Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quel Coincidence! LPS Notary and key witness Tracy Lawrence is dead in a Vegas hotel room at 43.

And I thought I had it rough because U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and Nashua PD merely refuse to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage, watch the short film. Anyway from Reuters: 
She had pleaded guilty to falsely notarizing Trafford's signature, affixing her official stamp to his signature even though he wasn't present. Lawrence was due to be sentenced Monday on the single count, and the attorney general's office had agreed to support her lawyer's request for probation. But Lawrence failed to appear in court for the sentencing. The attorney general's office called the police, who went to Lawrence's apartment and discovered the body, Las Vegas Police Sergeant Matthew Sanford confirmed.

Sanford said in a phone interview that the death "currently is not being investigated as a homicide." He said the cause of death likely won't be known until completion of toxicology tests by the country coroner, which would take several weeks. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kelly Ayotte facing opposition from ACLU, KingCast, OWS and others on her "Battlefield" attempts to crush free speech and free press.

11 a.m. NH Federal District 5 Dec. 
Update: U.S. Senate vote shows Kelly Ayotte is out of touch.

Also I should be there Thursday at 9a for the Boston Occupy hearing with cameras all micd up.... ran into Boston activist and Occupy participant Steve Bennett you guys might find it interesting that he got me started on Internet video by helping to produce the first KingCast movie at KingCast "American Lawyer" I have to deal with Senator Kelly Ayotte in Federal Court next week: Kelly Ayotte 5 Dec Federal Free Press Oral Argument: ACLU watching KingCast v Kelly Ayotte, GOP, NH District Court 2010-CV-501. Back story here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

KingCast and U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff say Sam Shaulson's Citibank is at it again, potentially robbing and cheating and lying and stealing.

Look at this case that His Honor sent to trial so that the American and World Public would know the Truth, instead of the $285M hush money that the SEC was settling for. It is their Modus Operandi, IMO..... wrote the Court:
"Finally, in any case like this that touches on the transparency of financial markets whose gyrations have so depressed our economy and debilitated our lives, there is an overriding public interest in knowing the truth. In much of the world, propaganda reigns, and truth is confined to secretive, fearful whispersEven in our nation, apologists for suppressing or obscuring the truth may always be found. But the S.E.C., of all agencies, has a duty, inherent in its statutory mission, to see that the truth emerges; and if fails to do so, this Court must not, in the name of deference or convenience, grant judicial enforcement to the agency’s contrivances. [my emphasis]"
And remember this journal entry? Excerpt: The hits keep coming for Attorney Sam Shaulson (pictured, left) and the scum bucket Citibank rats who opened a can of worms they can't shut now at MCAD. See, the Citibank scum buckets accused me of being a scammer, but they wrote the book on it.

Almost every multinational banking scam involves Citibank. I've been listing Enron, Ohio, California, Mexico, Russia and some of the others here and at Citibankisracist blog, but now here is yet another case closer to home and ongoing even. I have notified the authors of this 2009 Wall Street Journal story, "Citi, SEC Are in Talks to Settle Asset Probe." I'll tell you whose assets are getting probed: Those of the American Public if you catch my drift.
"Citigroup Inc. is in the early stages of negotiating with the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle an investigation into whether it misled investors by not properly disclosing the amount of troubled mortgage assets it held as the market began to implode in 2007, people familiar with the matter say.

Among issues being debated inside the SEC is whether, as a recipient of government-rescue funds, Citigroup should pay a large penalty in the case. There is concern at the SEC about the notion of financial firms in effect using taxpayer money to pay penalties, people close to the situation say. Citigroup received $45 billion from the government's Troubled Asset Relief Program and plans to raise an additional $5.5 billion in capital from private investors."

Friday, November 25, 2011

KingCast Mortgage Movies sees the State of Delaware and Eckert Seamans all up in Lamar Gunn's business.... more dirt like Maryland and New Jersey?

Meanwhile, I guess an activist, educated black homeowner who fights foreclosure and banking corruption cannot win a County Recorder election. In Pennsylvania I'm sure the establishment hates Nancy Becker, but in Delware they went one step further, suggests La Mar Gunn, who won --- and   then lost --- his race last week: When I saw a bunch of hits with his name (see below thumbnail) I knew something was up, so I wrote him and he wrote back as I will publish later. He won by two votes and it was certified by the Board of Elections for the State, which is run by Democrats. Gunn is a Republican. But then Court staff and attorneys and all the cronies in the Board of Canvass got together and the result:  No explanation, just a sheet saying Gunn -1 ballot McKenna +3. Somewhere along the line a Superior Court Judge flip-flopped too.... more on this later.

Look below to see the approximate location of the ip address
from the State as to who is looking:
I'll bet is the "recount" headquarters.

Mr. Gunn has has some measure of success fighting corruption... he got faux notary Nikole Shleton decommissioned for life.....  and that is why Eckert Seamans and the State of Delaware are always snooping on my Mortgage Movies Journal. Anyway where is Eric Holder? We had a hard time getting in touch with him after Attorney Howard Apgar called Shirley Golphin a nigger who couldn't afford her mortgage. Listen to my interview with Attorney Apgar as well as the tape. I wrote Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates as well, no response. Where is President Obama? Where is Justice? Stay tuned for an interview with Mr. Gunn and for the answers to these pressing questions.

Saturday 26 Nov. 2011 Update:
On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 9:22 AM, La Mar Gunn <lamargunn@me.com> wrote:
Now it's getting interesting!

Of course these folks would fail to mention that they've sewed me in a couple of venues (District Court of Delaware/Superior). They've also failed to mention the fact that I'm suing them in the District Court of New York Southern District. I find it very interesting that these folks are doing all they can to get my case moved to Judge Silverman who knows absolutely nothing about securitization and rules in the bank's favor every time without allowing any discovery.

I got a call from the U.S. Attorney's office for Delaware yesterday and they're notifying the FBI to pick-up their investigation efforts. Apparently, the U.S. Attorney's office can't bring criminal suit without completion of the investigation by the FBI. I'd better get my class-action suit in before this gets taken over.

These fraudsters have picked the wrong guy this time and I'll make sure their house of cards comes crashing down!

Thanks for your support.

Yes indeed folks.... here's some back story for you about a man who in my opinion was victimized by another fraudulent foreclosure. Now they say his CUSIP numbers don't match. I believe otherwise. Here is how the State of Maryland snoops around because they are heavily vested in mortgage-backed securities. Here is how Eckert Seamans pals at Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard hide from KingCast/Mortgage Movies cameras in New Jersey part one. Keep in mind my "cohort" as U.S. Trustee Larry Sumski would say, is a former mortgage broker. I am a former title insurance producer and Todd Wetzelberger in Maryland is a developer. And Randy in Wisconsin is an investor. We all know the bulk of the U.S. Justice system and the foreclosure mill attorneys are breaking the Law each and every day. Role models for Wall Street, I guess. State Of Delaware ( [Label IP Address] 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When the whip comes down: Terrified faces at robo-signature foreclosure mill Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard pt.1 & 2.

Read below the fold.... Is the self-identified visitor really one Vincent Dimaiolo Jr, Esq from the Toms River office?

It's almost funny.... when I was a practicing attorney I never shied away from anyone because I had conviction in what I was doing. Ask Jerry Doyle's (RIP) family about that. Most foreclosure mill attorneys never have a visual website presence and that is because deep down inside they know they are doing the Devil's Work. Just my opinion as a former mortgage industry professional. We now have video from an investor, a developer and now a mortgage broker documenting the sleaze that too many judges allow in their courtrooms every day because of ignorance (at best) and blind adherence to the allmighty dollar at worst, given the CAFR accounts and Pension fund issues, top heavy with mortgage-backed securities. As I note at the end of this short video, KingCast/Mortgage Movies is documenting the downfall of Western Civilization. Peace out.

 Below are the names of the people pictured

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kelly Ayotte, Joe Arpaio and Mitt Romney all approve torture, as AG Kelly Ayotte routinely allowed bad cops to torture women and children.

Here is today's WMUR story, read more about Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney and their contempt for open media and free press right here, as Senator Ayotte gets all flustered by a little old lady asking about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Occupy Wall Street strengthens in NYC with Catholic Worker Maryhouse/040 + How M&T Bank & foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore run Maryland Courts.

This movie explains why the mortgage crisis is ruining this country more so than than any other movie, including my Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston Movies (watch the update) or the U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte Occupy stumble. And by the way, don't forget that Senator Ayotte and Mitt Romney are both a couple of Free Press First Amendment haters, watch for my Federal Free Press/racial discrimination Oral Argument in Federal Court on 5 December, 2011. Read up here about Mitt and Kelly because you won't read it in the major press, ahem.

From the Thomas P. Dore background journal entry the question of the day then, is this: What happened to the POTUS mortgage that is completely tainted by robo-signatures? Has POTUS -- who reads this journal with some regularity -- talked to Goldman, Sachs about that? 

Here is the Occupy for Occupation website. Much more on this later today with color commentary and quotes but I can tell you this much: The 250+ people in attendance last night mean business, and they are very well organized, contrary to rumors spread by much of the major press. HuffPost writer Allison Kilkenny and I were next to each other and we were both very impressed. They've got legal, media, electronic, tactical and all matter of committees working together. They count the hundreds of unoccupied buildings in the City and highlight the fact that the homeless shelters that were full 25 years ago are now twice as full. Their chant is real: "Oh-Four-Oh is ready to act... we see you... and we got your back!"

Also, I hear the Baum Law Firm is engaged in massive layoffs, let's hope they completely fail and that some of their snooty, self-righteous staff wind up upside down in their McMortgages and totally homeless, ahem.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KingCast, Mortgage Movies, Occupy Wall Street, Union Federal and Anchor Bank Foreclosure Fraud + my chat with a one percenter.

BTW the landlord is not going to evict. He felt sorry for the tenant, who was duped by Union Federal so he is going to work things out with her.

Another KingCast/Mortgage Movies victory for the Little People.I am currently uploading v2.0 of the Madison, Wisconsin fiasco where Union Federal Bank, by and through Attorney John D. Center, unlawfully took rent monies owed to residential landlord Randy_____. Wait until you see Attorney Center's reaction to my simple query about the assignment of rents.

Anyway last night I had a brief but rather engaging conversation over a drink with a certain one percenter who will remain nameless but who definitely does not fit the mold of the archetypical one percenter. That fact is important for several reasons: This individual is no silver-spoon dilettante. S/he grew up working jobs and slinging burgers just like us 99%ers but at some point had the luck and foresight to get involved in alternative/green energies well ahead of the curve. In point of fact I have no doubt that our Kevin Bacon paths have crossed at some point when I was zoning director for a certain wireless infrastructure company 2 years ago in New England. They too, embrace green technologies. We both concur that identity politics is one of the most divisive and useless things this Country has ever seen: It is equally unfair to prejudge all of the Occupy protesters as it is to prejudge all corporate executives. 

"What if my family had decided to hate all white people just because some white people were jerks," I pointed out. "That would get us nowhere and I would have less diversity in my family to boot."

I raise these issues today because this one percenter was keenly interested in learning more about the mortgage crisis, mortgage-backed securities, municipal and State CAFR accounts and the illegality of securitized notes that provide the backdrop for much of what is the subject of the protests, ab initio. Just ask NY State Judge Arthur Schack, AZ Bankruptcy Judge Eileen Hollowell and Judge Christopher Boyko from my former Federal practice venue when I was AAG and in private practice, prior to becoming a title insurance producer.

There are corporate executives in my own personal life who are open to learning about these issues as well. The bottom line is that those of us interested in crafting a better World must remember to stay open and to work together out here, otherwise we are destined to stay stuck on stupid, Five Gears in Reverse. Just ask this one percenter, who supports the Occupy movement. But don't ask U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, she is obdurate in her support of the corrupt one percenters. Watch this:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bob Fosse, KingCast and Mortgage Movies say It's Showtime, Folks! -- in Madison, Wisconsin.

1:00p Update: See how the Gang of Four shows up but doesn't assist the poor single mother, who is now ass out on the streets;

"If I hadn't paid the bank I probably wouldn't be evicted right now," she said. I have it on video, coming soon after the weekend, I have a wedding and some girly time coming up, enough of these haters for a while. Anyway, she was misled by Betsy Hessel, (center r) who told her in Open Court that she was representing her, which caused Randy _____ to file Unauthorized Practice of Law complaints that were ignored by every single regulatory agency.

"I need to sue Union Federal and her for the two months rent I am missing now," he said to me in a post hearing interview. I agreed because they are both jointly and severally liable, the tenant got scared and paid the bank even though the bank had no legal right to start collecting rents on the mere posting of an alleged default and foreclosure. Newsflash, unless you live in a Uniform Assignment of Rent Act State you have to have a ruling before you can steal someone's money. Randy _______ attorneys are playing the lame role, they don't want to push it, ignoring basic tenets of due process as well as persuasive law from other jurisdictions. They even wanted me to stop filming, ain't that special. Don't rock the boat fellas, keep your hands at 10 and 2 as you drive Ms. Daisy down Plantation Road.

"Don't you mean fair and balanced" said Tom Geier to me Union Federal Attorney John Center refused to answer my questions and I told him "Hey this is your opportunity to speak and be heard, I am just being fair and unbiased."

Well Tom, no that's not what I meant. That is someone else's tagline, and I don't walk in the shadow of any other man, never have and never will. Mr._____ told me he would appreciate you stepping out from the shadows to provide him his missing notes that you still owe him from the so-called loans you issued.  You can try to give me a hard time in the hallway but your body language, particularly in the elevator, speaks volumes. You are pissed. Anyway have a nice Veterans Day, have you wrongfully foreclosed on any of them lately? If so perhaps they could protect the newly-homeless single mother who was stupid enough to believe that a big bank actually had her best interests at heart. Honestly, it makes me wonder if some of you eat your young.

In the Spirit of Bob Fosse I'll say "It's Showtime, Folks" -- KingCast and Mortgage Movies Across America folks, red-eye to I'll tell you where later!

It appears that Union Federal Bank has jumped the gun in making Randy _________ tenants fork over money to them just because they filed a foreclosure action. As I will note in today's movie from the Courthouse, the case law I have seen researched holds that they have to have a hearing first, especially in a State that has not ratified the Draconian Universal Assignment of Rents Act (UARA). And the Court has allowed it to happen, thereby violating this mans Substantive and Procedural Due Process Rights..... Time to check the CAFRA Accounts, right. Today comes the Courtroom. Stay tuned for the next city after a weekend pause and reflection.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hey Sam Shaulson: KingCast and Mortgage Movies see your scumbag money-laundering client Citibank up to its standard Modus Operandi: Arrest anyone they don't like.

I wrote this brother Winston K Songs and Kiva: We have similar musical tastes. BTW I am posting that video because Citibank is a complete piece of shit and so is its lawyer Sam Shaulson. They threatened to have me arrested after unlawfully refusing to honor a check that I helped a guy obtain during a legal malpractice case I am posting that movie on my journal today with this one. For background on that case, I am Boston Bob. Fortunately in the mortgage arena some relief has been obtained in Paulsen v. Citi Mortgage:


KingCast/Mortgage Movies is reading "Citi v. Paules York Cty. 2011-SU-1542-06 Admin Process wins on mortgage foreclosure case" on Scribd.

And you have probably seen my early on first day coverage of Occupy Boston and Occupy Wall Street, I knew it was going to be BIG.

Keep in touch bro.
Christopher King, J.D.
Sam Shaulson is a New York Morgan Lewis lawyer who represents Citibank, a scumbag operation that launders Mexican drug money, tricks college students and steals from innocent customers using sweeps accounts. Ohio AG Marc Dann v. Citibank (I worked in Ohio AG office, they do some good things from time to time) read it all right here, along with California AG Edmund Brown's press release on the sweeps theft.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies look forward to seeing some original mortgage documents today from Harmon Law Offices and Nationstar Mortgage in Marie Miller foreclosure.

WHOA guys from What Really Happened watch the action this morning I'm on assignment here in Madison, WI where a bank is misappropriating rents in a receivership:

Yessir.... and lest we forget, two and-a-half years ago the Honorable Kenneth C. Brown straight out ORDERED them to "Produce the Original Documents." Anyway as you can see by the foregoing link from the day and date of the first scheduled hearing, Harmon Law Offices loves Mortgage Movies and KingCast! In fact, I am surprised that they haven't already offered me the opportunity to come view the original documents with my jeweler's glass, LOL.

Seriously though, how isn't this Contempt of Court? It is a material issue and it was ORDERED back in 2009.
2:38p update, she won! 

Watch late night tonight to see the 11th hour Withdrawal of both Nationstar/Harmon Law Motions, i.e. the Writ of Possession and a forfeiture issue on a bond. So as I understand it, that leaves an active Judgment for Possession that came out of nowhere, given the paucity of proof. "We're off to see the Wizard," I wrote my GF this morning...... Indeed I was. And Harmon Law -- a regular reader of this journal -- made a cameo as the cowardly lion.
Sunday 8:50p update: The following paragraph is apparently a lie. After we all left Ms. Miller went back inside to fill out the W9 form or whatever and was told that her Motion for Clarification reopened the case and that she would not then get the money tendered back to her. But that sounds shady because all she asked for was clarification to make certain that the withdrawals were with prejudice. So if she was "reopening the case" that doesn't make any sense because all the clerk had to do was tell her "no need we will issue a notation that the withdrawals were with prejudice" or words to that effect. The Clerk then told her that they were going to go ahead and foreclose on her anyway, which would make the whole thing appear to be nothing more than an attempt to keep KingCast and Mortgage Movies cameras away from the Action. For more information read the Unmasking of Maine journal.

"You'll get that ($2,683.10) back and file a W9 for the interest," said Clerk of Courts Julie Howard. Big Ups to State Rep. Timothy P. Comerford, who stepped up to the plate to introduce related legislation you will soon see online. He and I had a great chat today and you will see some of that later as well. Lastly, it seems that the lawyers who don't like their profile pictures and wagging fingers that I catch in the courthouse hallways and common areas have caused an Unconstitutional policy to be handed down on 27 October 2011 banning cameras everywhere except the parking lot and courtroom. I'm not ready to challenge that one yet and I also want to do it diplomatically and without losing possession of $2K or more in video and audio equipment. So that means litigation. I will not be alone on this. Stay tuned that as well.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies stand in shock: NH U.S. Bankrupcty Trustee Larry Sumski actually challenged a proof of claim!

Let's not forget the infamous Credit River Decision from 1968 shall we?
Oh, it is definitely germane.

So I was riding around in my Lexis and look what I found on the side of the highway: 
Sousa v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 2011 BNH 3. Wells Fargo and their attorneys failed to provide buyers copies of their closing documents and tried to refuse a rescission. The Decision came down earlier this year, around the same time that he was busy taking a piss on me for being Leslie Crepeau's "Internet Cohort." Now remember the difference is that Ms. Crepeau and I were going at things on a much deeper level and a mere rescission for failure to provide documents. We were going into the belly of the beast, the CDO Fraud, the securitized mortgages, the inherent lack of standing.... that sort of thing. Watch the  movie up top. Here is the case at Stop Foreclosure Fraud because Lexis doesn't like it too much when you publish their cases. I figured that out when I was highlighting all of the successful Defamation litigation against the Boston Herald.

At any rate, or be that as it may, a Lexis search still fails to reveal proof that Trustee Lawrence P. Sumski has ever gone after a B10 proof of claim against the big banks, which is probably why he and his lawyers are fighting me so hard on a simple FOIA Request that I have now appealed along with a question to Mass AG Martha Coakley on her approval of 12% check cashing fees at Band of America and what her office does with the mortgage fines she takes in every year. You know, stuff that should be readily available for the public to know about, right?  At any rate, or be that as it may again, I did find this interesting case of consumer abuse where Chase Manhattan and Federal Home Loan Mortgage tried to foreclose because there was a $3.42 discrepancy in the check amounts! Read below the fold to see how Judge James E. Yakos blasted Chase in McCormack v. Federal Home Loan Mortg. Corp. (In re McCormack), 203 B.R. 521.

This chapter 13 bankruptcy case was filed on May 17, 1991 for a plan with creditors by the debtor. The relations between the debtor and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking Searches acting through agent Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking Searches(hereinafter "Chase") got off to an immediate rocky start......