Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Friday, April 3, 2015

A KingCast/Mortgage Movies Minute with Federal Counsel in Meyer v. U.S. Bank.

U.S. Bank et al. got smacked in the Bankruptcy Court and now appeals. Plaintiff/Appellee Attorney Richard Jones asks "If I provide documents to this Court which contained material misrepresentations, would this Court let me off the hook?"

Judge Martinez:
"At what point does the Magistrate have an affirmative duty to investigate the veracity of these documents that are put before it?"

Richard Jones, Esq.:"Under the Deed of Trust Act strict compliance is required. Substantial compliance is insufficient. The problem Judge Overstreet was facing is NWTS did not even have procedure to investigate. That is material and goes to the Public Impact -- they were flying blind" (as admitted by Jeff Stenman -- see Ha Dao Jeff Stenman videos at Affordable Video Depo).

Judge Martinez:

"I'm troubled by that as well counselor. How were your clients prejudiced by this?"

Richard Jones, Esq.:

"The Owner and Holder are not disclosed.. the information they provide is a circle, a closed loop and there's no way to get through."

Josh Schaer, Esq.:

"The Owner is a Trust Your Honor so we provided everything necessary ..." To paraphrase "No Harm No Foul.... all of the information given out was proved accurate."

One thing that Schaer reportedly said, however, that strikes me as patently disingenuous is "Your Honor the Trustee relationship and activities are private matters......"

If so, Counselor, your position yesterday seems to be materially inconsistent with your abusive Anti-SLAPP rhetoric in cases involving Attorneys Scott Stafne and Ha Dao.  Just saying.... and you know I will ask you the difficult questions because that is what I am supposed to do, as you know from last month's tete √† tete in Snohomish County with Marilynn Shcolnik as seen below. Unfortunately an attorney and her client were seated and talking behind my for the first portion of this event in which you tried and failed to prevent me from recording because you don't like this information being made public and on YouTube, is what you told the Court, remember?

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