Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: A Moment for Black History Month at the Connecticut Black Heritage Ball.

This is a background video for an upcoming event sponsored by Leonard Webb and Ethnic Online Magazine at the Yale College Afro-American Cultural Center, the scene of prior videos such as this quarterly launch video from October, 2012.

Next week's event celebrates the first dual black Mayoral electorates in Connecticut: New Haven's Toni Harp(FB) and Hamden's Scott Jackson(FB).

Being a pioneer is always a challenge regardless of your station in life: Leonard Webb is pioneering with Ethnic Online Magazine where I was one of his first "Ethnic Gems" 5 years ago. The best role models come from home: I've seen my sisters make strides in the corporate arena at a level visited by few minorities. I saw it when both of my parents were the only blacks in their respective areas of employee relations at General Electric and as chemical technician and chemist at Diamond Shamrock. Because I couldn't strike a tennis ball like Arthur Ashe (not even remotely LOL), instead I studied law and a community of people in Columbus, Ohio pioneered video in courtrooms as a young Civil Rights attorney in the 1990's and then going forward with my Mortgage Movies Journal no one in the Country does what I do; interviewing foreclosure and underwater home owners and running courtroom video and legal analysis. So this trailer video and the event video to come are both in the Spirit of all who came before us and all who may follow.

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