Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, February 10, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies say "Live Free or Die my ass: New Hampshire will steal your children and give your house to the banks."

Ralph Holder. Michael Holman. Dave Coltin. Mike Puiia. Joshua Yousseff. What do these men have in common? I celebrated the arrival of this journal last October and will provide hotlinks for each of these examples later this morning, but basically they or their immediate families have all had child visitation rights stripped from them by the unlawful New Hampshire family court division. Sometimes there  is even retaliatory action, as Mr. Holder alleges that Deputy Sheriff Jack Hannigan and Kelly Ayotte/NH AG lackey Mike "MIA" Bahan conspired to fabricate domestic endangerment case on him. I've seen the evidence and he's probably right. Hannigan, for his part, went on to be suspended for something else, as seen at right. In New Hampshire the wrongdoing only matters when certain people in power are harmed, though.

Each time something like this goes down, arbitrary and capricious findings and orders are enforced based on complete lies, destroyed or false evidence and contrary to basic legal principles that go back to Brown v. Board of Education and Palmore v. Sidoti. In Mr. Yousseff's case there was never a finding that he was an unfit parent. I have chosen my words carefully in describing that legal entity. Here is last week's hearing before the NH Legislative Redress of Judicial Grievance Committee. I couldn't be there but thankfully someone else was. Watch both parts of this hearing at Stop Judicial Child Abuse.

You may remember that committee: KingCast cameras were there late last year to follow the Marie Miller/NationStar fraudulent foreclosure case, in which the entire structure of New Hampshire's Judiciary was questioned after NationStar was allowed to defy a clear cut Court Order and law of the case, which held that they had to provide the original note and mortgage. Even I had to testify in that one, read this journal entry and review the entirety of this open letter to U.S. AG Holder and NY AG Schneiderman. Yesterday I compared and contrasted the Rhode Island/Judge John J. McConnell's process with that of New Hampshire and the difference is night and day.

So there you have it. New Hampshire will take away your children and your house without Due Process of Law as it gives you the ultimatum "Live Free or Die," a nice touch n'est-ce pas?


  1. I guess the blood money allotted to NH for our stolen children is just too hard to resist. And once your children are illegally stolen, who needs a house any way? When you've lost your children, you don't care about too much of anything else any way! Are families that disposable?

  2. Apparently so. And as I say, at least you gotta give NH a Gold Star for being so thorough. Some states would be happy just getting your children, some your house. But NH will leave no granite unturned in an effort to beat you down whenever it is fiscally expedient for the powers-that-be.

    -The KingCaster.

  3. I don't want to get in trouble for calling a judge corrupt. Maybe his IQ is only about 65. (Not being a legal expert, I have to guess what happened here.) This judge ignored two clearcut precedents, made no mention of the fact that I had showed him three direct lies by Nationstar's lawyer and allowed Nationstar to alter my mortgage with a summary judgement while never allowing me to present any of mt case to the court or refute any of the lies in person. (I had physical evidence to prove every lie.) The decision was based on an affidavit from a Nationstar employee.
    I liken this to a car thief having his partner sign a piece of paper to tell a judge that the car belonged to the thief, and the judge accepting that as proof instead of bothering to look at the Title. In my case, Nationstar's lawyer claimed that MERS was a party to the original mortgage which had been refinanced and sold a couple of times. I pointed out to the judge that MERS was nowhere on that note and that the lawyer was lying. The judge decided it was OK for the lawyer to lie about that. I asked them to produce chain of custody documents and the judge ignored it.
    There was also some breach of contract involved that was immaterial to the case at hand. But, Nationstar's lawyer went to the trouble of lying about that too. As with the rest, that exposed lie with evidence was also ignored.
    How do we get relief? Had my case reviewed by NH Legal Aid and they were too busy to answer any questions. But, they did advise me to call my Rep's and complain about their budget being cut.
    Then, I previously had an unrelated case of another corrupt judge and DCYF deciding to deny my disabled child medical treatment.

  4. I once asked Kelly Ayotte to investigate a case of child abuse against autistic children. Two of the abusers were state reps. Corrupt Kelly refused to investigate it. The abuse has gotten worse since that time several years ago. Does anyone know if it's possible to stop criminal abuse of autistic children in New Hampshire? This abuse is widespread and costs the taxpayers in the neighborhood of $400 million per year. I can expose corruption throughout NH HHS but it seems nobody cares to even hear the story.