Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Former Clinton Pal Mary McCulley Get Screwed by US Bank after $6M Fraud Verdict Against Them.

I'm in a rush but I'll put some text in here later. For now read Liberty Road Media's journal entry and here is a Mary McCulley FB Page.

Note the updated Liberty Road Journal Entry from 7 May 2014 containing an interview with Ms. McCulley, excerpted below and written by Clinton Kirby and Glenn Augenstein:

Like many people fighting foreclosure, Ms. McCulley first contacted government agencies for help. It was later discovered that prior to recording, the deed of trust to her property had been altered by Tom Cahill (formerly of American Land Title Company) without her knowledge or consent. Among the agencies she contacted was the FBI. “So the sad thing to me is that I had undisputed facts that there was a forgery. And the FBI just [said], you know–’Have a nice day’–and they shoved me under the bus. And so did pretty much every other government agency that I went to.” 

During this time, Ms. McCulley almost gave up. “At my trial with US Bank, it was proven that their actions were so malicious and heinous—they drove me to a suicide attempt. And you know who I wrote my letter to when I was going to kill myself? The judge. I didn’t write it to my mom or my brother—I said, ‘Dear Judge Brown, I quit. They win.’ And went on to explain the fact that the title company’s lying, the bank’s lying, the lawyers are lying—how can I possibly fight this case when officers of the court are going to lie under oath?” On April 25, 2012, Ms. McCulley was arrested on several charges, including a felony Assault with a Weapon. Ms. McCulley was held on a $1 million bond. 

 At trial the jury passed on all but one of the charges, and came in with a guilty verdict for a misdemeanor assault charge. Ms. McCulley was sentenced to 6 days. After serving 309 days (303 more than the sentence), she was released. Undeterred, Ms. McCulley did not give up the fight. While incarcerated she contacted a paralegal who agreed to help her write an appeal of her unfavorable court decision, which was eventually heard by the Supreme Court of Montana. “So I’m in jail, and I’m filing the appeal—and you don’t have anything but an ink pen—but I had a pay phone and I found a paralegal, this guy Alex. And he came, and I told him the story and he helped me write it and we got it to the Supreme Court.”

Saturday, April 26, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Christy Brandon Run Roughshod over WW II Veteran Warren Bodeker.

This appears to be a very disturbing story. While I have not had time to get into Pacer to fact check it, I know from reviewing other files how certain U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees basically steal homes from innocent homeowners over innocent Bankruptcy oversights while allowing banks to put forward B10 claims without any examination as to their validity whatsoever. It's really sleazy activity and that is why NH BK Trustee Larry Sumski can't stand me; I heard him say as much in open Court when he didn't know I was standing behind him a couple of years ago. Anyway, read up:

Warren Bodeker and his surviving Airborne brothers came home to a grateful nation and settled down to a peaceful life. Warren lived happily as a law-abiding citizen on Freedom Lane in Montana, until he had to endure the great loss of his beloved wife Lorna this past year, after her five year battle against cancer, but Warren was still looking forward to being buried next to her on their property when he died, knowing that their land and home (which he and his wife built together) would be kept in the family. But Warren had a pile of medical and credit card bills to deal with and filed for bankruptcy, and that is when his nightmare began. 

According to Warren and several witnesses, though Warren had utterly no intention of ever selling his land and home, and planned to die there and be buried next to his wife at 11 Freedom Lane, he was pressured and coerced into entering into a “stipulation” denying his bankruptcy discharge and waiving his homestead exemption, and thus coerced into selling his home, because he had failed to disclose some silver and gold he and his wife had set aside for their old age – which he considered a retirement fund that he did not have to disclose. Once that failure to disclose was discovered by the Trustee, Christy Brandon (a lawyer in Bigfork Montana who also works as a Chapter 7 trustee for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court), Warren was pressured into signing the stipulation under threat of prosecution and under threat of having his home and land taken by means of adversarial proceedings with any left-over proceeds being consumed by lawyers fees and costs (with Christy Brandon serving as both the trustee for the estate and also as the lawyer for the estate, and also as the attorney for herself, as trustee). 

 According to Warren and several witnesses, he was essentially told that the Trustee would take his land and home anyway, and if he resisted, he would wind up penniless. Unfortunately, his own lawyer at the time went along with the stipulation, and did not fight hard to keep Warren in his home. Watch the above video interview to learn the details.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Bank of America Finally Give Loan Mod to a Brain-Injured Tiananmen Survivor Jane Mair in Seattle, Washington.

You know The Deal. The homeowner suffers a catastrophic brain injury or some other setback and the bank directly implies to them that the should stop making payments for three months to be eligible for what they call a loan mod (it likely is not a real loan mod, just the servicer agreeing to less money), then all hell breaks loose as they dual track your ass right on out of your home. Well not this time, thanks to vigorous grass roots support, multimedia presentations and lawyers licensed and consulting.

Now what is truly disturbing about this particular case is that as soon as I successfully helped Jane Mair obtain her Trial Payment Period Bank of America put me on an internal no-call list and refused to speak with me when Ms. Busby gave them my number to discuss her situation involving probable BoA foreclosure fraud and the use of the Safeguard goon squad to threaten her. As noted in this journal entry Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing the pants off of Safeguard for such conduct. Funny BoA and I were friends back when I was a closing attorney but now I guess they hate my guts, for shame for shame. And that shame is borne by them, not by me.

Google: KingCast + Jane Mair to catch a flavor.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish on Charles Keating.

Charles Keating died this week, well good riddance to bad rubbish. I was living in his hometown of Cincinnasti (we share an alma mater, and I share one with Art Laffer too, ick) at the time this fuckfaced bastard was busy setting the tone for today's mortgage crisis and financial implosion that has crippled middle and lower-income America.

Two tears in a bucket, dude.