Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Official Judicial Complaint Against Free Press Hater Judge Ricardo S. Martinez in 2:17-cv-00031-RSM King J.D. et al v. Rumbaugh.

Update on the underlying case: Fascinating that the area Judge of the Year makes the right call when addressing a media request but Judge Rumbaugh and his attorneys sit around and tell lies while the Federal Court protects them.

A principled Jurist who evaluates media requests and responds accordingly……

In direct opposition to Stanley Rumbaugh,a hegemonic warlord who treats alternative press with a measure of contempt reserved for one’s mortal enemy.

Google KingCast, Wally Brown and Chris Nubbe v. Stanley J. Rumbaugh.  Defendant Rumbaugh ran off to a sympathetic federal court on an improvident removal but we are going to the 9th Circuit and beyond for violations of Washington State GR 16.

Ethics Charges have been filed against Rumbaugh.

Ethics Charges have been filed against Ricardo S. Martinez in Federal as well.

Federal Judge Ricardo S. Martinez allowed Counsel for Defendant Stanley J. Rumbaugh to lie about material aspects of a Free Press First Amendment case after Defendant Rumbaugh repeatedly violated Washington GR 16 that presupposes news media are to be GRANTED ACCESS to Courts. 

The Defendants and this Judge completely lied in the Record to find that none of us presented as media to the Defendant before he refused camera access, then when I filed a Notice of Fraud and a Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions this Judge dismissed them out of hand so that the dirty State lawyers wouldn't even have to argue anything.

This case will move on toward the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and beyond, on the issue of whether granting or denying access to reporters is an Administrative or Judicial Function. 

This Judge of course never once mentioned the words "Administratvie Function" in his purported analysis of the case.

And yes it is a shame that taxpayers subsidize his income as well as that of the dirty state Judge and that of his lawyers as well.... Mark Lindquist's Office is notoriously dirty, just Google it.

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