Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When the whip comes down: Terrified faces at robo-signature foreclosure mill Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard pt.1 & 2.

Read below the fold.... Is the self-identified visitor really one Vincent Dimaiolo Jr, Esq from the Toms River office?

It's almost funny.... when I was a practicing attorney I never shied away from anyone because I had conviction in what I was doing. Ask Jerry Doyle's (RIP) family about that. Most foreclosure mill attorneys never have a visual website presence and that is because deep down inside they know they are doing the Devil's Work. Just my opinion as a former mortgage industry professional. We now have video from an investor, a developer and now a mortgage broker documenting the sleaze that too many judges allow in their courtrooms every day because of ignorance (at best) and blind adherence to the allmighty dollar at worst, given the CAFR accounts and Pension fund issues, top heavy with mortgage-backed securities. As I note at the end of this short video, KingCast/Mortgage Movies is documenting the downfall of Western Civilization. Peace out.

 Below are the names of the people pictured
  • Vincent DiMaiolo, Jr., Esq. - Managing Shareholder Toms River Office. Vince is a long-time Manchester resident who spearheaded the drive to open an office in Toms River to bring our legal services to his friends and neighbors. He concentrates his practice in the area of commercial litigation, with an emphasis on creditors rights, bankruptcy and real estate related litigation.
  • Henry H. Fein, Esq. - Shareholder, Tax, Trust and Estates.  Hank co-chairs the Corporate and Tax Departments.  In assisting clients over the years, he has seen clients retiring from North Jersey to Monmouth and Ocean County, but continuing to seek the services of a North Jersey law firm with whom the clients and their friends and neighbors have a long standing relationship.
  • Deirdre R. Wheatley-Liss, Esq., LL.M (Taxation), CELA - Shareholder, Tax, Trusts and Estates, Elder Law.  As both a tax attorney and a Certified Elder Law Attorney, Deirdre has seen the law and client's circumstances becoming continually more complicated over the years.  Her goal is to offer the efficiencies a larger legal  practice to clients with the benefits of  local service. 
  • Eric S. Kapnick, Esq. - Shareholder, Real Estate.  As a residential and commercial real estate attorney, Eric has assisted clients in all markets, good, bad and flat, to buy, finance and sell real estate.  Our Toms River office offers the convenience of local closings with the knowledge of a department of staff and attorneys devoted to real estate.
  • Stacey C. Maiden, Esq. - Of Counsel, Trust and Estates, Elder Law, Guardianship, Real Estate.  Stacey comes from Monmouth County to join our Ocean County office to expand service to local residents in estate planning, elder law and real estate. She also has significant experience in guardianship issues, bringing a new area of practice to clients.
  • Steven A. Loeb, Esq., LL.M (Taxation) - Associate, Tax, Trust and Estates.  Steve focuses much of his practice on asset protection, including the use of domestic asset protection trusts.  These trusts can be a valuable tool for Monmouth and Ocean county residents such as business owners, doctors, traders, real estate investors, and other professionals who are concerned with claims from creditors.
  • Kristen A. Klics, Esq. - Associate, Real Estate.  Kristen's goals are to help people buy and sell their homes and deal with issues of aging.  She often works to educate first-time home buyers, as well as assists seniors who are moving out of their homes to another living arrangement.
  • Christopher Koos, Esq. - Associate, Litigation.  Chris is a Toms River native who works in our litigation practice area.  Chris helps clients resolve the disputes within the offices of the Ocean County Surrogate, or before the Ocean County Superior Court. The Toms River office has allowed Chris to bring service from our attorneys based in Parsippany to his clients who have needs in Ocean County.

  • Monica Christie
    -  is the Supervising Attorney for both the New York Creditor Rights Department and the New York and New Jersey Evictions Departments.  She is a member of the American Bar Association. 
    Richard Gerbino- has focused his practice in the area of commercial litigation at the Trial and Appellate levels with a concentration in Surety litigation, Creditor's Rights and Foreclosures. 
    Michasel Hanusek- Currently serves as Supervising Attorney Contested Foreclosures NY & NJ


  1. be ready for visit from LE or minimally being watched. plan ahead and inform LE they have no jurisdiction (NO CONSENT express or implied)and I'd start researching NY govt code on any tort liability arising from LE acting under color of "law". PH&S called on King and I'm guessing if you subpoenaed those text messages from their phones, after the "oh,shit" they are probably texting their bosses to fortress up and call in the posse to back them up. I've got MD DLLR, FTC snooping, subpoenas, etc and I'm 2 for 2 getting intimidation the exact same day I reported crimes of crooked attorneys or filed suit against crooked attorneys. stay 10 steps ahead of them

  2. Replies
    1. I support what you guys are doing, I work for Fein Such and believe me there are some fishy things that go on in there. It's terrible what these people are doing, they are truly doing the devil's work. If there is anyway I can help please reply or I can leave contact information if needed.

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