Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, September 26, 2015

KingCast Slow Motion Analysis: Paraplegic Jerry McDole Disobeying Orders but Adjusting Pants While Shot by Wilmington Delaware Police.

This is not directly mortgage related but I wound up in Delaware because of corruption
in the mortgage industry, i.e. the La Mar Gunn stolen election at 
Kent County Recorder of Deeds.

Update: The 911 call indicates it was a potential suicide situation. See below. That makes it all the worse......Well folks we have another questionable Delaware shooting and show of force in the shooting of a paraplegic Jerry McDole. I have taken the liberty of enhancing the video image by zoom, color and sharpness (and slow motion) and I cannot see any weapon being drawn. It looks to me that he adjusted his legs, and was fussing about but he made the unfortunate decisions to: 

 a) apparently put his hand in his pocket and 

 b) not raise his hands. 

Police have a tough enough job but why make it any more difficult than it has to be, I ask in his death. But these police had options, dammit. A come-from-behind, stun guns, all kinds of options. And for crissakes I hope they were not responding to a potential suicide call with deadly force, right? At Central DE NAACP President La Mar Gunn's FB page I explain that two of my prep school buddies and I just had this conversation two nights ago here in Seattle and it went like this: 

The three of us discussed this the other day and I came up with "officer what is it exactly that you need me to do" with your hands up and no movement whatsoever. 

Very tactical move for obvious reasons if you think about it. You surrender control and authority and if on video make it very difficult for them to drop you. It should be the new National mantra, actually but what do I know.... That's just based on years of experience as a male, negro, AAG and crim defense/civil rights atty (kicked these cops' asses). Of course some rogues will kick you in the head and some PD will hide the dash cam, ahem see James Blake/Delaware movie below but that's life I guess. 

Then you sue, if you're alive. That's all you got, folks, sorry. And remember, these are white police here, and a black suspect. That's the worst possible combination and most likely to get you shot.

Meanwhile watch the movie below in the James Blake journal entry for a history of East Coast Police abuse as noted in the video below. Also, Delaware is a fucked up place for black people anyway. It is the only State out of ten or so in which I was threatened with arrest for running video at the Kent County Recorder of Deeds whilst investigating the stolen La Mar Gunn election. Read more about the legacy of Governor Markell and AG Matt Denn here. Judge Young Rule 59 referencing the Motion to Recuse that he had ignored here.  I've stopped responding in that case they are all so corrupt they can kiss my black ass, frankly. 

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