Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Applaud 6 of 8 Seattle City Council Candidates for Attending the Phyllis Walsh Underwater & Foreclosure Forum; Eminent Domain & Merkley Mortgage Discussed.

Wells Fargo stopped in today, 7 Nov. 
They have a Mediation with Jane Mair in November.
7 Jan 2014 Update: They took a Bad Faith Certification. 
Watch this video at 3:10-6:00 minutes.

7 Jan 2014 Update: UMG pulled this video of the Council forum after 1,000 views but I put up a new version on 7 Jan 2014:

Update: Post hoc, ergo propter hoc? If the shoe (or noose) fits.... wear it. As I go toward publication of the short film, event moderator Ansel Herz reports in today's The Stranger that two days after the forum all charges were dismissed against the Wells Fargo 5, including Jeremy Griffin, seen in the above Final Cut screen capture. This is not the first time that cameras have predicated dismissal of charges: I can take you back to 2008 and my association with Milan Kohut after he was arrested (see Boston Phoenix story) in front of Bank of America for protesting and claiming "Nooses for Sale." He didn't have a vendor's license...... unbelievable but true.  Kohout was instrumental in the Czech Velvet Revolution. Again, unbelievable but true. Everything you read at Mortgage Movies is true and verifiable, unlike your Chain of Title.  I had pictures from a court hearing online but alas those seem to have disappeared.... but my how the chickens have come home to roost.
Thanks to everyone who came together to keep the issues of banking and mortgage fraud on the radar for subsequent action: This forum was hastily put together after I noticed that Seattle could use more coalition-building for Education, Mediation, Litigation and Legislation. Future fora will continue to impress upon City Council the need to use creative solutions to this problem, potentially including eminent domain as in Richmond, California, or the Merkley Mortgage appearing in selective markets down in Oregon. Then too there is the possibility of outright edicts to these banks that their gangland tactics and obfuscation will no longer be tolerated within city limits.  Candidate Richard Conlin promised -- in writing -- to take part in the future events and we will hold him to that pledge. The only Candidate who completely ignored the event was my sister Sally Bagshaw. This is what gives lawyers a bad name but I'll be more than willing to accept her inclusion in the future if she is so inclined. If she is not, then the community will address   the issue in an appropriate manner.

For one thing, city and county audits need to be conducted; the same sort of audits that led PA Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker to file her ongoing Class Action lawsuit against MERS. Whether or not she is ultimately successful is left to the vagaries of the Court but the case clearly has merit.
I cannot say it any clearer than that. Over the course of the next several days I will let the candidates say it their way as I publish their video and audio response to the questions. I believe Seattle Stranger writer Ansel Herz is completing a follow up to last week's story on Phyllis Walsh's mortgage-assisted suicide. More pictures and video captures of individual candidates are below the fold. 

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