Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KingCast and Judge Arthur Schack put a stake through IndyMac and Fein, Such & Kahn's hearts in IndyMac v. Meisels, 2012 NY Slip Op 51902.

Lender Processing Services watching me like a hawk and I am watching them watching me. To hell with you, remember that phone call in the video where I talk with Bethany Hood and then get referred to legal.... and never get a call back. Fuck you. 
Let me clear my throat and say it again: Fuck. You.

Well it was an unpublished Decision, until it hit the Internet that is LOL.... Can you imagine that, foreclosing in the name of an entity that didn't exist at the magic moment? Well sadly it is nothing new and as I note, Judge Paul Barbadoro let a Linda Green robo-signature and a post hoc Sand Canyon assignment stand in a New Hampshire Fraudclosure case. At least one of his brethren saw differently on the exact same issue in another case, Drouin v. Option One NH Dist. 11-CV-596. But as far as that stake goes, His Honor's analogy was so apropos.... and to that stake up front I will add a size 10 John Varvatos boot to the can and break them both off. Then throw them in a shallow grave and spit on it. Sadly President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney sidestep the meat of the issue. As noted in today's feature presentation it is law firms like Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg and Fein, Such & Kahn that are ruining this Country, along with the Judges who allow them to run amok. Well they might own a lot of the judges but they don't own the internet and they certainly don't own me.

Back stories:

Phelan, Hallinan calls cops on innocent homeowner seeking information.
Fein, Such & Kahn run scared of KingCast/Mortgage Movies cameras.

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  1. A comment at SCRIBD:

    A bunch of petty thieves who fabricate an assembly line of Foreclosure Fraud procured by obtaining Forged documents that knowingly and maliciously create a fictitious appearance of standing in order to sue.

    The corrupt Judges who are in their pockets facilitate the assembly line of Fraudulent foreclosure case in turn being major contributors to the destruction of the Financial system in America.
    Yet in Brooklyn, NY Judge Arthur Schack actually administers law and brings justice to these domestic financial terrorists that plague this country

    FEIN SUCH & CRANE, LLP Once again caught by the people of America, using Robo-signers, which are documents signed by fictitious entities working at Lender Processing Services in Minnessota and impersonating officers of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc(MERS). The scary part is that MERS has no authority to assign anything more then a ham sandwich as they do not own or possess any Mortgage and Notes in order to do so. What LPS does is Fabricate these forged documents lacking power of attorneys, assigning the Mortgage to the plaintiff and NOT the Note. Clear proof and paper trail that firms like FEIN are involved in a Major scheme to defraud homeowners of there lawful rights to the home that they own Firms like FEIN, buy these documents from LPS in order to have an assembly line of fraudulent lawsuits moving along, which have no lawful basis as they represent plaintiffs who DO NOT have the authority to sue.

    Judge Arthur Schack suggests that the firm/attorneys should be sanctioned

    Think about this, if IndyMac didnt exist then who were the ring leaders of the crime? The mortgage servicer which is a mere debt collector who commits perjury in an affidavit in order for the law firm to execute the crimes,

    My personal opinion is that the Bank is handing these firms large lists of homes that they wish to illegally foreclose on. Firms like FEIN SUCH & CRANE order these forged fabricated docs from LPS. THe return address to send the forged docs back to are the lawfirms themselves printed right on the assignments. How dumb can these mind midgets be as to leave a paper trail as to how they are complicit in contracting the services of companies that fabricate forged documents. Then knowingly and maliciously file these forged documents into public offices. Why would judges allow this kind of financial terrorism and violate peoples constitutional rights of due process? Because they themselves are recieving bribes from the networks of law firms like the above firm that is listed as a Foreclosure Mill.