Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, March 30, 2013

KingCast Sees U.S. Court of Appeals Reading up on Hon Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty as Time Draws Near for Oral Argument in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP & Nashua PD, First Circuit Ct. App. 12-1891.

Note: It could be the DIstrict Court but I doubt it. Last week we had the Executive Office of the United States reading up so there's nothing shocking about this development. Stay tuned to see what happens to my request for Oral argument on the KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte Free Press/First Amendment Appeal..... you know the case where Magistrate McCafferty slammed me at the TRO argument without disclosing that she and Kelly both used to work underneath BOTH of my opposing counsel, Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent. 

I'm not stupid.... a little slow on uptake at times, perhaps but I figured it out. Thing is, any first year lawyer will tell you (and my Fed lit experience as Assistant AG and in private practice reminds me) I never should have had to ask. Kelly and her crew basically hand-picked a Judge. Here is my Appellate Brief in 12-1891 and here is my Reply Brief. And by the way, they are not just reading a little bit... they are reading.... a LOT.  Look below the fold to see what they are reading and what pictures they are reviewing: Cerfnet ( [Label IP Address]    1 returning visit

KingCast Sees West Virginia Jackass Judge William Watkins, III Suspended from Bench.

Anyone who has litigated for more than half a year has encountered a jackass judge, either directly or by and through his or her peers. Every now and then, those judges whose conduct besmirches the legal community are brought to Justice, or some approximation thereof. Here is the story of one such Jurist, read more below the fold.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Revere MA Slumlord Gerry Leggiero Gets a Courthouse Shocker!

YouTube actually removed the original video so I made a new one..... meanwhile read the comments to see how the jokers at Revere City Hall and Inspection Services blocked my emails so I sent a little warning to them via a second email noting a few of my credentials as title insurance producer and zoning manager:

Here is your back story. Don't worry there will be litigation and it will be restored, and there will be more videos on this very subject. To date I have had now two video taken down out of nearly 700 posted. This is complete and absolute bullshit. Here is one woman's story about how she won.

YouTube has a habit of making it impossible to reply to them when someone issues a privacy complaint so your video gets a strike and a take down even though the person who issued the complaint in this case clearly defamed the tenant who is being unlawfully evicted. They can go to hell because I wrote their attorneys before on another censorship issue and I am putting this video right back up and going right back at them, and I will indeed sue them over this nonsense and sent them a Hudgens warning before: 

The subject of this video concerns a PUBLIC COURT CASE with public allegations..... meanwhile the complaining party uttered comments on the video that accused the tenant of being promiscuous and a drunkard and using public money to buy booze and illicit drugs. Eventually there will be a lawsuit over this and YouTube had goddamn better be ready to turn over the original files or there will be some heat like they can't believe because I won't stand for this bullshit.