Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Revere MA Slumlord Gerry Leggiero Gets a Courthouse Shocker!

YouTube actually removed the original video so I made a new one..... meanwhile read the comments to see how the jokers at Revere City Hall and Inspection Services blocked my emails so I sent a little warning to them via a second email noting a few of my credentials as title insurance producer and zoning manager:

Here is your back story. Don't worry there will be litigation and it will be restored, and there will be more videos on this very subject. To date I have had now two video taken down out of nearly 700 posted. This is complete and absolute bullshit. Here is one woman's story about how she won.

YouTube has a habit of making it impossible to reply to them when someone issues a privacy complaint so your video gets a strike and a take down even though the person who issued the complaint in this case clearly defamed the tenant who is being unlawfully evicted. They can go to hell because I wrote their attorneys before on another censorship issue and I am putting this video right back up and going right back at them, and I will indeed sue them over this nonsense and sent them a Hudgens warning before: 

The subject of this video concerns a PUBLIC COURT CASE with public allegations..... meanwhile the complaining party uttered comments on the video that accused the tenant of being promiscuous and a drunkard and using public money to buy booze and illicit drugs. Eventually there will be a lawsuit over this and YouTube had goddamn better be ready to turn over the original files or there will be some heat like they can't believe because I won't stand for this bullshit.


Uh-oh.... a channel closed down.....somebody running scared after Defaming Ms. Surface:

Dear YouTube Staff Attorneys and Reviewing Support Staff:

I have received notice of an alleged privacy violation. It is completely bogus.

These are people leaving a public courthouse after a public hearing and my reporting has absolutely nothing to do with their personal lives. I have never once lost a First Amendment case on defense, and I win most of them on the offense. This is a frivolous argument that must be summarily denied.

Furthermore, I am 99% certain that the originator of the complaint is the same person who created a YouTube video page with the sole purpose to fight this video. That individual slandered Ms. Surface (who is of course a private figure) by publicly stating that she was promiscuous, buying alcohol with government assistance money and doing drugs in her apartment. You can see the responses from others to the comment:

Clifford Pisano
Bella,you have no clue, you are either related to Gerry,work for the City,or are just some ass that doesn't like people in general, what you say is slander against Stephanie,I have known her for years, i used to cross her kids at a school in Revere.I have never seen her under the influence of alcohol , besides it is legal, you should shut your PIEHOLE and unless you have the facts on this case you need not apply your comments to this.Chris is a good friend of mine whom gets the facts out.
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  • Really??? Drunk?? Drugs?? Promiscuous?? Where's the proof??? You don't have any cause it DOESN"T EXIST!!!! BTW Isn't that defamation...??? Gerrardo is a SLUMLOD, and a PERVERT! IF in fact I WAS promiscuous, .I wouldn't be going through an EVICTION!
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Christopher King
And not only that, if some of your allegations were true then they should have been on the goddamn Notice to Quit, right. You Madame, are the CLUELESS one, but I subbed to your channel that you just created today just so I can keep a watch on you.
You know, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.... the Art of War, that sorta thing.
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I told this person that if and when the landlord alleged those facts in Court I would report it, otherwise shut the hell up.

Come today the comments were removed, but you have them on your server and I would like to have you produce them immediately. If not now it will happen soon because Ms. Surface has an Attorney so wait for the subpoena.

The movie stays up.

Thank you.


Christopher King 5:23 PM (0 minutes ago) to tml, dcp, ejb, jjf, jlh, reg, staci, sjccountyclerk, SJCReporter, Elizabeth.Bouv., joan.kenney, RMeketon, scorcoran, Clifford, stephanie, kalila, dkrassnoff, seth, gene, Lee, Jodi, richieireton, abenson, sinman, wgould 

And another thing Miles: I am on the west coast for about a month, but I will return on or about 20 April, 2013. If I don't see that the repairs have been done by her, or at a minimum that they have been written up and documented by Inspectional Services I am going to be at your office again, and I will not be alone. And it will not be pretty. You won't have enough cops to get rid of us and my cameras are going to be rolling hard. Your move. 

The movie speaks for itself.

Note: The City of Revere is to blame. She contacted housing inspectional services and they didn't do anything. This is their history, Google Clifford Pisano + Revere 525 Beach Street and CERCLA + EPA. Councilor Ira Novoselsky might as well be on the take, that's why he shoved my camera and yes man Miles Kennedy and the Mayor's Office called the police on me. These people are a joke, or a crying shame. That's all right boys, I've got your number, but good.

Ms. Surface has her own YouTube page with a movie that I re-shot and added for segments of today's fiasco at Chelsea District Court. Basically the landlord is up shit creek without a paddle, the place is foul and in desperate need of repair but the corrupt City of Revere lets it all slide. I don't, nor do you.... that's why you're watching it all go down right here at KingCast.net and Chris King's First Amendment Page!

Christopher King 8:57 AM (0 minutes ago) to tml, dcp, ejb, jjf, jlh, reg, staci, sjccountyclerk, SJCReporter, Elizabeth.Bouv., joan.kenney, RMeketon, scorcoran, Clifford, stephanie, kalila, dkrassnoff, seth, gene, Lee, Jodi, richieireton, abenson, sinman, wgould 

 Good morning Miles... Mr. Yes Man. Explain this one away will you. Remember, I was a zoning and regulatory manager in New England and in the South, so I know damn well that your code inspectors might as well be on the take. To hell with the lot of you. You can call the cops on me every day but I've still got the drops on you. Wait until Clifford Pisano gets a lawyer on his wrongful termination case where Tommy Ambrosino and his gang fired him after he engaged in protected activity and started a union for the crossing guards. Tommy Boy contrived a bogus criminal complaint against him and you and the current administration affirmed it last week because you're a Yes Man, how high boss. 

Have a nice day, LOL you creeps. 

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