Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, December 29, 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies shudder as Maryland manufactures Standing for Morgan Stanley out of thin air in Anderson v. Burson.

Here is your Anderson v. Burson Back Story. As far as stories go, major media needs to start doing with I have been doing for the past year, i.e. interview these people and get their butts into these courtrooms for actual coverage of these travesties of Justice wherever possible: NY and PA trial courts forbid cameras and their legislatures allow the denial of media coverage, so they are of questionable integrity and one might call them complicit in the Fraud, accessories after the fact.

So Mr. Anderson calls me today, 5 Jan 2012. -- 7 minute introductory interview coming tonight, 5 Jan 2012.
"This thing never should have got past Bankruptcy Court," he says...as I commend him on being an artist. He's a painter. "And I commend you on your art and what you do it takes skill, knowledge and guts." Which is the second time today that a total stranger told me those exact same words. I got the first one on video a few hours ago when a passerby in Nashua, NH saw me covering the Mike Gannon police abuse video fiasco.
More on this later.
The Decision is in, and it's Not Good. The Court used the Anderson's mere acknowledgment that the Morgan Stanley Trust held the note as sufficient under the Shelter Doctrine, and basically awarded standing out of thin air. Disgusting. When you are litigating these swine never admit to a goddamn thing, got that? Not even Jurisdiction. Lesson learned. Another lesson, intimated at the back story link and seen in the ruling is that the Court is reviewing this as a document and not as an instrument. This should go to SCOTUS, IMO.

With Decisions like this, who will hold robo-signers like Bethany Hood and Fein, Such & Kahn accountable for their illegalities? (watch the movie). The answer? Probably no one. It's a bankster's World folks, we are just mice trying to protect some stale cheese. Some of my family members work for such banks, I love them still but hate who they work for I'll say that much.

Here is the Burson back story.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies seek Countrywide/Bank of America racial discrimination victims for video documentary.

Here is last week's journal entry about the sewer scum at Countrywide, Bank of America and Citibank. As I wrote the Brent Kendall, the author of this Wall Street Journal piece, my family was victimized by racial steering when we moved to Cleveland Heights as one of the only black families in what was then an almost exclusively white community in 1970. See Heights Community Congress v. Hilltop Realty 774 F.2d 135 (1985) as I explain to Rod Class and crew in this 2011 video before we marched on Washington in this movie. Since that time I edited and wrote for medium and large press, graduated from law school and became a licensed title insurance producer. Now I document downfall of Western Civilization vis a vis America's Mortgage Crisis, which was well-known (read the Human Rights Alert dossier) to those who had the power to stop it. The video of the Fein, Such & Kahn - Bethany Hood - Lender Processing Services fiasco is a representative body of work for those who find this journal and wish to comment. And by the way, as the report indicates, California is ground zero for corruption, watch the movies regarding Commissioner Glenn Mondo, he's a real piece of work:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays from KingCast.net/Mortgage Movies.

Whatever your Faith is, or whether you don't have a particular Faith, best wishes for a Happy New Year and all that jazz!

KingCast/Mortgage Movies say: "Of course Bank of America is racist.... and so is Citibank, remember President Obama sued them years ago...."

Some good links in the record $335M Bank of America settlement are here and also here at Neil Garfield's Livinglies mortgage journal. Watch Citibank institutional racism at work through Attorney Sam Shaulson in this older KingCast video.

See also Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank, 94 C 4094 (ND Ill). Now what is insane about that case is how the Google-bombs have POTUS allegedly responsible for Citibank knowingly accepting bad risk subprime loans, when the issue was that Citibank was refusing qualified minority candidates, not unqualified minority candidates. Duh. Anyway did you know the POTUS mortgage is all cattywhompas too?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Robosigner Bethany Hood and Fein Such & Kahn busted on phone and in person.

Query, why is the Comptroller of the Currency reading Mortgage Movies?
Query, is that Judge Arthur Schack from NY Court reading my journal?
He's a great Jurist. Read more about Judge Schack in the last paragraph.
Also I find it funny that YouTube shows about 200 348 (7:30p) hits on the short film when there are more than twice that many hits at the journal page since I posted it yesterday. Now at 7:30p the discrepancy narrowed, with 426 journal hits to 348 views. 
Thing is, most people are coming to watch the movie, not read the text, ahem.

Dig the "QWR" notation in my notes. You think the courts actually give a damn about that? Sadly most courts do not and corruption, fraud, and deceit rule the day. Bethany Hood may have been a stellar mail handler, but a MERS Veep she is not. Financial VP? I wouldn't let her run my niece's lemonade stand.

Here then, is your back story.

Monday, December 19, 2011

NJ District Court Judge Jerome B. Simandle slams Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg request for gag order.... they are the same lawyer scum who called the police on homeowner and investigative journo.

Here is the story at Stopforeclosurefraud. As a First Amendment scholar who has never lost a gag order issue, I love this. I absolutely love it. When U.S. District Court Judge Jerome B. Simandle slammed the spurious gag order request of Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg in the Charles Giles class action case, he slammed the same dirtbag jackass lawyers who called the police on an innocent homeowner and indie journo, only to have the police take the side of the homeowner, i.e. "We don't know WTF is going on here because no one is answering the door!" 

Note further that despite the urgings of his intern as heard in the movie, Senator Menendez's Office has refused to speak with the homeowner or me about what happened that fateful day, nor has he responded to my FOIA request for the information gleaned from regulatory agencies when Menendez, Al Franken and eight (8) other Senators demanded information from said agencies. Time for a follow-up, ahem. Also, I took a quick trip to Pacer and lo and behold, the sewer rats at Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg are up to the same ole same ole.... in their baseless Motion they threatened sanctions and referenced the David Stern and Baum Law Firms, which recently imploded -- in some way trying to threaten Plaintiffs and counsel in this case. Plaintiff alleges that Phelan Hallinan has the same business model as these other pigs.  So now Phelan tries to intimidate as per their general Modus Operandi. I'll download the full documents later but for now read Plaintiff's Opposition Motion p2 below and 3 above, calling attention to the cozy connection between Kenneth Phelan as name partner and as Fannie Mae Chief Risk Officer as government investigations revealed a need for tighter scrutiny over "foreclosure abuses," ahem. Kenneth Phelan and all of his lawyers can go straight to Hell. Don't like it Ken, sue me for Defamation if you want me to hand your ass to you one more time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies bring awareness to Marie Miller NationStar NH Supreme Court Petition for fraudulent foreclosure per NH Bill of Rights 2, 8, 14, 35, 37.

The chap in the back taking copious notes is recently-retired Union Leader Statehouse Dome correspondent Tom Fahey. He returned for this special event.
Someone told me: " I didn't know he was still around." I said "Well today he is."
I told him: "Sit still Tom you are about to get an earful on this one."

"Standing is a basic tenet of American Jurisprudence....."

15 Dec. 2011 we came we saw we rocked it, video of our testimony coming by tomorrow. I got off into Senator Ayotte's willful failures and transgressions on the mortgage front as well. Major press was there in the form of Union Leader's Tom Fahey, stills to follow as well. And for the distinguished members of the Committee at the bottom of this page I present the Shawn Masterson video before Judge Diane Nicolosi as he tells her "My client Wells Fargo and I have reviewed the original note and mortgage and it is in my desk," yet somehow never produced.

Note: People need to contribute to help Marie Miller raise $1K to pay for Rod Class' travel expenses to drive up to NH for her 10:15 hearing on Thursday, 15 December 2011. You can watch my work with Rod Class and Carl Weston down on Capitol Hill earlier this year; NH Senator Kelly Ayotte hates my Capitol Hill visit to her office just as much as she hates my erstwhile colleagues at the Ohio AG Office, including Richard Cordray and Kent Markus. She and her Republican Cronies down-voted Richard Cordray as CFPB Czar last week. 

In this journal entry I showed how State Rep Timothy B. Comerford got involved so that Marie Miller apparently prevailed in her case, only to subsequently find that they reopened the case that was allegedly dismissed by NationStar. Ms. Miller asked that the Withdrawal be clarified as to whether it was with or without prejudice, a reasonable question. The Court then stated that her request reopened the case, but the question remains why there is a case in the first place given that NationStar should squarely be held in contempt for its failure to produce the original mortgage and wet ink note, when the failure to provide such items properly results in dismissal, except in New Hampshire as we see with Judge Diane Nicolosi and foreclosure mill attorney Shawn Masterson. But see how it is really supposed to work as you review NY State Judge Arthur Schack, AZ Bankruptcy Judge Eileen Hollowell and Judge Christopher Boyko from my former Federal practice venue when I was AAG and in private practice, prior to becoming a title insurance producer.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies reminder to Howie Carr and his smart ass followers on Occupy Boston arrests: In Iceland they arrest corrupt bankers, in the U.S. they arrest people who complain about corrupt bankers.

So..... Howie Carr and his idiot parrotheads are busy having a chuckle at the Occupy Boston arrest as their mortgages continue to submarine upside down and U.S. Bankers and their lawyers continue to lie, cheat, steal and create their own bogus evidentiary trails. Some people are just so damn stupid it hurts. 
Read it.
Watch it at Fein, Such, Kahn & Sheppard, Fein, Such & Crane, etc.

Friday, December 9, 2011

KingCast Mortgage Movies commentary on Occupy Boston's precarious state vis a vis Mayor Menino's comments on purported health risks.

I wrote the Washington Post National this morning:

The purported reason for the ban is false. Health risks? Squalor? I've been through there when I shot this video and witnessed none of it. Also I know for fact that top police brass were trying to prove health risks but failed. More on this later.


As a former title insurance producer I completely support the movement.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kelly Ayotte is still "full of shit" and siding with Wall Street... and her party line vote on Richard Cordray and the CFPB proves it.

What did I write back in August, 2011?
KingCast Ohio AG pals Kent Markus and Richard Cordray are heading up CFPB much to Senator Kelly Ayotte's chagrin!

Kelly Ayotte and her Republican Cronies pretty much hate everyone from the Ohio AG's office, including my old pals Kent Markus and Richard Cordray. Watch more Kelly Ayotte CDO Fraud videos hereTo witness her contempt for open government and free press that saw her well-connected lawyers in Federal Court this week look here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

KingCast and crew see Justice stained in Federal District Court in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD Free Press Racial Lawsuit, 2010-CV-501.

Note: They tried to bring in Jack Middleton for the whammy at the end of the 4-on-1 session and he says "Your Honor he can't just say he didn't get his way because he's black." Newsflash Jack, did you happen to notice that about 90% of my support base in Court today was white? And they think race has a part in it as well. They too are sick and tired of oppression your client so readily embraces toward all common folk in general and toward blacks in the specific.

Note: I reminded the Court that I should have been able to file my Third Amended Complaint for actions Defendant Ayotte and Nashua PD committed after I filed my Second Amended Complaint. My case has only been around one (1) year but His Honor allowed an Amendment after two (2) years in TG Plastics v. Toray Plastics2011 U.S. Dist. Lexis 81122.

Note: Judge John J. McConnell took the matter under advisement and will issue an Order, I would guess prior to the New Year. He is the visiting Judge from RI after I scared all the NH Judges into recusal..... but I guess I'm not entitled to know why they all scurried so even though I only moved to recuse Magistrate Judge McCafferty, a Motion to which former sitting Judge Paul Barbadoro initially held was "entirely without merit." Right. 

I quoted Justice Rehnquist who noted that allowing black reporters to attend the publicly-advertised KKK rallies in NAACP v. Thompson does not amount to a Fifth Amendment Constitutional taking, as the Defense Counsel almost fooled the Court into believing, before I took the microphone. Read it right here at 648 F. Supp 195 (1986).
In Pruneyard Justice Rehnquist further wrote:
It is true that one of the essential sticks in the bundle of property rights is the right to exclude others.Kaiser Aetna v. United States,444 U.S. 164, 179-80 [100 S.Ct. 383, 392-93, 62 L.Ed.2d 332] (1979). And here there has literally been a "taking" of that right to the extent that the California Supreme Court has interpreted the State Constitution to entitle its citizens to exercise free expression and petition rights on shopping center property. But it is well established that "not every destruction or injury to property by governmental action has been held to be a `taking' in the constitutional sense."Armstrong v. United States,364 U.S. 40, 48 [80 S.Ct. 1563, 1568, 4 L.Ed.2d 1554] (1960). Rather, the determination whether a state law unlawfully infringes a landowner's property in violation of the Taking Clause requires an examination of whether the restriction on private property "forc[es] some people alone to bear public burdens which, in all fairness and justice, should be borne by the public as a whole." Id., at 49 [80 S.Ct. at 1569]. This examination entails inquiry into such factors as the character of the governmental action, its economic impact, and its interference with reasonable investment-backed expectations. Kaiser Aetna v. United States, 444 U.S., supra, at 175 [100 S.Ct.,
[ 648 F.Supp. 207 ]

at 390]. When "regulation goes too far it will be recognized as a taking." Pennsylvania Coal Co. v. Mahon,260 U.S. 393, 415 [43 S.Ct. 158, 160, 67 L.Ed. 322] (1922).
KingCast: No bullshit allowed.

That's former LE and current Senior Passport Inspector Ralph Holder. Read more about how New Hampshire -- with Defendant Kelly Ayotte's support -- put his black child in an inferior school in Massachusetts, using race as a criteria here. Brian Cullen, Nashua Defense Attorney in my case, had exculpatory EMT report that proved Mr. Holder never assaulted his daughter but he refuses to say when he obtained the report or who provided it to him. Kelly  Ayotte's pal and Veteran's Chair Stephen Monier -- who threatened to call the police on me as I stood on a public sidewalk -- even characterized Mr. Holder as a dangerous fugitive from Justice. That prompted Mr. Holder to issue a Cease and Desist letter (seen in my Objections to Magistrate McCafferty's Report and Recommendations before I made her recuse herself because she worked at Ayotte's law firm with my opposing counsel) shortly before Monier resigned as U.S. Marshal. This is his comment:
"The Constitution cannot control such prejudice, but neither can it tolerate it. Private biases may be outside the reach of the law, but the law cannot, directly or indirectly, give them effect."  That's a quote from Palmore v. Sidoti.  a child custody case, but nonetheless, the principle remains across the board when it comes to the conduct of public officials as is the below.  

"Public officials sworn to uphold the Constitution may not avoid a constitutional duty bowing to the hypothetical effects of private racial prejudice that they assume to be both widely and deeply held." Palmer v. Thompson,

Writes Holder: You made an excellent point that in one instance you were actually invited to appear.  Given my law enforcement experience, I believe the police had more than a cursory responsibility to determine exactly why you were be asked to vacate public or commercial property , as opposed to private premises, for trespass.   They owed you a duty to determine why?   They gave the force of law to someone's private biases and prejudices. 


Deets later, I need a nap. I will say this much: Sushi lunch revealed many salient observations about what the onlookers saw as I mentioned certain items, people and issues. Yah, I rode the Triumph up there today..... because the People will Triumph one way or another. What a BEAUTIFUL ride back through the New Hampshire sunset. Riding a motorcycle through New Hampshire is the thing closest to freedom, because god knows they sure as hell don't have any free press up there!

So here's what happened, in a nutshell: I reminded the Court that "hey racists don't call me nigger anymore Your Honor" but that they have other ways to use race as proxy for ideology to separate me as a journo as opposed to all of the white journo. I noted that this case does not occur in a vacuum, and that these are not truly private events because you have a former AG running for U.S. Senate, along with paid advertising to the General Public. Let me tell you what these events are not: These are not GOP strategy sessions. These are not Communion afterparties. Nor is it my GF's son's Bar Mitzvah. At those kinds of events of course you can pick and choose to throw any media you want to out if they show up. But given this context in a National election to an election that is exceeded in importance only by the Presidential Election, the Court is free to say that the Bright Line Standard allegedly sought by Nashua PD Counsel Brian Cullen lies somewhere south of the Grand Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza, but north of Kelly Ayotte's personal home given these publicly-advertised events. 

In voluntarily dismissing my public accommodations claim (I didn't file administratively) for when Nashua PD continued to harass me after I had left the leased GOP/Joe Arpaio area the the Crowne Plaza I told the Court: "The larger issue is the fact that they continue to bother me at Crowne and at the VFW John McCain rally even though I was following their instructions. At that point you have to leave me alone, let me do my job and just shut up.... and every time they bothered me Your Honor they were trammeling my First Amendment Rights as a journalist to gather news and to write my story."  

And I know more than a bit about unlawful use of Police authority both as a former AAG and in private practice, in Isreal v. Roades and Hensley I got those LE busted for making my client a victim of violent crime, V96-61481.

And I reminded the Court that the rationale for not allowing me into the Joe Arpaio "steak out" public invite rally shifted, and shifting rationale is but one way to show that the proferred legitimate nondiscriminatory rationale is pretext for racism. First I was allowed in explicitly as a journo by Defendant Di Lothrop and Defendant Dennis Hogan, Nashua Republican Committee Chair who is also County Attorney. He knows me well. Then Defendant Ryan Williams informs me that I am not a journalist then Di Lothrop does a 180 and says "you are not a member of the media" and THEN she says "this is a private event."

I says they are full of it. Watch the movie, it doesn't lie. But they do every time they open their mouths.

Also I noted that an RSVP to the VFW John McCain/Kelly Ayotte and my acceptance constitutes thereof constitutes a contract pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1981 (which must be applied and construed liberally as a remedial Civil Rights Act) and that it is impossible for me to have more proof of racial animus on than what I have at this point because I have not yet had any discovery. For all I know the Republican policy on indie media is to let all of us in. Now if they are breaking with policy the trier of fact could find racial animus. Also Kelly Ayotte's past actions toward me as an AG might not be actionable under prosecutorial misconduct rubrics but they can still be probative of racial animus, particularly when coupled with the fact that she now continues to lie to me and to avoid doing anything about the forgery of my name to a mortgage even though she says in video that she would do something. (More coming Tuesday morning).

I reminded the Court that Kelly Ayotte and her Chief of Staff John Easton lied in collecting public money to defend this litigation by stating that I had filed frivolous lawsuits, which is actionable in and of itself.

I reminded the Court that Nashua PD blew it on application of Trespass laws against indie journo Dave Ridley and private citizen Mike Gannon in light of Glik v. Boston.

Addendum: On further review, these are some precious photographs. Wait until you hear what folks are saying in the video. The Big Dog lawyers, including NH Bar Association President Jennifer Parent, all scooted out the side door, I figured as much and they made their front door sortie on Dave Ridley video already anyway, as noted in a link I will soon post.

Also, Ridley is pissing me off... he now says my material is so dense he doesn't understand it, and will not be attending my hearing, but he certainly understood it a few months ago as noted in his own video. And his lawyer Seth Hipple, I could damn near feel ice in his veins when I asked him for a copy of Ridley's acquittal/NG Verdict. I dont' think he even gave it to me, I think I had to get it at the courthouse, whatever dude. Anyway I'll tell you why later, but I've mentioned it in a prior post. Either come correct DR or don't come at all, I have no time for any half-stepping bro. Like Judge McConnell, I'm a Case Western Reserve Law Grad and we don't play like that, we get straight to the business bro. We're also ranked above Kelly Ayotte's Villanova. Read this background entry.

-The KingCaster.