these guys under, and I shouldn't have that kind of power. Read the John Perseo letter to Senator Menendez hereBut alas, they can't stop me from telling it, and what it is.... is that the LE in the picture is calling Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg and telling them "We don't know what the fuck is going on because no one is answering the door." All because of KingCast/Mortgage Movies and my trusty little Canons.

Screw these guys anyway they are paying $2M for fraudulent conduct in the first place as seen above via US AG Preet Bharara. Read today's NYTimes Op-Ed piece "What the Costumes Reveal" by Joe Nocera. I wrote him today and I will pay a visit to the Baum Law Firm, the same firm that the U.S. Trustee slammed for false documentation just like the rest of the foreclosure mills. Heck M&T bank administers the pension funds for MD try getting a fair shake there against someone like Thomas P. Dore, search his name on this journal more on that soon. But the way these big firms treat solo attorneys and their contempt for them, I know it well because I have had big shot lawyer Luis Alcalde stick his stubby little fingers in my chest to goad me into a fight after a Depo. I wisely passed on that but you can read more about him in the No Child Left Behind public information request.
Joe thank you so much for running those photos. We need responsible journos like you who will stop protecting these beasts who basically put a poop-stain on all of corporate America. I wrote for the Indy Star before law school. I was also a licensed Title Insurance producer and I am posting your editorial today. Meanwhile watch this:

Phelan Hallinan Schmieg ethics breach: They called cops on media & homeowner, lied about it.

And yesterday's update from Boston via Oakland:
For Scott Olsen: Occupy Wall Street, Boston, Oakland and the World!

Give a holler for lunch I'm in NY all the time.

Christopher King, J.D.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

KingCast Occupy Boston Update with Oakland Police Brutality Commentary on Scott Olsen: Occupy the World!

Saturday afternoon by 3:30p movie folks. The People will Triumph over crime.
For now enjoy the stills.
Note how Big Brother was all set to check me if I wheelied that light.

Background journal entry.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Senator Kelly Ayotte joins KingCast, Marvin Gaye, Todd Rundgren, Flame and Occupy Wall Street to meet up for a jam session!

From the "Todd Rundgren you are a bad, bad man" journal entry.
Flame said...
OMG LOL! So it was you who said Todd is the white Marvin Gaye. I was listening to Black Maria, and that phrase popped into my head. I knew I read it somewhere, so I Googled it, and sho' nuff, there you were. Todd is underrated IMO. I never knew of another person of color who appreciated Todd like I do. Nice to see this here. I've been checking in on your blog ever since I tripped over it while following all the OWS coverage.Holy shit and you're from Ohio, that's even funnier....Cleveland Heights sister!

Keep checking hope you enjoyed yesterday's movie with Senator Kelly Ayotte stammering when the Occupy movement was raised by a little old lady.

Many times people of color are reluctant to embrace "white" musicians, even when those white musicians have a history of working with musicians of color.... and vice versa. It's all so stupid, there is so much good music and love to go around. Sing it again, Todd I'm gonna re-up on it, my favorite Todd Rundgren song of all time, hands down, Love of the Common Man.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

KingCast says OMFG Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD file 11th hour 28 U.S.C. 455 Motion to Recuse Judge John McConnell in 2010-CV-501.

BTW I am in touch with some folks who have been watching my journals for some time now. Some of these folks have substantial LE experience. Much much more to come.

The Upshoot:
1. Motion Denied. "I hold no opinion, animosity or preconceptions about the matter... there is no appearance of impropriety... Senator Ayotte exercised her Constitutional duties as I will exercise mine. I will enter an Order later today denying the Motion for Recusal."

2. Nashua PD Counsel Brian Cullen to issue an Amended Pleading noting that I am not disbarred. This was in conjunction with a threat to go after me for sanctions and legal fees that has apparently been jettisoned after I noted that Attorney Cullen and/or client have recently been found to be in Contempt of Federal Court themselves. I say apparently because you never know with these bullies.

3. A Stay on further filings until or after a 5 Dec. 2011 Motion Hearing on the pending Dispositive Motions, at which point I will reassert the significance of the pending Motion for Mandatory Judicial Notice of Dave Ridley/Ridley Report wrongful arrest and acquittal and the Third Amended Complaint request noting the Defamation of Ayotte's Chief of Staff who claimed that I have filed "frivolous lawsuits" against her. That should provide independent grounds for litigation in and of itself.

My email to NH PD Detective Alex Gorman and several others on the willful failure of Defendant Ayotte to investigate the mortgage forgery wire fraud issue:
KingCast Opposition to Defendants' 11th hour 28 U.S.C. §455 Motion to Recuse Judge John McConnell

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Senator Kelly Ayotte stumbles over Occupy Wall Street, FRM Ponzi and Mortgage Fraud questions at Nashua Town Hall meeting.

I went to get an egg & eggplant sammitch at Clover today and caught the crew on my Galaxy S, I will be back with the Canon 60D soon :)
Fact: 18 June 2005 my first journal entry was on the Patriot Act. They call me Negrodamus.

Oh this is going to be one hell of a movie tomorrow. Kelly wants less regulation for big business but more oversight on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now that is fascinating considering the fact that she still hasn't addressed her failure to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage when I worked for a big company, all of which occurred while the FRM Ponzi mortgage consumer scam was brewing. Ayotte was found to be "faulty" on that, I have the whole file sitting on my desk waiting for this occasion. You'll see it in the movie. That little old lady near the front row gets it, why can't Kelly? You better click on that thumbnail to read her letter, I got it on video at 1080p 24fps.

Background video: Kelly Ayotte Town Hall #1 - -"She's pleasant and sweet and full of shit."

Background link: No prosecutions for big business on CDO/mortgage fraud or robo-signatures, also see my visits to Senator Ayotte's Washington, DC and Nashua Offices on the forgery matter. Each time I received a promise to investigate, just as I did tonight, only tonight was more exasperated because I went straight to the source.

KingCast: Catching up with Martha Coakley MGL §66-10 Request for Information on mortgage fines and bank check fees and U.S. Trustee Larry Sumski no-fee FOIA Request for journos.

Martha Coakley/Massachusetts Division of Banks issues, background:
1.  How much money in mortgage fines did you take in 2006 to present?
2.  What did you do with it, where was it allocated?
3.  Did the AG's office approve a 12% rate for Bank of America to charge to cash a $50 check?

As you can see, Attorney Coakley's office, by and through Attorney Abdeljaber, referred me to the Comptroller for both items. That will be interesting, as if the Comptroller has legal authority to set banking fees.
Outstanding FOIA request: For U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Larry Sumski to determine if or when his office has EVER challenged a proof of claim in the manner that many responsible Trustees are so doing. I doubt it because he is too busy calling me an "Internet cohort, watch the movie, which also exposes foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore, whose notaries are taking the Fifth (and possibly drinking fifths) like there's no tomorrow. Name-calling huh, how mature. Well I see that and raise him one: I call him a big banking tool, how's that Larry? Bottom line is that I am a journalist and journos get free documents. This one I will take to SCOTUS because Attorney Larry Wahlquist is oh-so full of it, especially in light of s849, the Open Government Act of 2007 and again in New Hampshire given Mortgage Specialists v. Implode Explode, duh.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hey KingCast what's up with Producer Dorothy Aufiero, writer Casey Sherman's screen adaptations and the Internet Mafia?

Note: Not mortgages but you better recognize how the media really works folks.......

Answer: I don't know about the progress on the "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" screen adaptation (huge background post). I am not a consultant on that and I can only hope that things are progressing well on it. As to the Maura Murray investigation James Renner and others are liking my material and continuing to hope. Anyway as to the Bad Blood shootings, you see my summary in the movie at top, meanwhile we can look forward to a screen adaptation of Finest Hours as well as Deadline Hollywood reports that Disney has acquired the rights. Interestingly, my comment was removed from the Finest Hours story. Life is funny like that, in the modern era of the press we don't use traditional print methods that we used to use back when I cut and pasted with a damn exacto blade, but I am still the proverbial ink spot that some people want to erase. Now Casey Sherman, pictured with Yours Truly, right, and in this book launch video ("King provided documents when the trail ran cold") has noted in "Bad Blood" that I am a "Thorn in the side of NH Law Enforcement" but apparently it goes even further than that, so I think we should examine in fuller detail:

Roll Call - Emily Heil and editor Paul Singer served as mouthpiece for Kelly Ayotte's Chief of Staff John R. Easton who Defamed me as he sought legal defense money in a Free Press Lawsuit by stating that I have filed "frivolous lawsuits" against Kelly Ayotte. He had not one scintilla of evidence to support that statement. See yesterday's update on the John Easton profile and lawsuit, KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501. In the update you can read the Memoranda for next week's court hearing, noting my non-monetary and reasonable attempt to conclude the litigation when I was NENPA guest speaker at this year's Winter Conference and Trade Show.

Daily Kos - Reason given that I wrote too much about Kelly Ayotte's bogus criminal charges against me when I was NAACP Legal Chair, even though I was correct and it involved a First Amendment issue. Did I defame anyone or write anything inaccurate? Nope. A few folks understood and congratulated me, but they were overrun by tyranny of the majority. Markos Moulitsas BTW is a former CIA operative.

Firedoglake - No reason given, it was after I posted the Niggermania video after Niggermania said they supported Kelly Ayotte and Ayotte refused to decline their support. Firedoglake is connected with the same Internet mafia as Daily Kos. Worse yet, they even tell a bald-faced lie, as if I am going to actually delete my online commentaries from anywhere: "This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available."

Scribd - Jackass Jason Bentley removed a story (and my entire account on one alleged infraction mind you) that I helped edit BEFORE I could even issue my DMCA response to the guy known as "Bill Christy," who posed as a JAG Attorney, he was really a welder, ahem. The guy had written "Try Greg Floyd for Murder" and it is indisputable through emails that I edited the piece. So they favored a guy who impersonated a goddamn military officer over me, fascinating. For a time that was a crime until the Stolen Valor Act was repealed.

Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales - Refused to post valid and verified information about former NH AG and current U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte even though I used secondary sources that they regularly use.

Boston Middlesex Court - Judge Spencer Kagan is asking Jay Korff to ask me to remove material about him from my journal. I respectfully decline and offer more information and a new movie about eMusic CEO, Columbia Adjunct Professor and International Felon Adam Klein.

Boston Herald, Boston in General - I busted on the Boston Herald and WDHD Channel 7 for I know for fact that certain colleagues of mine can't be too closely associated with me.... or else!

Northeast Shooters - Banned me for my comments about a certain (now former) Revere, MA cop named Evan Franklin. Naturally I was right about him and now his ass is fired not long after I completed my 30+ video file from my daily HD video coverage of the Dan Talbot murder trial. I gave the American Public more stills and more video and more analysis of the issues in that case than any other media source regardless of size.

Wired Journalists - Application pending. I think I have earned admission and hope that they concur, I wrote Dan Kennedy about this a few days ago.

The uptake -- I average 300 hits a day, often from major press when they need information they can't get anywhere else. And my page rank is still at 4 despite all of these huge page rank boosters giving me the bum's rush, think about that. If they had not, it would surely be more like a 6. But it's not so much about numbers..... while I believe my site will continue to grow, I don't care if I write for 300 or 3, I'm going to keep on doing what I do and saying what I say and going into courtrooms with that 1080p camera and courtroom analysis and you know what? Because nobody else does it on a consistent basis around here. Now go ahead and prove me wrong.

So is KingCast the Bad Boy of the Internet, or is the Internet just a Bad Place to start with.....

Meanwhile over at Allemagne folks know I'm bringing the Real on the Kelly Ayotte Franconia shooting coverup with Liko Kenney, Greg Floyd and Norman Bruce McKay, they are particularly interested in Operation Greg Floyd: The documents I re-posted about Greg Floyd's background that Kelly knew about before she gave him a pass on murder charges -- and criminal menacing against Caleb Macaulay -- in 24 hours.
Deutsche Telekom Ag ( [Label IP Address]    2 returning visits

KingCast says to hell with you JP Morgan I'm not disbarred... but I've got some interesting information coming for you about one of your foreclosure buddies.....

Oh if they only knew who I know who works there, LOL.

Jpmorgan Chase & Co. ( [Label IP Address]    0 returning visits

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD NH 2010-CV-501 Telephonic Conference Issue Memorandum 27 Oct 2011.

KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD NH 2010-CV-501 Telephonic Conference Issue Memorandum 27 Oct 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies tell Francis J. Bevilacqua: "Blame it on the corrupt bankers, bro... and start occupying Wall Street and Boston!"

As noted in the Bloomberg feature, the SJC is Doing the Right Thing  in Francis J. Bevilacqua v. Pablo Rodriguez, SJC 10880. The first shoe already dropped with Ibanez and this is the logical follow up, it is the Civil equivalent of Fruits of the Poisonous Tree. And the blame lies squarely on the greedy and too-often morally aberrant banking and mortgage industries and complacent lawmakers who let them get away with it. Actually I have some blame as well because I closed some of these deals, I apologize and repent. Hence the Mortgage Movies journal. Here I am yesterday in Nashua, NH meeting with Detective Alex Gorman on some mortgage wire fraud forgery mortgage fraud issues as I note that not one manager or big brass has been charged with any crimes for forgery or robo-signatures. Here is my Occupy New York/Occupy Boston coverage.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As KingCast/Mortgage Movies heads off to Nashua PD today remember this: There have been zero prosecutions of corporate officers for forgery or robo-signing mortgage documents.

So yes I am headed in to speak with Sergeant Gorman today about the forgery noted in the above videos that AG and now Senator Kelly Ayotte ignored, and continues to ignore since 2003 folks. The last video is me in her office this past June and she still failed to address it, so what kind of charade is this that we, the taxpayers, are living in? Anyway, seriously, I forgot about that headline fact today as I was chatting with an area criminal defense attorney, who shall remain nameless but he brought it all right back home as we discussed the Occupy Boston and Occupy NYC etc. movements as s/he wrote:

"There have been NO prosecutions of corporate officers and organizational/corporate defendants in all the robo signings."

That kind of says it all right there, doesn't it? Want more take a look at my Ethics Complaint at the notarized affidavit link involving Judge Diane Nicolosi and Shawn Masterson - Wells Fargo after I got him on courtroom video testilying. I see ordinary folks go to jail for forging a goddamn $100 check, meanwhile these folks are responsible for forging documents involving home sales without recompense. Frankly it's disgusting and while I simply don't have the time to devote to continued coverage of the Occupy Movements, I was prescient enough to know that they were and are quite substantial in their significance and caught the inception of both and I will return to the battlefront sometime soon. What I do know is that anyone who claims that the protesters are not focused or in any way incoherent is full of shit. Any apparent lack of coherence occurs because of the magnitude of the deceit and corruption that they are trying to address in the first place. 

Meanwhile ponder the foreclosure situation of Ron Dziewit, the West Norriton Man who will not be charged for his standoff.  Watch his video..... he is a Veteran who tried to do the right thing but who was facing the scumbag law firm of Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg, who unlawfully called the police on an innocent homeowner and Yours Truly got that on video. So naturally I sent Mr. Dziewit this case showing how Phelan Hallinan and Citi got spanked by the Administrative Process in a foreclosure action, Citi v. Paules York Cty. 2011-SU-1542-06. I'm going to say it right up front: Some of these courts and judges might as well be getting direct payments from the banks for all of the "Justice" that they dispense. And that is precisely what the 99% ers are all about. We may be tired, but we are indefatigable.

PS: They came and took this man's guns but what about putative murderer of Liko Kenney Greg Floyd, known to be in violation of 18 U.S.C. §922(g)(1) forever? I went to the U.S. Attorney on it so many times I wore a path in the hallway for Pete's sake.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies is reading "Citi v. Paules York Cty. 2011-SU-1542-06 Admin Process wins on mortgage foreclosure case" on Scribd.

Read more below the fold at bottom and as I noted this morning at Neil Garfield's excellent Living Lies mortgage journal, now to share it with all of my other mortgage associates. Also there is a short film coming up later tonight, it's a hoot. 
Citi v. Paules York Cty. 2011-SU-1542-06 Admin Process Defeats Citibank and Scumbags at Phelan Hallinan &am...

12 Responses

  1. First off, later today or by early tomorrow morning I will post a short video about a victory by an attorney who used the administrative process and QWR to defeat Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg and Citibank, two businesses that I have been pegging for quite some time now. It is a sweet case, York County PA Citimortgage v. Paules 2011-SU-1546-06, my thanks to Todd Wetzelberger at Surefire Home Retention for sourcing this one:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

KingCast tells U.S. Capitol police, "No worries mates, I respect responsible LE and I'm safe, watch the Rod Class and Kelly Ayotte office videos."

Note: Stay tuned tomorrow for a short vid announcing the successful use of Administrative Process by a lawyer who kicked Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg + Citigroup's collective and individual asses. No time for links I'm busy just Google PHS + Mortgage Movies and you'll see. I am simply not here to dick around with these people, they have fucked America long and hard enough.

In fact, if you get up with me I'll show you how you're getting hosed on your "Mortgage." Not to mention the lead video showing how Kelly Ayotte's Chief of Staff John Easton is a goddamn liar. Can you check on the status of my Ethics Complaint about him? I don't suffer fools gladly that's for sure, Kelly herself when she saw her constituent say she is "pleasant and sweet and full of shit," or you can ask eMusic CEO and Columbia Faculty Felon Adam Klein and his high-priced feckless lawyers at Lee, Levin and Bowser all about that. And POTUS, heck I've already shot him and he's reading my posts about NCLB Fraud back in Columbus, Ohio..... Other than that, I'm a fun guy, love making music videos.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KingCast says, "Goodnight, Jerry Doyle.... You were a true champion of the working-class and the downtrodden in Columbus, Ohio."

Note: I have a Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg update where a lawyer won using Admin process but honestly, that is secondary to Jerry Doyle's passing. Later with the Schmieg, they are not worth my time right now.

12:45p update: Just spoke with his wife, Rita and landlord Carrie Garnes. Apparently there was some internal bleeding, perhaps a stomach hemorrhage and then his heart gave out. I may head out to say a word or several at services which are tentatively planned for Saturday and I will most definitely be updating this entry with Ms. Garnes' notes from when Jerry Doyle called her every day from being locked in the hole for no lawful reason whatsoever because of Judge Pollitt:

"Yes Mr. King I have notes... Jerry would call me every day when he was up in there."
"I know, right... and there were people stealing money and doing hard crimes who got weekend jail time but Pollitt and (Mary Jo) Kilroy and those folks got his ass stuck in the hole after he spoke up on WTVBN... then he lost his leg from poor medical care."
"That's right.. you know they basically murdered him."
"I know."
Note: I believe the local Federal Courts found a way to have his case dismissed in its entirety. Columbus, Ohio is a hell hole for Civil Rights, pure and simple.

Rita this is for you honey I will call you later today: I knew Jerry Doyle died the minute I awoke this morning and started reading my tracker. It turns out that one of his subsequent lawyers -- Bob Fitrakis -- wrote it up here. Now remember, Bob Fitrakis or John Waddy can never be too closely aligned with Yours Truly but it is an undisputed fact that I was Jerry Doyle's favorite attorney and he was my favorite client. He got me in a lot of trouble with some of his fliers claiming that the system was out to get me.... back in The Day anyone could walk anywhere in Federal Court and Jerry Doyle would do just that with some of the fliers I will be posting throughout the morning. He was the contemporary version of the original pamphleteers that spawned the First Amendment, ab initio. We had not spoken for a few months now but I will never forget the last thing we said to each other:

"Keep on keepin' on, Jerry....."
"Keep on keepin' on, King."

I will indeed keep on keepin' on -- a phrase I coined from our Cleveland Matriarch Mother Ann -- just take a look at my Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston events, soon to be expanded with updates. Look at yesterday's open letter to the Rhode Island ACLU about my Free Press racial case in NH Federal District Court (KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD 2010-CV-501) where all the judges recused after I busted the Magistrate for nondisclosure of her working relationship with Defendant Kelly Ayotte's law firm McLane, Graf. Also take a look at the trifecta of perfectly disturbing cases with Joanna Marinova's successful defamation case against the Boston Herald where I helped her find counsel as well as the ongoing saga of eMusic CEO and International felon Adam Klein is posed to attack Spotify but is really too busy paying his lawyers to avoid proper child support payments. At any rate this is what I wrote in response to the Bob Fitrakis story:
As his attorney in the 1990's I prevailed in a number of cases for Jerry Doyle, most notably the criminal trespass case seen in the YouTube link at the end of this post. Along the way City Council was forced to allow him to speak again after they shut him out for no lawful reason but the U.S. District Court denied actual victory to us even though we won and he was allowed to speak again after eight (8) months or so of being shut out, see Doyle v. Columbus City Council41 F.Supp.2d 765 S.D.Ohio,1998. The recent comments from City Council President Kennedy prove they got away with bloody murder, it was a content-based restriction pure and simple and just as I said in the first place:  I got it right here, folks read it and weep, Columbus Dispatch 20 Sept. 2008:

"In 1996, he tangled with the Columbus City Council when then-council President John P. Kennedy barred him from speaking. Kennedy complained that Doyle kept protesting two things: the city paying for police protection at a Ku Klux Klan rally, and his mistreatment by the school board.

Doyle filed a federal lawsuit over that. A judge dismissed that case in 1997, and a judge threw out a similar suit in 1999. "Jerry Doyle coming in with a white suit, accusing (Mayor) Mike Coleman of being a slave on the white man's plantation" was too much, Kennedy said."
On another occasion Jerry Doyle and I sued Oakfield Nursing Home for wrongful termination and the Jury found me in the hallway to ask WTF happened, why was the case shut down in mid trial. It was because Judge Sheward took the case from the Jury and threatened to have Jerry Doyle and me arrested if we dared say anything or object out loud, he had deputy sheriffs trained on us. When I get home to Boston later this week I am going to go through my VHS tapes to see if we have that, it was shot by Justice for Kids co-founder James Whitaker, same as the top video.

Columbus is so full of dooky they can't even see straight. People get on me about having a Big Mouth but they can go to hell because everything I say is 100% certifiably true and accurate. Then after I was gone they locked him up for 119 days over some nonsense and put him in the hole, all of this is on my journal at KingCast blog. And did you know I was an AAG in Ohio? Well turns out a former AAG stole money but got weekend jail, nice. I was his favorite lawyer and he was my favorite client, no offense to anyone else. Rest in Peace Jerry, because you got none in Columbus, Ohio. 

1. How Judge Pollitt screwed Jerry Doyle and put him in the hole.
2. Ralph Abernathy agrees with Jerry Doyle.
3. You Can Fight City Hall -- Columbus Alive story showing in part that Jerry Doyle and our associates at Justice for Kids were complaining about Columbus School Board financial malfeasance years ago. Judge Pollitt would have let Jerry Doyle out of the hole if he had apologized about his comments but Jerry said no. In fact his comments regarding same are what precipitated the trial and my successful defense of the criminal trespassing charges in the first place. Now POTUS is reading about NCLB fraud in Columbus City Schools.

Jerry Doyle your name and position will be vindicated, Sir. The little people of Columbus thank you for your years of tireless advocacy on behalf of the working class and the downtrodden.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

KingCast and Bobby Knight tell McLane Graf lawyers, GOP Lawyers and Nashua PD lawyers on Judge Barbadoro's recusal in 2010-CV-501: "We will run your ass right into the fucking ground!"

9:43 a.m. update: They have run out of Judges and the case must be transferred. DiClerico recused on 4 Oct. 2011 LOL guys, you have totally lost control of this case. Nobody wants to protect their fucking bullshit anymore, hahahahaa.... what a hoot.
Look, I simply do not give a fuck what your title is, who you work for, or any of that shit. If you are a lying-assed attorney I am going to break your face in public. Now another Judge has recused from the Federal Bench, leaving only DiClerico... who has ruled against Kellly Ayotte before in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood. Interestingly enough, the lawyers from that case regularly read my journal. Ain't that special? Methinks so, particularly because I am the only journo to place copies of the two $150,000.00 settlement checks online after Ayotte claimed "victory."

This is what I call a royal ass-whupping. Yah, It's gonna' leave a mark. Who is going to Certify the goddamn record now, huh?

Update: The Defendants are fighting to prove that I have no right to Interlocutory Appeal even after Judge McCafferty recused herself (in an underhanded back-door fashion mind you) based on conditions that pre-existed before she authored her ridiculous Report and Recommendations. As to Judge Barbadoro, he did not work at McLane Graf to my knowledge so he had no reason to recuse himself other than the fact that he has proved himself to be Judicially biased in his rulings, many of which were issued in underhanded back-door fashion as well. Not to mention the fact that he had no legal right to tell me not to file any more pleadings because there was no finding that I had filed any frivolous pleadings to start with. Continue on guys I really don't give a shit what you do because your cover was blown a long time ago. You are dying the death of a thousand cuts... a nick here, a nick there... and pretty soon you've bled out all over the court from that sliced backhand down the line, a la Blackenroe style.
My how they are dropping like flies.... First I won when I force Landya B. McCafferty to recuse herself and now that I busted Judge Barbadoro for issuing Unconstitutional Orders and demanded that he certify the record for Interlocutory Appeal he takes a powder as well.  Now I dare anybody to tell me I don't know what the fuck I'm doing when I sit down to litigate a First Amendment case, you can kiss my narrow black ass. And it's only going to get worse if they don't settle, remember I had a non-monetary settlement Demand on the table months ago that they ignored when they thought they could fuck me. Well I'll show you motherfuckers whose gonna' be doing the fucking around here because my ass is exit only, you got that? Good. Motherfuck you and your hand-picked judges. I don't have much time for this shit right now I have a film shoot in New York to get to but I will say this: Everyone in this case looks like a complete asshole except me.

And yah, I'm still watching Civil Rights like a hawk!

Monday, October 3, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies, U.S. Marines, Dr. Craig Pollack and Professor Julia Lynch say Wall Street and Foreclosures are killing America!

Dear Dr. Pollack and Professor Lynch: I read with rapt interest your op-ed piece in today's NYTimes, and wished they had given you another 10 column inches to develop and document your observations. As a former State Attorney and industry professional (I ran a Title Company) I am appalled by some of the tactics employed by these scum bag "lenders" and the lawyers employed by them. Look no further than the scum at Phelan, Hallinan and Schmieg, who called the police on an innocent homeowner and me, and then lied about it to building security. At any rate, have yourselves a fine day and keep on preaching the truth, as do the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston folksas will a group of U.S. Marines: