Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As Protests Continue, KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Attorney for Jane Mair Send Request to Bank of America to Modify Loan.

Note: On 14 Nov. 2003 Jane Mair received another packet -- this time FEDEX -- from BoA requesting clarification on her most recent submissions.  They need verification of employment from regarding her sister and a few other items. She has sent all requested documents for a complete file on several occasions; now with increased media, protests and lawyer involvement with any luck the stall game is over.

Above is a video containing footage from Jane Mair's Halloween BoA rally that demonstrates Bank of America's modus operandi in dealing with people who have been injured and who seek loan mods. They tell them to quit paying for three months and they will help with the loan mod. It never happens that way, as noted several months ago in our ongoing feature-length movie over in New Hampshire.

This loan has trouble written all over it with a Capital "T" including but not limited to MERS as Beneficiary, Northwest Trustees Services' Jeff Stenman serving as Attorney in Fact for Bank of America and as Trustee.... coming hot off the heels of Recon Trust, no less. Recall that ReconTrust was driven out of the State back in 2009 after State AG Rob McKenna successfully sued them for fraudulent foreclosure activity. As we head toward Friday's weekly protest at Beacon Hill Bank of America I have been duly informed that a letter containing the following paragraph was issued this week to Bank of America by a well-respected law firm in the Western Washington area:
"Ms. Mair has suffered a financial hardship which results from a debilitating accident in 2007. Ms. Mair was struck by a motorcycle and has had physical and financial setbacks which have made it difficult for her to remain current on her mortgage payments.  The property itself has declined in value due to the economy and also structural issues stemming from soil instability and poor workmanship.  Ms. Mair has worked hard to recover from these hardships and believes that a modification of the loan to establish an affordable payment will be successful. Agreement to this request will avoid the necessity of a foreclosure which would likely lead to a sizable monetary loss for Bank of America and will allow Ms. Mair to retain her home." 
If Bank of America continues a path of denial and obfuscation (recall the whistleblower statements about Bank of America policy) there will be other attorneys and associations coming into the fold, shortly. Below is a short film from a mid-October rally and demonstration at Beacon Hill Bank of America. Watch the branch manager scurry as I ask him why the bank is refusing to negotiate with her and whether they have established a clear Chain of Title.

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