Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baltimore Judge Mickey Norman slams MD Judge of the Year Alan Wilner and lies about Rule 14-207.1 to protect M&T Bank and twice-sanctioned foreclosure mill lawyer Thomas P. Dore.

Back Story:

Maryland has the highest per capita rate of foreclosures. A bank lawyer hand delivers a courtesy copy of a motion to dismiss a Declaratory Judgment counterclaim to a specific judge who is not assigned to the case yet. The homeowner has never got any traction in the case since the day he got foreclosure mil attorney Thomas P. Dore to admit Under Oath that he had no personal firsthand knowledge of anything required to foreclose.

Naturally that judge is Mickey Norman, one of the area judges who has not yet sanctioned foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore for false documents and notaries, which is specifically why Maryland enacted Emergency Rule 14-207.1 with Judge Alan Wilner -- MD Judge of the Year -- Chairing the Committee. He said this was the specific reason, document fraud. And Dore has had 18 notaries decommissioned because of notary fraud and he and his foreclosure friends have been reprimanded and cases dismissed.

Naturally that judge is the magically assigned to the case. Naturally that judge then has a complete bias against the homeowner, and he berates him, yells at him and lies about the true purpose of Rule 14-207.1 bellowing "I know the rule and the reason for it, and it doesn't have anything to do with [fraudulent documents]." 

He was acting in the manner of a rogue judge at that point, and yet there is more, much much more as the Court had already determined before the hearing that he was going to find the homeowner to be a vexatious litigant so he could truncate his First Amendment Rights to pleading, and even though he had to file so many things because the Court refused to take any action on his pleadings for months on end.

The homeowner had made a filing in error at one point because the underlying case was on appeal so there was no jurisdiction, right. There was therefore a dismissal because of subject matter jurisdiction against the homeowner but the Court but the judge continually basing his ruling of vexatious litigant on a different order from the same judge on the same day that held the dismissal was done with prejudice, even though there was not one scintilla of evidence that the court intended the with prejudice order to be governing --- and the homeowner swore he did not remember seeing the "with prejudice" order until recently submitted by the same defense counsel who hand picked Mickey Norman. And besides, how could it be issued with prejudice if the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction, ab initio?

It is a tangled web some of those judges are weaving down there in Maryland to protect M&T Bank because M&T Bank runs Maryland. But no judge should ever lie like that in Open Court about the intent of remedial legislation, and now that I have seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears I know that Judge Mickey Norman and the lawyers involved has stained the integrity of the judiciary, just as Thomas P. Dore has now twice been reprimanded for doing the same.

And naturally no one could find my notices of media coverage, even though they were all sent via tracked U.S. Mail. See EI 713089986US. To add insult to injury, the Court threatened criminal contempt if any of this proceeding was taped, a message clearly meant for Yours Truly. This was but only the second time in three (3) years a foreclosure court has forbidden my video coverage of a case. The other time was with a shady referee in California, and we know how dirty California is.

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