Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, January 9, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Maryland Judge Mickey Norman Run From Detinue Mortgage Case Demanding Return of Note After Case File is Missing "In an Elevator Shaft."

I see the trusty officials at the County Courthouse are taking a look.

9 Jan 2014 -- Turns out Mickey Norman vacated all of the judgments even though the defendants never even responded, including the disbarred Mark Friedman. He is a dirty judge with petty animosities but this issue is bigger than him, and we're going to show him that. 

13 Jan 2014 -- In point of fact he dismissed the ENTIRE CASE without a hearing as mandated by Rule 2-3-11(F). This is a pattern and practice; he did the same thing to Paul Bird I believe his name is. He is a completely rogue judge.

This is so simple: Court files should never be considered lost "in an elevator shaft."

This is so simple: My Notices of Media Coverage should never be considered "lost," resulting in Judge Mickey Norman threatening me with criminal contempt should I engage my Canon.

This is so simple: You pay off your note, you get it back. It is specifically written out that way on most "loan" docs, either explicitly or implicitly. But nothing is ever simple anymore in this judicial/political/economic climate, particularly when it comes to Judge Mickey Norman, whom I have profiled in the past. Watch the video, it's not pretty. In the present, he came to, then ducked out of this hot potato case in which the Defendants have largely been defaulted for chronic nonresponse because they knew they have no response. Among the defendants is Mark Howard Friedman, disbarred for fraud. These are the kinds of people that Judges like Mickey Norman and the general legal climate in this Country too often protect. Here's a Judge who has no financial background to speak of, suddenly handling complex mortgage litigation.... what did they teach him that at the State Trooper academy? 


  1. King, carry on brother.
    I did the accepted for value and received a 1099-c from a US bank.
    Now here is where I think the bank/mortgage fraud gets them running.
    if you pull up a 1099-c from the IRS you will notice there is charge off and discharges, also mortgages has a line. The point is the banker or mortgage holders may or will send one of these 1099-c to the foreclosed and this form clearly states you must add the amount to your income tax 1040 as other income, so that means someone received something of value. But the kicker is they (Bankers) also kept the house they foreclosed on. it took three years for the bank to send me the 1099-c, and I have never worked for a bank so you have to wonder why a bank would send me a 1099-c.
    There is a guy David Wynn Miller on YouTube you should wade through his stuff, about 18 hours worth. But his presentation may not be to your liking, I found it fascinating and entertaining. it is the information that is important.

  2. Hello Christopher! I AM Jennifer of the Family Williams! I live in MY home in Birmingham, AL. That CitiMonster plans to 'sell' today on the front of the courthouse steps to the 'highest bidder' (April Fool's anyone?). Since AL is a non-judicial foreclosure state, all of my correspondences with them and their attnys demanding presentation of the actual wet-ink signatures proving their claim have been COMPLETELY IGNORED. I have had NO HEARING, much less a 'trial'. I have much information that I have collected over the past year and several months that I have been researching the fraud that is our entire financial system, the mortgage issues being only a part. What I have found will astound. It goes much further than the so-called 'strawman/freeman movement' when it comes to comprehending the magnitude of what is actually going on here, and it is MY sincere feeling that one MUST have AS MUCH info as possible when trying to stand in TRUTH. There is an ex-US, high-level international-banking attny whose work I have been following in that time. Her work was so thorough, so complete, that it compelled me to STOP making my mortgage 'payments' w/o being under financial duress. With near perfect credit, 10 years with NO LATE PAYMENTS, having played 'the game' (rigged in their favor) like a good little piece of chattal all this time, I pulled the plug as-it-were on any further support to the monster itself that is 'the system'. I shan't rattle on too much more here, but I stumbled onto your blogsite and videos in my continued research for what folks are doing and what is happening out 'in the REAL world'. I will attach here, for your discernment the first two documents that I came across from her in this journey. They were sent by her to a blogger I had already been following for about a year (so that's how I learned of them) who's angle on the world economic situation was similar in scope to mine. It was apparently similar to hers as well. I've since had the pleasure of meeting both the blogger and the attny. Both of whom I consider friends. The blogger is American Kabuki (aka Bill Fergeson) and the ex-attny's name is Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. The story of all of it is quite long and extremely fascinating. It is the wish of all who follow this data that the entire world be freed from the debt-slavery matrix that most remain asleep to. May the Source of ALL THAT IS continue to breathe power into the life that that enlivens folks like you. It is my sincere hope to be your friend....
    I can be reached at: doyoulikemusic@gmail.com
    In lak 'ech,
    In Absolute Gratitude,