Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, February 16, 2013

KingCast open letter to Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. ..... God damn you!

Dear Jesse Jackson, Jr:

We are exactly the same age, within 35 days of each other. I worked for your father in high school when he was just a few years younger than we are now, and I have worked for other Dems from time to time before becoming disgusted by most Dems and Republicans. I supported your father every time he was under attack from people who hate. And in one fell swoop -- or more accurately in a series of calculated crimes -- you have taken the family name and all that it stood for to new lows. You are no better than the fraudulent foreclosure bankers and attorneys I rail on at my Mortgage Movies Journal. So God damn you. And your wife too. Really.

Christopher King, J.D.

Friday, February 15, 2013

KingCast tells President Obama: "Keep following your encrypted searches to see KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP & Nashua PD is going to SCOTUS, and that NH GOP press wonk Ryan Williams is indeed a fascist pig"

It might not be the White House this time... because the IP addy does not reflect it whereas at other times it did say Oval Office.... but it is someone on the Hill....Video forthcoming, but  you can see in the links on the jump page what the White House was reading and watching. In point of fact, the top video is from the first link. As you can see it is from my pre-DSLR days but you can clearly see that I was already invited into a Joe Arpaio/Kelly Ayotte "Steak Out" dinner in Nashua, NH but then was thrown out, with Ryan Williams telling me "You are not a journalist," fascinating. I am also posting my Memorandum in Opposition to Appellee's Motion to Strike and for Sanctions in KingCast v.  Ayotte et al. First Circuit Court of Appeals 12-1891.And in the movie I will also address more government officials acting badly, as Defendant Roderick Bremby and his staff and his lawyers -- including CT AG have been caught red-handed: They lied about the timeliness of our mother's Title XIX application for Medicaid benefits and their own Affidavits show the lie. But the Connecticut District Court Judge Alvin Thompson has been giving the Defendants everything they want. It is always tough for the little people in Court, even if you are a former government attorney. Perhaps especially if you are a former government attorney, they don't like defectors too much, ahem. Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address] 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

KingCast & Mortgage Movies see Judge Christopher Conner slam Bank of America: Lorayne Souders FDCPA complaint proceeds against BoA in PA Case No. 12-CV-1074.

More on this later but for now just watch the movies; BoA being the lying piglets we know them to be. 

They even lied about when they were served to connive their way into Federal District Court, yet still stand to get their asses handed to them, as well they should, bust these cats up like a back alley dice game I say.
Lorayne is my pro se hero.