Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Share Quincy Councilor Margaret LaForest's Walk of Shame Regarding Jim Berlo Build Permit and Public Request for Emails.

Some back story and my Motion for Summary Judgment.

Councilor Margaret LaForest's Walk of Shame:
I asked her a simple question as to why she never forwarded the emails 
from FEMA's Jeb Killion to James Berlo and she and her lunch partner 
got all hissy with me and ran off like so many cockroaches, claiming I was rude.

What is rude is not forwarding that goddamn email Margaret.
And I will say as much at my Summary Judgment hearing.
Well, not quite like that, but yah, the Court is going to hear it,
and it is all going to be on video.

Now through a quirk of production we don't have the video from today's lunch 
when Ms. LaForest ran away from us, but we definitely got the rest 
of today's discussions ready for upload.
Out and about at Quincy City Hall today..... And as if by pure serendipity Mr. Berlo and I just another new City Councilor, Noel DiBona. He is now about to be educated about Councilor Palmucci telling people I am "bat shit crazy" and Attorney Timmins commanding respect from me whilst telling other Councilors that Mr. Berlo is a "crackpot," when in reality the only crackpot is Margaret LaForest, for failing to forward the FEMA emails that substantiate Mr. Berlo's position that he should have pulled a permit long ago. 

We told everybody about what is really going on here, and how it dovetails neatly with the Notarangelo and Thyng cases. Now I hear the the City is trying to allocate $90K unmarked funds to pay out the Thyng punitive damages on the individuals involved on the Q.T. -- but isn't that illegal? 

Video of today's visit coming soon. 


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