Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Crawford v. Cent. Mortg. Co. 404 S.C. 39 (2013) Prove you do NOT Have to be a Licensed Attorney to Help Underwater or Foreclosure Homeowners on HAMP or Loan Modifications.

Here come the haters.... this time I kicked Maryland Bar Ass'n ass on the issue of unlicensed practice of law vis a vis loan modifications so instead of admitting defeat they passed the buck to Washington State Bar Association in hopes of securing a victory there.

They then complain because I use "J.D." behind my name.... well you know what, I kinda EARNED THAT. I won't have any of there bullshit, not yesterday, today or tomorrow. A nice waste of two hours of my life yo.

I wrote the WashBar:

Good Day to All:

I believe my attached letter says it all. The only established case law in the entire Country -- and Washington Policy on the matter of representing homeowners in loan modification cases makes it more than clear that one need not be a licensed attorney. Crawford v. Cent. Mortg. Co. 404 S.C. 39, 744 S.E. 2nd 538, 2013 S.C. Lexis 144 (2013).

OVERVIEW: ISSUE: Whether a loan modification constituted the unauthorized practice of law. 

HOLDINGS: [1]-Modifying a loan without the participation of an attorney did not constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

Once again I have to establish law on this point; as to the use of "J.D." behind my name well I kind of EARNED THAT and it will stay with me for the rest of my natural life, to be quite clear. It is not negotiable under any circumstances. Just ask Senator Kelly Ayotte about the spanking she endured on this exact same issue that started a decade ago, when the complaining party was still in undergrad. Oh yah, I've testified to the WA legislature on related matters so I'm not having any of this nonsense.

 I look forward to receiving a dismissal letter in short order. Respectfully submitted,