Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, December 21, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as Baltimore Judge Justin J. King nails robo-signer and fraudclosure Attorney Thomas P. Dore on three ethics violations; sanctions to follow.

22 Dec. update, forgot to include the 5th Amendment notaries in the movie!

I told you about this menace to society quite some time ago, (here is the full Mortgage Movies dossier on him) and I know Florida is taking a look as well as noted in the video. Thing is, this fellow has had Dore Under Oath admitting that he has no firsthand knowledge of anything in his fraudclosure case but the Courts have been letting Dore run amok; perhaps now that will change. One can only hope. I have an updated movie with parts of all of these linked movies coming shortly. From the Baltimore Sun:

"Thomas P. Dore engaged in behavior that was "prejudicial to the administration of justice" by "routinely and repeatedly" filing "with the courts affidavits purportedly signed by him and attested to by notaries" he employed, according to court documents. Affidavits are the written equivalent of taking the stand to testify under oath and Maryland law does not allow for them to be signed by a proxy. 

The decision against Dore is the latest stemming from a series of petitions by the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission against lawyers who, during the height of the foreclosure crisis, cut corners in thousands of foreclosure cases in order to manage overwhelming workloads. So far, one attorney has been reprimanded by the state's highest court for such behavior and several other cases are working their way through the legal system. 

Dore also violated his professional obligations by knowingly making false statements in court documents and failing to properly oversee non-lawyers at his firm, according to the decision. An additional charge by the state's grievance panel that Dore engaged in "conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation" was dismissed by Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Justin J. King."

The Sun doesn't want to publish my comments for some reason, strange. I saw it published then now it is.... gone, presto. I even telephoned the reporter as noted below.... (note 22 Dec 2012 update -- my second comment now appears online, nice.)

Why didn't you add my comment? I said Dore was bad news and documented several issues relating to him in video and telephone Reporter Kilar hoping to get the actual cases involved as I am on vacation on the Left Coast right now. I posted a picture of this comment to save it in case there are technical problems of some sort, please advise.http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2012/12/kingcast-and-mortgage-movies-celebrate.html 
Foreclosure mill atty Thomas P Dore nailed on ethics by Baltimore Judge Justin King. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xxIn-xjqgo 

 Christopher King, J.D.  Thomas P. Dore- Sworn Testimony Admitting No First Hand Knowledge in Foreclosure Case

5 Jan 2013 Update: The file has been obtained and Dore and all of his pals in the so-called U.S. Foreclosure Network who vouched for him are about to get embarrassed when we post it, complete the video and file Amicus Briefs with the Court.

"He shows compassion.... he's got a son with brain cancer....." 

He didn't show any compassion to the Weaver family or to the Wetzelberger family (Mr. Wetzelberger and I never received a return phone call from Dore and he is treated like pariah in Maryland Courts -- ever since he embarrassed Dore he can NEVER get back into Court. I have watched this systemic oppression of this man and have documented some of it on video as seen herein. Moreover he showed no compassion for Teena Cardoni, who received notice from President Obama that they were allegedly looking into her fraudclosure case and she had a grandchild on a respirator and Dore threw her and her family out, and guess what? I have the picture right here from the Schneiderman BoA/Suttell & Hammer ; the Mortgage Movies 9th Circuit Foreclosure and Irreparable Harm and Open Letter to AG Eric Holder, Attorney Schneiderman and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan journal entries. The shit my friends, is about to hit the fan and when it does I will be at that Appellate Courthouse for  what will likely be exclusive KingCast Mortgage Movies coverage because the mainstream press -- where I used to work -- seldom shows the courage and depth to follow these issues.

"I have knowledge of everything asserted" is another lie that Dore puts out there, when in point of fact Mr. Wetzelberger proved in the transcript linked here that he did not have any such knowledge. 

WHEREFORE Appellate Amicus Briefs are being prepared and will be filed before Thomas P. Dore appears for his Appeal. This is how journalism is done in the new era. You get ALL the facts, they you proceed with accuracy and vigor.

5 Jan 2013 Update: The file has been made ready for my East Coast correspondent to retrieve on Monday, 7 Jan 2013.

2:15 PST Update: My East Coast affiliate tried to retrieve the file and document today and it was not available, in direct contrast to what I was told yesterday. Stay tuned for my affidavit later this evening as I should have time to get it written and notarized before the banks close here on the Left Coast.

Baltimore Circuit Court spies on indie journo and fails to provide copy of Judge Justin J. King Thomas P. D...
See the search pictures below.... they got Lexis? 
Good so do I....and look what I found:

On 21 December 2012 I shared with you how Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Justin J. King slammed foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore with a finding of three ethical violations relating to Candor Toward the Tribunal. Dore, for his part, appealed. For my part, I telephoned the Court to get a copy of the written Decision. For their part, the Court then spied on me, once again: I doubt it is standard protocol to search someone's phone number on Lexis when they telephone in to the Clerk's office. As for the Court in Sarasota, FL who knows why they are searching me out, but watch the video -- it will be up late night as I am traveling and not on broadband.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Journal present: The DocX Lorraine Brown Guilty Plea in Florida Federal Case No. 3:12-CR-198-J-25MCR.

Here is the NYTimes Gretchen Morgenson story along with the U.S. DOJ press release. Did you know that former NH AG Kelly Ayotte had a mortgage task force? Yep, check it out
But it was complete nonsense, never did a gosh darn thing, heck she even ignored someone forging my name to a mortgage when I was a licensed Title Insurance Producer, how 'bout them apples, just watch the top video at about 1:44. Politico followed it, and they know she is full of dookie yet they have thus far failed to really get after her as far as her contempt for free press that has landed her in the First Circuit Court of Appeals across from Yours Truly. Read my Appeal Brief and again just watch the video at bottom.

There is also the matter of another DocX Lorraine Brown plea deal in Missouri, below the fold. There are no bankster trials or convictions to report in the U.S., but there are a few in Iceland.... perhaps we need to take note and learn how to do it. The revolution starts on journal pages just like this one. Click to see the Nexis entry on Missouri.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KingCast presents Iqbal and Twombly lain bare to Politico's Scott Wong and Manu Raju in Kelly Ayotte First Amendment case.

This is a searing video, you bet. And the circumstances justify it. Everyone Plaintiff-side lawyer knows that Ashcroft v. Iqbal and Bell Atlantic Corp. v. Twombly are the Psylla and Chrybdis of Plaintiff/First Amendment/Civil Rights Law. Creepy counsel for Defendants and disingenuous judges who don't want to hear certain types of cases can just send you packing by saying the magic words, "Iqbal and Twombly" even with those cases don't apply to the facts at hand. Then you as a Plaintiff are left to appeal and to hammer your points home and hope for the best, which is exactly what I am doing here in my Free Press First Amendment Appeal in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD. They beat people involved in videotaping them. They won't dare go there with me but I'm sure some of them would love to, including Defendant Hargreaves. He's a real ass.
While I am of course arguing all portions of the case, including those in which an Iqbal/Twombly analysis could come into play, in my First Assignment of error my point is that a clear cut pattern of disparate treatment obviates any application of Iqbal and Twombly. While I may make it a separate Assignment of Error (I dunno, I wrote these a long time ago and when you revisit them you view them differently) I also argue that it was reversible error for the Court to refuse to allow me to file a Third Amended Complaint because the Nashua Police Department committed certain acts in violation of the First Amendment during the pendency of my case so there is no way I could have raised them earlier. Some of these acts indirectly referenced the First Amendment efforts of Yours Truly in exposing their antipathy toward the First Amendment vis a vis Nashua resident Mike Gannon (and Pamela Reynolds). 
It is important for Politico writers Scott Wong and Manu Raju (as well punk-assed NYC writer David Shankbone who makes a cameo in the short film) to understand what is really going on here from someone who has actually won First Amendment trials and helped shape First Amendment Law in Nashua, NH with the help of elected officials no less, as noted in this video. For more read the Appellate Rule 27 Memoranda.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KingCast tells Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD: "We're going to SCOTUS on your First Amendment hatred and racism!"

KingCast v. Ayotte Rule 27 Appeal

Oh, yah. Watch for my filing later today, I guarantee it will throw them for a loop, hahahahaaa.... meanwhile sports fans, hit the PayPal kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com if you approve this message.... Kelly Ayotte has a flipping HUGE defense fund and she's got a war chest infinitely larger than mine I'll guarantee you that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KingCast and Judge Arthur Schack put a stake through IndyMac and Fein, Such & Kahn's hearts in IndyMac v. Meisels, 2012 NY Slip Op 51902.

Lender Processing Services watching me like a hawk and I am watching them watching me. To hell with you, remember that phone call in the video where I talk with Bethany Hood and then get referred to legal.... and never get a call back. Fuck you. 
Let me clear my throat and say it again: Fuck. You.

Well it was an unpublished Decision, until it hit the Internet that is LOL.... Can you imagine that, foreclosing in the name of an entity that didn't exist at the magic moment? Well sadly it is nothing new and as I note, Judge Paul Barbadoro let a Linda Green robo-signature and a post hoc Sand Canyon assignment stand in a New Hampshire Fraudclosure case. At least one of his brethren saw differently on the exact same issue in another case, Drouin v. Option One NH Dist. 11-CV-596. But as far as that stake goes, His Honor's analogy was so apropos.... and to that stake up front I will add a size 10 John Varvatos boot to the can and break them both off. Then throw them in a shallow grave and spit on it. Sadly President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney sidestep the meat of the issue. As noted in today's feature presentation it is law firms like Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg and Fein, Such & Kahn that are ruining this Country, along with the Judges who allow them to run amok. Well they might own a lot of the judges but they don't own the internet and they certainly don't own me.

Back stories:

Phelan, Hallinan calls cops on innocent homeowner seeking information.
Fein, Such & Kahn run scared of KingCast/Mortgage Movies cameras.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 Presidential Debate #1: KingCast & Mortgage Movies see Romney and Obama ignore the harsh truth on RESPA and foreclosure fraud: It's all about the Qualified Written Request responses that Courts allow banks to ignore.

Take your time with this journal entry so you can fully comprehend what is going on in a nutshell. There is a new short film coming as well. Start first by watching the short film above by pro se litigant Lorayne Souders in Pennsylvania, 12-CV-01074 (Central Dist). She busted the bank for tax fraud on the REMIC issue with an IRS 211 complaint and she is notifying the Court on it. BoA lawyers ignored her QWR request. They were tardy on removal and then lied to the Court about the date of service, she had the certified mail receipts. Not only that, first they said BONY Mellon had no interest in the subject property but then BONY sued for foreclosure and then withdrew it. All of this started after the bank started returning her mortgage payments for no reason at all. I told her in an email yesterday the Court is stalling on her case and that she should prepare for the worst because Courts typically bend the pro se litigant over and nail them as hard as they can because they cannot stand for a revolt on the Plantation. Neil Garfield addressed the matter yesterday as well. It is called "The Wall Street Rule." Here are the salient paragraphs from her Judicial Notice.

3. The Defendants Bank of America, and Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee for CWABS 2007-12 violated the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). The Sections of the IRC which were violated are §§860A-G, §§860D(a)(4) §§860G(A)(3)(A)regarding REMIC status.(Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit)

 4. The Defendants violated the 90 day requirement imposed by the IRC to ensure that the trust remains a static entity. The date of August 1, 2007 is the last day any mortgages can enter this trust.

Short film coming this morning. This is a straight up text message from last nights Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney:
Me: "Then they mention dodd frank without mentioning how the banks don't get forced to respond to RESPA LAW mandating answers to consumer info. requests about loan history and documents... These banks are ALL cheating uncle Sam because the goddamn notes never reach the REMIC trust. The REMIC is nonprofit tax free. Instead the notes are being sold and resold often overseas..... It's all a fucking joke but I am not laughing."

And the President is well aware of the corruption and deceit in the banking World, he signed his name to a lawsuit against Citibank back in the Day. The real crime in this is that the Courts seldom hold banks accountable for their actions. When they do, the result is often settlement as noted above in Vought v. Bank of America, 10-CV-02052 (Central Dist. Illinois) because the banks know they have committed fraud on several fronts. I will post the Motion for Settlement tendered by Bank of America later, along with the forensic examination of Cecilia B. May's refi in California. I am aware of the corruption and deceit too. I managed a title insurance company. I attended Barney Frank's Hubert Humphrey award ceremony this spring. Heck, I worked in the very same AG office as CFPB Director Richard Cordray and his assistant Kent Markus is the man primarily responsible for me being hired on after I was a law clerk during law school so I have been there, done that. Now I report about it to the consternation of many judges, banks and their lawyers. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies present Gregory Mackler and Kyle Lagow Qui Tam cases, unsealed and crying out for legislative reform.

1:11-cv-03270-SLT-RER (Full Complaint) New York Eastern Division United States of America v. Bank of America, NA et al. -- Brought by contractor Gregory Mackler and alleging through firsthand knowledge and observation that BoA forced homeowners away from Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP, here's a nice Huffpost story) as it was more profitable to bring them into foreclosure. United States intervened and case was settled for who knows how much money and dismissed. It should be illegal for banks to keep the settlement terms private when taxpayer monies are involved in the underlying fraud and qui tam action. That is where our legislators are letting us down because most of them are part of the problem.

1:09-cv-02040-RJD-JMA (Full Complaint) United States of America v. Countrywide Financial Corporation et al. -- Brought by appraiser Kyle Lagow and alleging the widespread use of false appraisals, what a shocker.  He received $14.5M Whistleblower award as part of the $25B National Settlement. His particular case settled at $75M but all of this is of course a drop in the bucket for the banksters, just the cost of doing business. That is why in Iceland the citizens are not sheeple; they come and put these thieves and the judges who protect them in jail where they belong. Of course it's all smoke and mirrors in a way because it's like when cops go after a street hustler selling nickel bags of crack when the king pin is a banker or lawyer like Frederick Tokars, remember the scumbag who had his wife murdered in front of their children? I do. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

KingCast asks: Is YouTube censoring the Civil Rights channel of a former state attorney?

As noted in yesterday's journal entry showing how Michael Holman is shaming Connecticut DCF for putting his children in harm's way with a drug-addicted mother with an extensive criminal history, I have a hard time understanding why I cannot upload videos to my primary channel.  As such, I conducted some Lexis research and located some of YouTube's primary counsel to engage them in open discussion about the matter such that we could determine the issues. Excerpt: 
I post a lot of movies about foreclosure fraud that is crippling this Country (at Mortgage Movies Journal). Many of my 500,000 views come from those movies, showing my testimony before the NH House Committee on Redress and Grievances as well as face-to-face inquiry with foreclosure attorneys and sometimes even a judge or two. It is safe to say that there is no other YouTube channel like it, and it must be protected.  
I value the First Amendment more than all others because it is what I call the gateway Amendment: You need it in order to exercise all the others. To the extent that a private corporation serves as assistant talisman in this process it has an obligation to be fair and impartial beyond the ordinary “terms of the contract” issues. Think of it as Hudgens v. NLRB (424 U.S. 507 1974) in the air, if you will. 
Prior to law school I edited the Ohio Call & Post and wrote for the Indianapolis Star. I was a First Amendment scholar at a top-50 law school, where I wrote substantial portions of a successful Supreme Court First Amendment appeal in State v Lessin, 67 Ohio St. 3d 487 (1993) I recently used the power of YouTube video to advocate for my mother to receive her Title XIX Medicaid benefits in Connecticut, where her nursing home and members of a statewide nursing home providers association have directly congratulated me on my advocacy........ Frankly I am quite certain I “piss off” a lot of bankers, judges and some of corporate America, which is all the more reason why your client, as the largest publicly-accessed shopping mall in the World, must endeavor to protect my channel, which is appropriately named: Save the First Amendment. http://www.youtube.com/user/KingCast65?feature=mhee
Now who knows, it could be a glitch, but it sure would be an oddly-selective glitch, going across two browsers, i.e. Google Chrome and Safari...... meanwhile just a bit more about what I do that merits First Amendment protection from the son of fire victim Robert Taylor:

Robert Taylor Law

Sunday, September 23, 2012

KingCast & Mortgage Movies see a 9th Circuit split on Irreparable Harm in fraudulent foreclosure cases in Tandiama v. Novastar Mortg. Inc vs. Tabb v. One West Bank.

Interestingly enough the trend seems to be that the Courts are giving homeowners less and less protection, even though almost every foreclosure these days involves an element of fraud. Query, if getting thrown out of your home -- particularly if you have a family -- does not constitute irreparable harm (emotional and psychological and financial harms all rolled into one) then what does? That's why I encouraged U.S. AG Eric Holder, NY AG Eric Schneiderman and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan to redouble their efforts to fight the Good Fight in the comprehensive journal entry. Well it was comprehensive then, but I have more to post about Bank of America and their fraudulent ways as noted herein. Hint: That forensic loan audit relative to Cecilia May's mortgage is going to get ugly. Very ugly. Look for it in the next day or so.

Tabb v. One West Bank, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 89049 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 89049

This matter comes before the Court on Plaintiffs' Emergency Motion (#22) for Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Injunction and Motion (#23) for Evidentiary Hearing and Order to Show Cause. For the reasons that follow, the Court concludes oral argument would not be helpful and DENIES Plaintiffs' Motions.

Friday, September 21, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies welcome the U.S. Senate, again. This time they are looking into that farcical NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte.

United States Senate (

KingCast and Mortgage Movies salute Robert Maduri: To hell with Ferrari and any other company that thinks they can just shit on people, like Verizon or corrupt foreclosure attorneys.

Read the story below the fold. It has been retracted because of retribution and fear of litigation. Well I don't give a shit, it was public domain, I got it and I'm not giving it up. Blogger won't take it down either (I have never lost a blogger battle on publication, recall I whipped "Superlawyer" Jeffrey Denner on that when I was Boston Bob then made sure he paid his client for malpractice) and Ferrari would make a bigger stink going after a little guy like me than it's worth, so LOL guys you reap what you sow.

Unlike accomplished entrepreneur Robert Maduri I am not a gamer. Never have been never will be. I am not a Ferrari guy, never will be. I dig them, especially the vintage models, but I am more a German & Swedish guy when it comes to performance cars and my personal realistic-performance cars LOL. I am not a multimillionaire, never have been and probably will not be. But what I am is someone with a passion for motorcycles, a fading passion for cars and a permanent passion for Justice. So when I saw this young man's story about his aborted decision to purchase his second (read: back up, additional) Ferrari on Jalopnik I had to alternately frown and smile. Frowning at Ferrari and smiling at his end-around: He basically said "fuck you Ferrari," and bought himself a McLaren. Good Man. Here is how us financial mortals fight it out:

Verizon pigs who give you a refurbished phone when your Droid crashes.
Mortgage foreclosure fraud with a name partner who can't remember where he works
How Ferrari Is Losing A Generation Of Buyers

Robert Maduri, Double Clutch (Robert Maduri is looking for a new car to add to his stable, but the stodgy and stuffy Ferrari buying experience is making him look at a newcomer to the scene. — T.O.)

Time. Many people view it as an enemy, ready to snatch every person, thing and object at some point or another. Others view time as a companion, making sure we cherish each moment. I view time as a constant, something you can use to learn from and adapt. History has a tendency to repeat itself. The foolish are the ones who feel the rules no longer apply to them. One lesson learned, most successful businesses eventually fail. The most unstoppable juggernauts come to a halt. Empires fall. It's a natural progression in life. Arrogance can be one of your biggest faults in this battle.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

KingCast sees Wisconsin Judge Juan B. Colas reappear, this time he does the right thing for the First Amendment in voiding Scott Walker's labor laws... earlier he allowed a fraudulent foreclosure to proceed without proof of Standing.

Note: For good measure I threw in the Recall Scott Walker video showing how his office ran a man right out of town when he came to question his foreclosure. They didn't want to talk to him at all, and kept trying to separate us, an act that dovetails with Walker's attempts to ban cameras in the Statehouse. As you can see, I'm not having any of that nonsense, he is a public servant, I am a reporter with experience as a closing attorney/title insurance producer and the Truth will be told, right here at Mortgage Movies Journal.

He's baaaack.... and thank god he actually protected the First Amendment in Wisconsin's raging union battle in a crushing blow to the Republicans who are now trumpeting big bank puppets like Senator Kelly Ayotte. Here is the actual Opinion, and here is the dirt on Juan B. Colas and Anchor Bank, who got receivership without ever demonstrating a showing of Standing requisite to any legal foreclosure case, as determined in Wisconsin Appellate Court in Aurora v. Carlsen, followed by Aurora v. Weisbaum, below the fold. 
Although Aurora's vice president averred in conclusory fashion that Aurora became holder of the mortgage which is the subject of the action "by delivery without a written assignment," the affiant failed to give any factual detail of a physical delivery of both the consolidated note and the CEMA to Aurora prior to the commencement of the action. Thus, Aurora failed to establish its standing to commence the action. 

Sooooo.... if you haven't sold off the note can I see it?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Present: The Cutlass, the Moonflower and Bank of America Outright Fraud.

13 Sept 2012 update and a new journal: Skank of America! 
Just type in boa.skankofamerica.blogspot.com to follow a specific thread dedicated to exposing these corporate thieves. And how did I arrive at this point? Because I had two more random sets of people in my life discussing the impact of Bank of America, Countrywide and "America's Wholesale Lender" bank fraud. The email I will not discuss at this point but this evening's dinner conversation over sushi and crispy Chinese wings led Eileen to spit out this new name, and it couldn't be more apropos. Cheers to my new friends Eileen, Dave, Michelle and our favorite bartender Tim!

This journal entry is a work in progress. Many of you have been writing me to ask when my mortgage movies would resume as I have been busy with my usual motorcycles and elder care issues including a huge Medicaid lawsuit in Connecticut. In Hartford this week I took two pictures in two different towns: A Moonflower with my real camera and an OG Cutlass 442 with my phone while out on a ride.  While here I simply cannot ignore the fact that out of two random conversations at two different restaurants in two different areas (one with the flower and one with the Cutlass) people have noted the outright corruption of Bank of America without any prompting from me whatsoever. I just happened to be seated next to these people and I have some audio from one of them detailing how BoA kept "losing" his personal information when he sought a loan modification, even though it was sent from another BoA office and he had the fax transmission receipt to prove it. It is all part of the pattern of corruption folks.

And when I say corruption I mean BoA buying Countrywide and using a shell company "America's Wholesale Lender" to do its dirty work when in fact no such company as a corporation ever existed. Now they are suing the real  AWL for Trademark even though they can't show a right to the affected properties because AWL was not a corporation as BoA attempted to use it, and you have to be a corporate entity to conduct the business and to hold title to property in the manner that BoA was claiming. Stay tuned on this but for now read all of the pleadings in Countrywide v. America's Wholesale Lender, Federal Central District California, 2012-00242, where they are trying to cover their butts. More related cases coming soon but note that California is ripe with corruption when it comes to foreclosure. Look no further than one Commissioner Glenn Mondo as he protects Aurora Loan Servicing, one of the dirtiest companies in the business with several huge Court decisions against them.

So what happens with BoA and other corrupt banks like National City Bank is that when they can't hide behind the first, second and third sets of fraud they create another one, such as post hoc manipulation of escrow accounts in violation of RESPA to make it appear as if the homeowner is in material breach, or default. Witness the case of Septuagenarian Donna Gaston, the grandmother who lost her foreclosure case even though she never missed a payment. Video up top, more video to follow on her case and in the BoA matters in the coming weeks. Query, where is Michael Moore on this. He certainly has the presence to help rip something like this wide open. I know where he is. I'm just not saying.