Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Sunday, August 4, 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: HELP NYC -- Homeowners Eradicating Loan Phonies and a Long, Hard Look at Corruption in Maryland.

This house and its presentation is quite literally lipstick on a pig as far as the foreclosure and auction go. Two words: Caveat Emptor.... and Caveat Venditor. 

Here are the two phone calls I placed yesterday to Keller Williams real estate sales agent Bob Steele and to auction house Hudson & Marshall regarding the fraudulent foreclosure at 1926 Wilson Point in Baltimore, MD. I have it on information and belief that Bob Steele told someone earlier this week that he would make sure to it that all the title information was cleared up, but yesterday he told me that Hudson & Marshall was on it. I telephoned Hudson & Marshall but no one picked up the phone and no one returned my call. You'll see. Below is a screen capture from the movie so folks will have an accurate mental image of what is going on over at 1926 Wilson Point Road, with tacit approval from morally and legally aberrant hand-picked Judge Mickey Norman.

Watch Shannon Menapace hop up out of nowhere as substitute trustee 
to convey land that was in a Trust to M&T Bank:

The above video is companion to the one immediately below. Basically I am showing you a macro and micro picture of foreclosure fraud as it happens in Maryland. Whereas yesterday's movie is more of a general focus, the new movie above goes into more detail about the 1099a,  fraudulent foreclosure at 1926 Wilson Point Road, hand-picked Judge Micky Norman and the dirty court system and its attempts to censor public hearings via Unconstitutional Prior Restraint. Attorney Disciplinary Grievance Attorney James Botluck couldn't explain the Prior Restraint nor could the office of the Baltimore Circuit Court Administration nor have they called me back in the course of the past 5 days.

So I will be posting the audio of the ongoing disciplinary hearings against John Burson and Matthew McDowell. For now, here are the following documents:

The top version is the final version with the 1099a information. I just like the other one because of the Thomas P. Dore notification. I wrote Title Insurance Policies for Stewart, by the way.... and Stewart issued Bulletin MD2010007 about Dore warning people like me not to be involved with his deals.....but he no doubt used his pull to get it replaced without his name being specifically mentioned. 

The Wilson Point specifics are going to be explained in further detail tomorrow but they are in one helluva hurry to try to close this out, with a dirty little online-only auction to keep the cameras away.... Oh it's all right here.... wait until tomorrow when I post the lawfully recorded phone calls with the MD Attorney Grievance Commission and the Baltimore County Courts Admin Office describing how they are trying to keep disciplinary hearings about big time foreclosure mill attorneys Matthew McDowell and John Burson from being posted online. McDowell by the way works for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- the same damn office that granted patents to Bank of America to securitize failed 1003 Mortgage apps. 

As a former Title Insurance Producer I blanche. So not only will I post audio transcripts the proposed Stipulations and Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law will be on my website this week too. I guarantee you the Baltimore Sun will never cover this sort of thing in the depth that is required.

Destroyed Notes? Of course. Much more to follow, including a revised movie with 1099a information and audio from ongoing Maryland Attorney Grievance proceedings against foreclosure mill giant John Burson and Matthew McDowell. Stay tuned. Oh sure I might live on the West Coast these days but I am often in NYC, Maryland and other points East. This time Todd Wetzelberger and I are gearing up with Reggie Parker, who has helped dismantle countless consumer scams including payday loans and rent-to-own.... all of that illegal, immoral adhesion clause usury sort of thing. 

Oh, sure the banksters and a lot of judges don't care for our kind, but in reality we are the new Patriots. Just think about that the next time you get a lying, jackass lawyer like Shawn Masterson telling a banister-friendly Judge like NH's Diane Nicolosi "I have the original in my desk back at the office." And to think I have had establishment type ho-bag attorneys like Masterson tell me I am wasting my law degree. Yah, right. 


  1. Thanks for the foreclosure advice. Hopefully these types of corruption can be put to an end, or at least minimized.

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