Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Watch Seattle Apodment Moratorium Imperil Innocent Retiring Mother.

Josh Randall ponders his mother's fate before Seattle City Council

Do I like apodments... err.... micro housing? In general, no. I will not eat them with green eggs and ham and Might I reconsider my general disdain depending on the circumstance? Yes. To wit, the situation with Kathleen Randall, in which the purchase of her U-District home at 4315 7th Avenue NE is imperiled because the developer cannot obtain a build permit.  Permits are needed, inter alia, to fix a crumbled sewer line that rendered the home uninhabitable. The thing of it is, the application was submitted prior to imposition of the moratorium but as I told City Council yesterday I believe that much of pushback they are getting in permitting is because of the moratorium. I wrote Council today:

As such, Ms. Randall has become my neighbor in Shoreline...... with the difference being that she did not move there by choice; she really moved there because the developers are helping out until the Deal goes through but that game is getting old as hopelessness and homelessness loom large. Here is a long-term administrative employee of a well-respected area hospital who raised a family, staring at the twilight of her years and spending all of her money on attorneys to try to get somewhere in all of this. I am forwarding a copy of this Journal entry to her attorney and wish them all the best.

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