Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Whistleblower Jose Portillo expose the 8,000 fraudulent Shapiro & Burson signatures that must result in substantial Baltimore Circuit Court sanctions.

I am honored that Jose Portillo made Mortgage Movies the first media recipient of this information heretofore shared only with Maryland disciplinary counsel. I am working out a way to inform those who may be affected without overburdening myself with 8,000 emails. Stay tuned.

Tonight's Shapiro & Burson Movie.

This week's Speak Up! show with Kevin Avard.

Thomas P. Dore primer movie.

Movie coming late night tonight, more links tomorrow. Start here with the Freddie Mac debacle and wait for the E & O lawsuit (don't worry I won't charge you for it I'll just post it to Scribd) against Burson by its own insurance carrier that settled out of court after Mr. Portillo was ready to provide a Deposition. What will the Baltimore Circuit Court do with all of this because frankly, it makes the Thomas P. Dore sanctions look like small potatoes. 

Forthcoming links:

8,000 fraudulent signatures.
Wesport E&O lawsuit
Burson Disciplinary Findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law
....and more!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Counsel for Maryland Lawyer Renee Olivia Dyson withdraws in Thomas P. Dore fraudulent foreclosure case.

I will post the thumbnails to the documents over the weekend or Monday. In them, and in the video you see how Dyson tried to avoid answering Discovery requests by claiming that there was no Complaint, but the Court properly slammed Dyson and her lawyer, Rita Ting-Hopper. The larger issue however -- as noted in the recent Thomas P. Dore journal entries -- is that Thomas P. Dore and people like him are ruining America. Recently, Dore was on the Board of the U.S. Foreclosure Network (USFN) and he supports lawless conduct in foreclosure proceedings such as the Teena Cardoni case:  In that case Dore threw her out on the streets in spite of the fact that there was a newborn baby and a grandfather on a respirator in the house and the fraud of Jonathan Feldman and Eastern Savings Bank was involved.  Don't know about Feldman? Just read the Office of Thrift Supervision Cease and Desist Order, which was followed by a monetary punishment of $125K. Meanwhile Thomas P. Dore and the Courts saw to it that Ms. Cardoni never in fact received her hearing pursuant to MD §14-207.1

The simple fact is that the MD Attorney Grievance Commission (ABA Journal link) needs to open up public comment on Thomas P. Dore instead of just having a back door gland hand that hides the true measure of his misconduct.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KingCast, Mortgage Movies, Alan Beaman and foreclosure fraud victim Donna Gaston Say: Nothing is Normal in Normal, Illinois.

UPDATE: His Honor got away with ripping his wife off after she gave him the best years of her life. Read the dissent from an honest jurist. And again in 2008.

JUSTICE MYERSCOUGH, dissenting. I respectfully dissent. I would reverse the trial court's award of maintenance as an abuse of discretion. Mary Anne was clearly entitled to additional maintenance. She contributed and sacrificed 33 years of her life as wife, mother, and campaign worker. She now has a much lower present and future earning capacity, unmet needs, greater age, lesser physical and emotional capabilities, and lowered standard of living. 
************I told you some time ago about Judge Reynard allowing a completely fabricated and fraudulent foreclosure case to go forward against a septuagenarian right? You remember grandmother Donna Gaston on the obviously cooked books authored by National City Bank when they falsified her escrow accounts to foreclose on her? Yep. She had already prevailed by proving that she never missed a payment so they invented a new reason after one attorney basically spit in her face and said "I've never lost a foreclosure... and you're not even an attorney.... it's not over yet."

Well you are right about something counselor you got your "victory" but it is not over yet because I'll be coming to document more of this case and the players involved in it.

State v. Beaman Conviction Overturned 
Beaman v. Reynard et al. Amended Complaint
Beaman v. Reynard et al. Motion for Reconsideration

Judge Reynard sure is involved in a lot of cases as a Defendant, yet they all seem to slip away don't they? Well it appears that much of the pending case against Reynard James Souk -- another dirty prosecutor -- for fabricating and/or withholding evidence is slipping away as well, with the Federal Court refusing to accept intervening law regarding absolute and qualified immunity. That's not just my opinion ask the folks at Justice Denied or at Northwestern's law department as you read the excerpt from Mr. Beamon's Motion to Reconsider:

The controlling law on which the Court‟s decision rested has been fundamentally altered as a result of the Seventh Circuit‟s May 30, 2012 decision in Whitlock v. Brueggemann, __F.3d __, 2012 WL 1939906 (7th Cir. May 30, 2012) (opinion attached as Ex. A). Whitlock affirmed the denial of qualified immunity for an assistant state‟s attorney who fabricated  evidence during an investigation and then went on to prosecute the case using the very evidence that he himself had fabricated. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Lorayne Souders review the $11.6B Fannie Mae v. Bank of America settlement and First Amended Complaint in Souders v. BoA Central Dist. PA 12-CV-01074.

WASHINGTON: Bank of America said on Monday it would pay $11.6 billion to settle claims on soured loans sold to government-backed mortgage finance giant Fannie Mae during the home price bubble. Under the agreements, Bank of America Corp. said it would pay $3.55 billion in cash to Fannie Mae and repurchase for $6.75 billion some residential mortgage loans it had sold to the government-controlled firm.

In addition, Bank of America will pay $1.3 billion to address mortgage servicing issues, Fannie Mae said in a separate statement. "A favorable resolution of this long-standing dispute between Fannie Mae and Bank of America is in the best interest of taxpayers," said Bradley Lerman, Fannie Mae executive vice president. Fannie Mae said the deal would compensate it for actual and projected losses resulting from the loans. The loans had been bundled into mortgage-backed securities and bought by the finance giant over 2000-2008, but had not met its underwriting standards.

Unbelievable. And you know this entire collapse was planned, right. Meanwhile I will be posting Lorayne Souder's First Amended Complaint in her case against BoA. Smelling a rat, she went after them for information about her account and they sua sponte accelerated her and moved to foreclose. She was right about the rat, as the top moive indicates that robo-signer Michelle Sjolander was involved with her "loan." Along the way they removed to Federal Court and lied about the day, date and time that they received her First Complaint. Meanwhile Bank of New York/Mellon filed a bogus foreclosure and then released it, and nobody seems to know who had any interest in this, just watch: Lorayne Souders v. Bank of America (Central Dist. PA 12-CV-01074 First Amended Complaint

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

KingCast & Mortgage Movies show how Baltimore Circuit Court spies on foreclosure journo when foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore is involved.

I see Attorney Dore... this not your first time in this rodeo is it? No Sir, you have been warned before haven't you, by Judge Caroom... two years ago. "The signatures... unmistakably, did not match."  It was private then so you just brushed it off and went on back to business as usual, didn't you. Guess what Bubba: It's not private anymore. Sir, with all due respect the rest of your life will be anything but usual as long as I have a camera in my hands. So then, I'll be at your office shortly to get your side of things on video. Don't worry I will not edit you.... you can have a full 3 minutes to say anything you like.

5 Jan 2013 Update: The file has been obtained and Dore and all of his pals in the so-called U.S. Foreclosure Network who vouched for him are about to get embarrassed when we post it, complete the video and file Amicus Briefs with the Court.

"He shows compassion.... he's got a son with brain cancer....." 

He didn't show any compassion to the Weaver family or to the Wetzelberger family (Mr. Wetzelberger and I never received a return phone call from Dore and he is treated like pariah in Maryland Courts -- ever since he embarrassed Dore he can NEVER get back into Court. I have watched this systemic oppression of this man and have documented some of it on video as seen herein. Moreover he showed no compassion for Teena Cardoni, who received notice from President Obama that they were allegedly looking into her fraudclosure case and she had a grandchild on a respirator and Dore threw her and her family out, and guess what? I have the picture right here from the Schneiderman BoA/Suttell & Hammer ; the Mortgage Movies 9th Circuit Foreclosure and Irreparable Harm and Open Letter to AG Eric Holder, Attorney Schneiderman and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan journal entries. The shit my friends, is about to hit the fan and when it does I will be at that Appellate Courthouse for  what will likely be exclusive KingCast Mortgage Movies coverage because the mainstream press -- where I used to work -- seldom shows the courage and depth to follow these issues.

"I have knowledge of everything asserted" is another lie that Dore puts out there, when in point of fact Mr. Wetzelberger proved in the transcript linked here that he did not have any such knowledge. 

WHEREFORE Appellate Amicus Briefs are being prepared and will be filed before Thomas P. Dore appears for his Appeal. This is how journalism is done in the new era. You get ALL the facts, they you proceed with accuracy and vigor.

5 Jan 2013 Update: The file has been made ready for my East Coast correspondent to retrieve on Monday, 7 Jan 2013.

2:15 PST Update: My East Coast affiliate tried to retrieve the file and document today and it was not available, in direct contrast to what I was told yesterday. Stay tuned for my affidavit later this evening as I should have time to get it written and notarized before the banks close here on the Left Coast.

Baltimore Circuit Court spies on indie journo and fails to provide copy of Judge Justin J. King Thomas P. D...
See the search pictures below.... they got Lexis? 
Good so do I....and look what I found:

On 21 December 2012 I shared with you how Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Justin J. King slammed foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore with a finding of three ethical violations relating to Candor Toward the Tribunal. Dore, for his part, appealed. For my part, I telephoned the Court to get a copy of the written Decision. For their part, the Court then spied on me, once again: I doubt it is standard protocol to search someone's phone number on Lexis when they telephone in to the Clerk's office. As for the Court in Sarasota, FL who knows why they are searching me out, but watch the video -- it will be up late night as I am traveling and not on broadband.