Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, December 21, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as Baltimore Judge Justin J. King nails robo-signer and fraudclosure Attorney Thomas P. Dore on three ethics violations; sanctions to follow.

22 Dec. update, forgot to include the 5th Amendment notaries in the movie!

I told you about this menace to society quite some time ago, (here is the full Mortgage Movies dossier on him) and I know Florida is taking a look as well as noted in the video. Thing is, this fellow has had Dore Under Oath admitting that he has no firsthand knowledge of anything in his fraudclosure case but the Courts have been letting Dore run amok; perhaps now that will change. One can only hope. I have an updated movie with parts of all of these linked movies coming shortly. From the Baltimore Sun:

"Thomas P. Dore engaged in behavior that was "prejudicial to the administration of justice" by "routinely and repeatedly" filing "with the courts affidavits purportedly signed by him and attested to by notaries" he employed, according to court documents. Affidavits are the written equivalent of taking the stand to testify under oath and Maryland law does not allow for them to be signed by a proxy. 

The decision against Dore is the latest stemming from a series of petitions by the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission against lawyers who, during the height of the foreclosure crisis, cut corners in thousands of foreclosure cases in order to manage overwhelming workloads. So far, one attorney has been reprimanded by the state's highest court for such behavior and several other cases are working their way through the legal system. 

Dore also violated his professional obligations by knowingly making false statements in court documents and failing to properly oversee non-lawyers at his firm, according to the decision. An additional charge by the state's grievance panel that Dore engaged in "conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation" was dismissed by Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Justin J. King."

The Sun doesn't want to publish my comments for some reason, strange. I saw it published then now it is.... gone, presto. I even telephoned the reporter as noted below.... (note 22 Dec 2012 update -- my second comment now appears online, nice.)

Why didn't you add my comment? I said Dore was bad news and documented several issues relating to him in video and telephone Reporter Kilar hoping to get the actual cases involved as I am on vacation on the Left Coast right now. I posted a picture of this comment to save it in case there are technical problems of some sort, please advise.http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2012/12/kingcast-and-mortgage-movies-celebrate.html 
Foreclosure mill atty Thomas P Dore nailed on ethics by Baltimore Judge Justin King. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xxIn-xjqgo 

 Christopher King, J.D.  Thomas P. Dore- Sworn Testimony Admitting No First Hand Knowledge in Foreclosure Case

5 Jan 2013 Update: The file has been obtained and Dore and all of his pals in the so-called U.S. Foreclosure Network who vouched for him are about to get embarrassed when we post it, complete the video and file Amicus Briefs with the Court.

"He shows compassion.... he's got a son with brain cancer....." 

He didn't show any compassion to the Weaver family or to the Wetzelberger family (Mr. Wetzelberger and I never received a return phone call from Dore and he is treated like pariah in Maryland Courts -- ever since he embarrassed Dore he can NEVER get back into Court. I have watched this systemic oppression of this man and have documented some of it on video as seen herein. Moreover he showed no compassion for Teena Cardoni, who received notice from President Obama that they were allegedly looking into her fraudclosure case and she had a grandchild on a respirator and Dore threw her and her family out, and guess what? I have the picture right here from the Schneiderman BoA/Suttell & Hammer ; the Mortgage Movies 9th Circuit Foreclosure and Irreparable Harm and Open Letter to AG Eric Holder, Attorney Schneiderman and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan journal entries. The shit my friends, is about to hit the fan and when it does I will be at that Appellate Courthouse for  what will likely be exclusive KingCast Mortgage Movies coverage because the mainstream press -- where I used to work -- seldom shows the courage and depth to follow these issues.

"I have knowledge of everything asserted" is another lie that Dore puts out there, when in point of fact Mr. Wetzelberger proved in the transcript linked here that he did not have any such knowledge. 

WHEREFORE Appellate Amicus Briefs are being prepared and will be filed before Thomas P. Dore appears for his Appeal. This is how journalism is done in the new era. You get ALL the facts, they you proceed with accuracy and vigor.

5 Jan 2013 Update: The file has been made ready for my East Coast correspondent to retrieve on Monday, 7 Jan 2013.

2:15 PST Update: My East Coast affiliate tried to retrieve the file and document today and it was not available, in direct contrast to what I was told yesterday. Stay tuned for my affidavit later this evening as I should have time to get it written and notarized before the banks close here on the Left Coast.

Baltimore Circuit Court spies on indie journo and fails to provide copy of Judge Justin J. King Thomas P. D...
See the search pictures below.... they got Lexis? 
Good so do I....and look what I found:

On 21 December 2012 I shared with you how Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Justin J. King slammed foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore with a finding of three ethical violations relating to Candor Toward the Tribunal. Dore, for his part, appealed. For my part, I telephoned the Court to get a copy of the written Decision. For their part, the Court then spied on me, once again: I doubt it is standard protocol to search someone's phone number on Lexis when they telephone in to the Clerk's office. As for the Court in Sarasota, FL who knows why they are searching me out, but watch the video -- it will be up late night as I am traveling and not on broadband.