Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, October 21, 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Ask: Did NY Suffolk County Clerk of Courts Judith Pascale Violate Law to Hide Foreclosure Fraud?

Oh this is not as bad as the cops coming to hassle me at Bank of America 4 days ago (watch the video) but why is it that a mortgage industry professional cannot file documents into the record in New York's Suffolk County when he is calling Judge Joseph Farneti's integrity, Oath of Office and Bond into question on a fraudulent foreclosure action? Because New York Suffolk County Clerk of Court Judith Pascale says he can't --- but she doesn't say why he can't. So he filed it in Georgia. Take a look. This man is part of my media team and we expose foreclosure fraud, or for a better term, we expose fraud closure..... up to and including name partner Henry Fein who completely lied about his identity on camera as seen in the video below the fold. Read this journal entry about Fein, Such and robo-signer Bethany Hood (we talk with her on the phone) for the full video of that exchange.

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