Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, August 17, 2015

KingCast & Mortgage Movies File a Motion to Recuse Delaware Judge Robert B. Young for Manifest Bias in Free Press First Amendment Case.

King v McKenna et al. Rule 59: More First Amendment Lies by Judge Robert B. Young Besmirch the Legal Commu...

Above is the first movie about Kent County Delaware Judge Robert B. Young. More to follow. Below is a Motion to Recuse and a Reinstatement of Trial fee: Get this.... Update 17 Aug 2015: Allegedly because my Trial Fee was 12 days late now the Court will refuse to accept any further documents what a joke, right. The flipping Trial is scheduled for fall 2016 for crissakes and I will note as much for the record, which the Court will return as well, and I will keep all of the filings for Appeal. 

Note that they didn't deem my filings late until 13 August when documents had been received and accepted back on 5 August, so Judge Young clearly saw the heat coming and went Draconian, repeating the mantra "whitewash the file, whitewash the file....." 

Whatever they do, the law is out there and everyone can see that Judge Young lied about Iacobucci and inserted items not in the Record to suit his whimsy, i.e. "inner offices" and "private cubicles" and "guerrilla journalist." As I said, it must be an easy life being an establishment attorney in Delaware you can say and do as you please and have people like Judge Young run and get your back 24/7. The joke is really on the taxpayers of Delaware, and the shame is on them, that's the thing of it. 

Not that they care because the mantra is "enforce the Delaware Way at all costs," and one negro from Washington State will never change that. I will, however expose their corruption to a few thousand people and cause a little collateral damage along the way and who knows, possibly win an appeal. In the meantime they have have their happy little fiefdom because I have no cause to ever be there again. It's a hell hole owned and run by corporate interests. The Reinstatement of Trial Fee document is here.

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