Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies and Washington Appellate Judges Hear Case on Unconstitutional Nature of Washington's Deed of Trust Act.

Judge Dwyer's prior, well-principled Decisions have met with disapproval from the bankster-controlled State Legislature in Olympia. Details and full video coming by tomorrow.

I have reviewed this matter on prior occasion and believe that the DTA is a completely unconstitutional end-around judicial substantive and procedural due process There are some who believe that declaring the Deed of Trust Act unconstitutional may have detrimental effects on homeowners in the short run if judges continue to overlook the law and just basically kowtow to the banks like so many legislators down in Olympia. 

We must applaud, rather than criticize judges like Stephen Dwyer who attempt to maintain some sense of decency justice and fair play in a system so overwrought with criminality that it makes me, as a former escrow attorney, throw up in my mouth a little bit each and every day. I've testified in Olympia before. Remember the Joint Reform Bill 6507 that died on the vine? Watch the response in today's movie.

From Attorney Scott Stafne:

I will be arguing Sandra Shelley Jackson. APP. V. Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, et al.. Res, Case # 72016-3-, before Division I of the Washington Court of Appeals on Tuesday, January 6, 2015. The case involves several questions, including the constitutional nature of the superior courts' jurisdiction to hear cases under the Deeds of Trust Act. Several people have asked me if the arguments are open to the public. The answer to that question is yes. Art. I, section 10 of the Washington Constitution requires such appeal to be heard publicly.

I have interviewed Attorney Stafne on related matters on prior occasion, to wit:

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