Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, April 29, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Snicker at 525 Beach Street Corruption as Water Table Damages Illegally-Built Residential Units.

It was so epic.... They did EPA testing but failed to disclose the results of the testing!

A really good journal entry.
Hahahaaa Attorney Brown how is your client's illegal building holding up with that water table problem and such?

You see folks, the city of Revere, MA kowtowed to developer demands by Revere Neighborhood Developers and erected a new residential building at 525 Beach Street starting in 2010 or so.

The problem is, they all knew they built it on contaminated land (see the 1924 gas tanks in the original permit I drafted out of City Hall) and my buddy Clifford Pisano busted on them because he had lived right next door for pretty much all of his life.

They lied on the zoning application:

They ran it through without giving taxpayers the right to know or to comment.

And now the building appears to have been built too close to the water table, tsk-tsk-tsk.

When I brought it to their attention they tried to throw me out of City Hall.
They called the police on me, watch the videos at YouTube search “525 Beach Street Revere.”

They moved the tainted tanks out in the middle of the night, I have pictures.

And our complaints to the EPA went ignored as well, so fuck them, too.


It’s not much better in Mountlake Terrace, WA seven years later where they allowed Kristina Robinson a/k/a Precious Paws to run an illegal, unzoned dog kennel for years, ultimately resulting in the death of our beloved dog, Livi — a 4 y/o German Shorthaired Pointer.  Read the timeline here.  Sign the Petition to Revoke her license here.

At least I can sue her and potentially the city and raise consciousness. In Revere, the only thing being raised is the water table, get it?  Hahahahaaaa….. GOTCHAS!

Keep in mind I was a zoning project manager for years…. and was so in New England in 2009-2010 so you can’t bullshit me.  You reap what you sow, and when you build your arguments or your buildings on a corrupted foundation.... well.... sooner or later it's going to fail. And when it does I'll be standing right there and I will bear no compunction to grin right in your face and tell you "I told you so."

The video history is here 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Pam Bondi and Kelly Ayotte as the Fraudulent AG's They Really are: Recall the FRM Ponzi Scam?

Now we know why Florida AG Pam Bondi didn't do much of anything for American homeowners! She is just like former NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who commissioned a phony mortgage fraud task force, then allowed the biggest consumer fraud swindle in NH history, the FRM mortgage Ponzi scam. You'll barely see anything on the Internet about it except on my journal pages right. Pam Bondi of course has a place in the Trump Really White House, right along with his other favorite femme fatale, Kelly Ayotte. They kissed and made up nicely
KingCast: Just calling a spade a spade.   
#Trump #KellyAyotte #PamBondi #PresidentTrum #KingCast #MortgageMovies. 

Kelly Ayotte called on the mat by NH Exec. Councilor David Wheeler. How on Earth does this video have but 540 hits right. 

 Fun info. from James Kelly: An update on FRM. Please note, to the best of my knowledge, it was the PRESS not the DOJ who made the FRM case. See my email to WMUR.....