Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, October 10, 2014

"She's a Nigger!" Says Attorney Howard Apgar: A KingCast and Mortgage Movies Visit with Racist Wells Fargo Appraiser and Drug-Snorting Attorney Howard Apgar.

Dear Attorneys Vizza and O'Boyle:

Excuse me, but I politely ask "what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"  No due diligence from the Court, Plaintiff or Defendant's Attorney on a Motion to Dismiss when I know for fact that cases of this nature are won by homeowners all the time!  Then no substantive discussion of the Denial, either. Nice.

There will be repercussions regardless of the outcome of today's trial.

Not to mention the Court allowing presentment of what is undoubtedly a fake note and mortgage at trial. Her expert was supposed to be able to meet and review those documents well in advance of trial, but alas, this did not occur.  My other concerns have been duly noted and will be noted in appropriate venues shortly because what you have here, is a field nigger with a house nigger education. See also "Nat Turner's Rebellion."
That is all for now.
Very Truly Yours,

Above: Most of my 32 minute interview with Howard Apgar last week.

"Who cares about this so long after the fact," he asked. "This Country has become too politically correct because of people like you!" He then went on to say "It's all about context," to which I agreed. "I've got white friends who can call me a nigga' in the right context Howard, but a Federal lawsuit with racial implications is never the Right Context."

Stay tuned for my 36-minute phone conversation with Attorney Apgar. He denies that he said nigger and he says that he did not practice law in Pennsylvania, where he is not licensed. I am confused. His name is on the cover page as making an appearance as seen below, and he asks the Deponent Watkins questions at Tr. 39. I know if I were to do that they would come after me for UPL in a minute. He said I was being a sensationalist; I said this is relevant because of Wells Fargo's history of sex and race discrimination.

Attorney Apgard initially said he would sue me for Defamation, and I told him "I'm not concerned about that. I am a First Amendment expert." But he then stated that it was all Free Speech and protected under the First Amendment. I told him that if the racially-derisive comments were issued in the context of an illegal act then, well.... we have an issue. 

We also discussed another case in which a similar action was brought and the Court I believe issued S/J in favor of the banksters because there was no privity of contract or duty incumbent from the Appraiser to the homeowner. Anyway stay tuned I'll edit the video in the next 24 hours or so. Those who want the whole thing can request it from me and I'll send it.


Wells Fargo taking a look today, 20 Oct. 2014
The second one is from One Wells Fargo Center in Charlotte, NC.
Just check the ip addresses in the thumbnails, you'll see.

And then they looked again, at the Deposition excerpt seen below.
They are going to keep coming, and the nigger is going to keep fighting.
This nigger will keep reporting as long as I deem appropriate.
See generally Marinova v. Boston Herald. A little $.5M fuck up, right. 

Blank, Rome checking things out on my other journal:
Chris King's First Amendment Page.
Wonder why they're not showing up on my Mortgage Movies tracker.

And what do you know... Phelan, Hallinan (featured in the video) was SANCTIONED for
Homeowner FDCPA abuse this year in a Precedential case. Check it out.

Welcome to the most important journal entry I have ever issued. And oh, yes I'm definitely overnighting Judge Wright on this. You don't know who he is? He's the Federal District Judge in California that ruled against Wells Fargo and Citi when the City of Los Angeles sued them for racial discrimination in lending. This Bloomberg story indicates that His Honor found that the allegations were "Extremely Detailed." But then again in this case there's arguably nothing more detailed than someone calling you a nigger, right. 
The homeowner wrote everyone who is anyone in the Mortgage and Banking World 
about being called a nigger but no one dared respond.... 
perhaps that will change now. If not, whose fault is that?
Elijah Cummings
Eric Holder
Elizabeth Warren
Eric Schneiderman
President Obama

Note: This in addition to the two documented Bad Faith Declarations I saw working on Washington State Mediations, and the related case law of Corvello and Wigod in the 9th and 7th Circuits all noted herein.

Note: This in addition to the record $5M Sex Discrimination Fine in the Federal Government lawsuit as noted herein.

Note: This in addition to the history of discrimination noted by author Joseph Stiglitz.
Coming soon....The tape: Apgar leads at 1:55:

“What she’s trying to say is ok I’m a nigger and I got too much, I borrowed too much money and I couldn’t afford it….. and if we could say that in real life that’s what we would say.” “That’s it.” “That’s it.” “I’m a nigger.” 

[It is unclear as to who uttered the last nigger but it is clear that Attorney Apgar uttered the first. Well now Counselor I’m going to give you your wish: You have said it in Real Life.  And further, she could afford it, she just realized she got swindled for bank profit and stopped paying for your corruption and you have no proof of Real Party in Interest].

Apgar, discussing his prior law firm Morris Savo Camarino at 2:55:

Man I got a lot of stress in my life…. I couldn’t believe after I billed $150K in the first two quarters…..

“They don’t fucking like you Howard get out of there.”

“I am…… I am. Doug Steinhart(sp) is gonna hire me. They have offices [in several areas] Last year they had 6 lawyers this year they have 33. They want to bring me in, now.

Appraiser John Watkins from Northwest Appraisal Group at 4:00:

“So I figure I got nothing to gain by giving them a deposition.”
“No and in fact I don’t think you can. It breaches your confidentiality with Wells Fargo (which is false – he’s not an attorney there’s no legally cognizable confidentiality on this – note that is not what happened at the Deposition so he must have learned the law at some point)…. If he makes you come in, I will sit next to you and every question he asks I’m gonna’  say Mr. O’Boyle I instruct my client not to answer this question as it breaches the confidentiality agreement with Wells Fargo. Every single question…. And that will be fun.”
“Will it?”

[Well then it wasn’t fun because the Appraiser Watkins died.]

So what’s going on with your personal life, Howard?
Well (Clinton Township Councilor Dawn and now Human Services Deputy Commissioner) and I are getting a divorce at some point, I dunno when she’s been to see the lawyer.
Has she got a boyfriend yet?
I dunno, I dunno.
“Come on…..”
“She says she doesn’t”

She says she doesn’t….. she says Ryan is not gonna’ have a stepfather.”
“She doesn’t know what’s gonna’ happen in her future.”
“I know.”

Well what we do know is that there wasn’t much future for the dirty appraiser.

Recently-Divorced Oxycodone Snorting New Jersey lawyer Howard Apgar has a lot to worry about. In the midst of growing his business he faces and ethics complaint from me for practicing law outside of his jurisdiction and for referring to a defrauded black homeowner as a nigger, caught on tape.  Worse yet, it happened in a case with a PA caption when I have no proof that he is licensed in PA.

Now before I get into this I am going to do something I have never done before in my previous four years of courtroom video:

I am going to not ask, but implore everyone watching this to send it to all of their friends, to tell every lawyer they know and to send it to their local news affiliates all across the Country because Wells Fargo and its associates have a proven history of racial discrimination and unfair treatment of homeowners.  

I saw it twice this year in Seattle while helping homeowners in mediation and my old friend in Providence RI – on the other side of the Country – was discussing it in his poly-sci class this month, using this book.  I’ll be sharing this video accordingly.


First I mentioned the oxycodone and the Bimmer. I can say I would never snort oxycodone in my BMWs and I can also safely say that Attorney Apgar overstated himself when he said that he was an embarrassment to himself and to his family after being caught.

No, the real thing you need to think about here is that he shows no remorse for practicing law in Pennsylvania when apparently not licensed there, nor does he show any remorse for his actions with the appraiser in calling the homeowner a nigger. In that, he shows his true character because anyone could have a temporary drug problem. But no one should be derisively calling a homeowner or anyone else a nigger in a professional context.  And now that I’ve got him doing so, I won’t stand for it. I will see to it that he lives an ignoble existence for the rest of his natural life.

When Ms. Golphin tried to file an ethics complaint on him for drug use and for practicing in Pennsylvania without a license the Bar association protected him because that’s what bar associations tend to do: protect the wrong lawyers while persecuting the good ones. Nothing new there, let’s see what happens now when I file mine.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Bogus Assignments -- Slorp v. BoA Sixth Circuit Slams Corrupt Reimer Arnovitz Law Firm.

The Ohio law firm of Reimer Arnovitz has been getting away with a dirty foreclosure with a fake assignment but a brand new Sixth Circuit case says that homeowner Patty Busby has a goddamn right to challenge a false Assignment. It's common sense, really.

In this video I help educate people about the real character of Reimer Arnovitz: They have been telling lies since 1977 and show no signs of remorse. This is proved at the link below.

From Slorp:
Slorp alleges that Bank of America, the putative assignee, held neither his mortgage nor the attendant promissory note when it filed the foreclosure action because the parties lacked the authority to assign his mortgage to Bank of America when they purported to do so. That distinction makes all the difference. See Conlin, 714 F.3d at 361 (stating that a third party may challenge an assignment if that challenge would render the assignment void). Because Slorp alleges that the assignment was fraudulent and that Bank of America therefore did not hold title at the time of the foreclosure,3 Livonia Properties does not bar his suit—in fact, it supports it.
Here is much more back story while I go upside their heads with a Sunshine Act Request for all checks issued to Reimer Arnovitz since 2000 or thereabouts.