Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, September 11, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Ask: Will Cyrus Habib Rebuke the Theft of Michelle Darnell's Campaign Lawn Signs in Washington's 48th Senate Race?

"The Candidate is responsible.... It reflects badly on his campaign. 
It smacks of a dirty campaign that they do that."
Bonnie Styne, pictured, claims that several of the lawn signs she purchased to benefit 
Michelle Darnell's 48th District Senate bid have been stolen.
She has reported the matter to the Medina Police Department.
Video and many more stills forthcoming.

13 September 2014 Update:
On reflection I have decided not to run the video of my interview with Ms. Styne at this point in time, unless the sign theft becomes epidemic. My reasoning behind this decision is that I must assume that both candidates would in fact issue stern rebuke to anyone stealing signs because both candidates would rather everyone focus on the full explication of the salient issues at hand.  
That having been said, I must confess to practicing a little clairvoyance and perhaps wishful thinking with respect to Candidate Habib, who has thus far refused to respond in any fashion to the four (4) key questions I posted to both candidates back in July. As such, I honestly don't know that he intends to focus on the key issues. Time will tell. And as time takes on, I will be here telling what I see, as I see fit, when I see fit. There is a thing we have here in America called the First Amendment, and I will use it unrepentantly and without fear of unlawful repercussion. Stay tuned for video about other matters discussed at Wednesday's spaghetti dinner at Vista Lago.

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