Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, October 15, 2015

KingCast Presents: Revere Mayor Rizzo Criminal Rap Sheet & Clifford Pisanos Employment Lawsuit vs. Former Mayor Tommy Ambrosino.

Incredibly, Revere continues to amaze with stories of death and disrespect. 

While none of us were present at the scene where the 38 year old man died while in police custody, we do know that Revere has a history of settlements because of bad policing and employment law violations. As a former civil rights attorney I encourage you to just take a gander at some of these complaints, including where the Police allegedly called someone a black nigger, nice. 

We at KingCast are also aware that Revere Senior management is perpetually shady. Mayor Dan Rizzo lost a child support matter as noted herein, and it appears he has a rap sheet for assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and more. I would love to stop in and interview with the Mayor but they don't like open government in Revere so they call the police on me, take a look. 

And former Mayor Tommy Ambrosino has stepped down (KingCast coverage) from his cush position as an SJC director to work in the City of Chelsea for some reason. It is because the State has reason to believe that he improperly fired Clifford Pisano from his job as a crossing guard? 

You see Mr. Pisano is somewhat limited in his career choices because he lost part of his brain when there were no crossing guards or elders to protect him from a child molester when he was 9 years old. Commonwealth v. Magnasco. So he took pride in being a crossing guard and protecting children, until he tried to start a union and then all hell broke loose. There are several movies about Mr. Pisano and the City of Revere on my journal page, and I encourage anyone concerned about transparent government to run a word search there because you will be surprised at what you see. Now Mr. Pisano's Federal case for wrongful termination is headed toward mediation or trial, stay tuned for updates.

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