Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Saturday, November 25, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Wisconsin Bar Slam Superlawyer Terry Johnson Over Unsigned Pleadings.

Like I said Bubba: Put your finger down. Sit down. 
And keep your fucking hands off of my equipment and me.
Period. Ya fuckin' knob-jockey.


As you can see by the 6 March 2018 letter from the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation (hereinafter, "OLR,") the handwriting is finally on the wall in a heinous disciplinary action.  Mark Rattan -- that pompous asshole who put his hands on my equipment and me while I was lawfully running video in Referee James J. Winiarski's hearing is going to receive public discipline on his record, as well he should. Wait until I get done suing his ass too. All in due course. These people need to learn a lesson, and I am just the person to teach it to them.

A detractor of mine once said to me, 

"You can't make your life just suing people who don't suit you." 

To that I say: 

"I don't just sue people who don't suit me. As a progressive black man in this Country who has actually won Civil Rights trials I would have about eleventy-billion lawsuits filed against people if I were that reactionary, LOL fool.  That being said, however, I reserve the right to sue anyone who actually violates my fundamental rights, or those of my people. Further, I will do it in a heartbeat and I will do it with a vengeance." 

Now then, it is indeed refreshing to note that Mark W. Rattan, the sanctimonious, bigoted, hegemonic, nouveau riche Wells Fargo attorney who assaulted me (raw video) at the Wendy Alison Nora OLR disciplinary witch-hunt hearing a year ago will be sanctioned.

His lawyer Terry E. johnson should also be sanctioned for failure to sign pleadings. I proved that too, but let's see what happens to this cheeseball who was clearly brought in to the picture for his influence because he sits on an OLR Committee.... he even tried to say that I altered the video. Jesus Christ on a Bicycle dude, grow up.

I’m sure his new law firm (vonBriesen) is “having fun” with this… Terry recently told me to "have fun" too, so I want to be sure that he and his people are "having fun," as well, as I finish whupping his fucking arrogant ass, quite publicly. 

Or did I?  It's so hard to understand, what with him not actually signing any Pleadings and such, so how can I beat someone who never signed any Pleadings, LOL.

What a hot mess, right?

So anyway KingCast was again correct about ethical violations committed by an establishment Judge or lawyer. Remember this: I am always correct. Theese white men of privilege harm many people, all the time. Often is is their own white women who catch it the worst -- I know it 'cos they tell me --  but that's a topic of discussion for another day, yah.

For now let's just finish the ass-whupping I started.
26 August Update:  1. Hearsay is still inadmissible. 2. False accusations about racial antipathy and 3. apparent lie from Attorney Terry Johnson, or at least on his letterhead.....

From Complaining Party's Surreply (I am having a difficult time loading up the revised updated document to Scribd so for now this is what you get):

Q:       Hearsay: Should the OLR effectively strike any Hearsay or notion of Complaining Party being disbarred or that he "moved from state to state for the purpose of shamefully manufacturing incidents that he unsuccessfully tries to parlay into lawsuit and disciplinary actions"

A:        Yes. First of all it is sloppy, sleazy and bad lawyering. Citation to what a police officer said about what Complaining Party allegedly said when said officer was derelict in his duties and never filed any report is completely irresponsible. Further, Complainant is not disbarred nor has he ever been disbarred. He is suspended but unlike Wisconsin attorney Richard Kranitz who committed wire fraud and served 18 months in Club Fed, Complainant has no criminal record WHATSOEVER.  See Case No. 2013AP2128–D. (2014).

          Second, Hearsay is not admissible in the Ohio Bar Disciplinary proceedings that Respondent uses        
          to deflect attention away from his own conduct. To wit:

                  In Disciplinary Counsel v. Frost, 122 Ohio St.3d 219, 2009-Ohio-2870, a white female Civil Rights lawyer from Complaining Party’s hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio received stern rebuke for relying as Hearsay.  Respondent stands in the same exact shoes, unless of course Hearsay is now admissible before the OLR but not before Ohio. Now honestly, THAT would be interesting, n’est-ce  pas?  From Frost:

{¶ 39} Moreover, respondent seems unable to understand fundamentalsevidentiary and procedural rules, a problem manifested by her disjointed efforts to present her case before the hearing panel. 

When questioned about the firsthand knowledge she claimed to have of the improprieties she had alleged, respondent referred to having learned the information from “someone else” or by “looking at documents,” thereby erroneously implying that unreliable hearsay may serve as competent proof.

Third, the Record now reveals that Complainant was and is clearly a functioning member of this society with Mayoral awards and agreement with NH City Attorney’s office during the time period in which the bogus criminal complaints against him were being DISMISSED.

Again, Petitioner moved from state to state because he was a WIRELESS ZONING PROFESSIONAL and a LICENSED TITLE INSURANCE PRODUCER – thereby learning much about the mortgage industry that led him to this Deposition, ab initio

Q:  Would it matter if Complaining Party were prejudiced against White Males?

A:          No. For the Record however Complaining Party told one of his sisters she should marry a white male who loves her and she did, and now 25 years later he’s still a great guy, fancy that.  What is truly comical about this argument is the FACT that a white male himself stated that racism and reactionary politics played a role in Complainant’s suspension from law, and that is a FACT.[1]

[1] See also a letter written by Chris Hookway, a Republican white male who was Complaining Party’s business partner before the bogus criminal charges were brought. He hates bigoted white males as 
much or more than Complaining Party does because negatively reflects on him. See Appendix A.

Q:        Is the fact that Litchfield, Cavo settled the sexual harassment case of Klein v. Litchfield    
            Cavo relevant?

A:        Yes. Not only because it goes to show how PARTNERS at a law firm conduct themselves but because Respondent’s sleazy lawyer Terry Johnson tells a lie:[1]  

“What King has done is to cherry pick press accounts and allegations that the plaintiff made in the lawsuit, the accuracy of which Litchfield Cavo is contesting, and the accuracy of which King knows Litchfield Cavo is contesting.”

Bullshit. This case SETTLED as noted in the PACER screen shot below at the end of this  very Q & A section. So Attorney Johnson -- who lent his letterhead to his brother Mark Rattan so he could lie in this proceeding -- is condoning Fraud Upon this Court after falsely claiming that Complaining Party was so doing.  They throw around the word sleazy at Complaining Party well these men are as sleazy as it comes, attacking journalists and abusing their own white women, yet they expect the OLR to protect them.
Now then because of that apparent lie, here is precisely what is going to happen next:

Respondent and his Counsel – who are particularly fond of trying to implicate Complaining Party in fraudulent commentary – will now, within the next seven (7) calendar days, provide any and all official documents that prove their allegations referenced above using Attorney Johnson’s letterhead , again, i.e. 

“….the accuracy of which Litchfield Cavo is contesting, and the 
accuracy of which King knows Litchfield Cavo is contesting.”

                  If Complainant does not receive that information by next Sunday evening he will file an ethics complaint against Terry Johnson not because Complaining Party is prejudiced against white males, but rather because he will have earned it.  Done.

[1] Query, is it Johnson or is it Rattan?  Rattan signed off on the filing but Johnson lent the letterhead so when Complaining Party goes to make his next YouTube videos he is directly holding Johnson accountable.


15 July 2017 Update: Oh, great. Racist AND Sexist, nice.
The simple fact of the matter is that Litchfield, Cavo have been sued in Federal Court for being sexist pigs so that fits perfectly into this puzzle, along with Wells Fargo hired Counsel walking around calling people who look like Petitioner “niggers.”

Klein v. Litchfield, Cavo 15-CV-03646, Cavo as reported by Above the Law, here is my email to the Office of Lawyer Regulation, Johnson and others:

Yah if we want to play that game let's talk about a Name Partner and his sexism shall we?http://abovethelaw.com/2015/05/so-i-cant-tell-my-associate-to-do-more-to-satisfy-her-husband/ 

On that subject, another way to get to know your employees is to spend some time with their family. Defendant Eckert also discussed Plaintiff Klein’s sex life with her husband and said 

“I feel your pain, I don’t know how you’re married to Bari.” 

While each day the conversation would begin relating to work, Defendant Eckert would inevitably bring the conversation to relate to Plaintiff Klein’s personal life. Those conversations included questions about how often Plaintiff Klein had sex with her husband, how it felt to have sex in her parents’ home, why Plaintiff Klein did not have sex more often and asking if plaintiff Klein would ever cheat on her husband. 


Apparently, Klein didn’t appreciate all this alleged great advice and asked her firm to do something about it. As Law 360 reports: Klein regularly told the firm’s partners about Eckert’s behavior, saying she felt she was being treated differently because of her gender, but nothing was done to improve the situation, according to the complaint. 

Klein had a “severe” panic attack one day in the office, but the firm did not call for an ambulance until Klein’s mother, who learned what happened, called one of the partners and demanded that her daughter be taken to the hospital. By firing Klein only five days after she returned from her FMLA leave, it will be difficult for Litchfield Cavo to argue that the two are not connected, her attorney, Jesse Rose, told Law 360 Tuesday. 


But see, it wasn’t retaliation, the firm just thought she needed more time to recover and… yeah, I can’t push this pretense any more. Klein seeks compensatory and punitive damages of an unspecified amount and Litchfield Cavo and Eckert have a pretty dismal set of allegations to overcome. 

........I suppose this is all my fault as well? The fact of the matter is, in my 52 years on this planet as a black man sensitive to the concerns of all minorities and people of moderate to lower-incomes (including many white males) I have come to know the presence of Hegemony, Racism, Sexism and that progeny of social anathema. Consider it as parallel to the Miller Test for obscenity, 

"I know it when I see it." 

And so it should come to pass that with a few key strokes in PACER I uncover this gem, fomented by another PARTNER. That corporate sickness trickles down folks, and it trickles right on down the tops of the heads of people like Mark W. Rattan, but not on my watch it doesn't. I have a history of exposing corruption and it is not about to stop now. Apparently I should have been spending more time in PACER to learn about nasty white men and the nasty white men who defend them. This one is going up on the blog and into the public SCRIBD document later today. 

 The effect a cameraman has on a subject is completely irrelevant. There have been video depositions for ages on end, and Petitioner has run video at them and publicly posted them. Petitioner has a right to take pictures, pure and simple and he never has had to ask permission to take a few stills but yet and still that is what I did. I had not violated any rules yet the Hearing Officer is treating me as if I am the problem, which is complete nonsense. 

Referee Winiarski then proceeds to browbeat Petitioner with the notion that he is illegally leaving his camera on but this is yet another red herring as Petitioner had already explained to him that he always turns his camera off during recesses as he has for literally hundreds of other occasions except for ONE TIME when there was an equipment malfunction because of a loose mechanism on the record on/off button. 

The way that Referee Winiarski and the Respondent treated Petitioner was abusive and patently ABSURD.

 But prior to this explosion the Referee had begrudgingly outlined the ambit of Petitioner's authority in this video.

"We will call him the press in this case...." Well that's good because that is exactly what Petitioner is. He worked for large daily and weekly press and now he is his own press. Welcome to the 21st Century.  

"Stop taking my picture, he is not allowed to take my picture." 

Again, FALSE. 

"I ask that this man be removed." 

"My research shows that this is a public hearing and my research shows that he is allowed to be here. It borders on harassment when he sticks the camera in someone's face" 

....states Winiarski as he states that taking pictures is intimidating and implores Petitioner to stand up when taking photos, failing to realize that he had already admonished Petitioner for standing up.  This led Petitioner to note "I can't win for losing." 

Again, Referee Winiarski's Petitioner routinely runs video Depositions in rooms smaller than this and the proof has been provided. There was no need for the abuse tendered toward Petitioner from Respondent and from Referee Winiarski.  

As to Attorney Rattan Petitioner stated:

"These are the issues of living in a free society.... that is his burden."  

Update: Terry E. Johnson, a Principal at Peterson, Johnson & Murray is to represent Mark W. Rattan, Esq.  You can best believe whenever I come around these blue-blood firms hire the biggest guns they can get, always a "super lawyer." That's fine. I'm a super lawyer too, but without the clout. And without the connections. But there's only so far clout and connections will get you when you have an asshat for a client, caught on video.

So I'm ready. I sent a reasonable settlement Demand in that cannot be discussed and if they reject it, you get to watch it all unfold right here, and courtroom sessions will most definitely occur ON VIDEO, as I have shot in Wisconsin Courtrooms on prior occasion.

Query, as to the new Federal suspension of successful anti-establishment attorney Alison Motta, can anyone doubt that what Mark Rattan did in an open hearing was worse than muttering something under one's breath as she did in Federal Court?  Her comment was not even fucking AUDIBLE but had to be boosted from the sound file. Unreal.

My comment in the Chicago Tribune story.
This is ridiculous. A verbal reprimand at most was warranted. The Court hates firebrands and those who defeat the system. I was an Assistant State Attorney and Federal litigator in the 90's and now shoot courtroom video and settle mortgages.  Establishment judges and referees help establishment lawyers.... watch this video of a Milwaukee Wisconsin area lawyer just two hours away attack me without any punishment from a hearing officer.  This matter is currently before the bar and will be the subject of First Amendment litigation. 


CHANGE.ORG Petition to Fund First Amendment Litigation.

Wisconsin is dirty. Watch this arrogant Wells Fargo attorney get away with assault and disorderly conduct last week. They actually ended up throwing ME out!!!! 

Follow the action here:

OK So the Referee is James J. Winiaski Esq. who was in complicity with Mark W. Rattan, Esq -- the jerk who traversed 10' of room to attack me about a still-mounted (tripod) 3.5" Sony Action camera that was "in his face." He did this in direct violation of a specific Court Order because the banks and their attorneys cannot control my media and they are fearful of it. 

The Referee's failure to admonish him for his threatening and abusive actions that clearly constituted a breach of the peace under state and local code represents an unlawful Chilling of my First Amendment Rights and Responsibilities as a journalist. This is particularly true given his consistent "warnings" levied at me for no reason, simply for taking a handful of pictures from time to time. My picture count was low and I kept it that way so as not to offend. 

Ms. Nora has been practicing 42 years with nary an accusation of frivolous or sanctionable conduct. I was an escrow attorney who started Mortgage Movies Journal 6 years ago to document the fraud and unlawful foreclosures that I helped perpetrate and perpetuate many years earlier. The only other time I was denied access was in Maryland where they stole the Recorder of Deeds election from another honest person, a black man by the name of La Mar Gunn. He is the area NAACP president. 

Paul W. Schwarzenbart Esq. is the Office of Lawyer Regulation attorney who is prosecuting Wendy Alison Nora Esq, for being a solid advocate for the people and for exposing robo-signing, forgery and specific fraud upon the Courts. John Willian Verant Esq, is her attorney. 

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Retry Senator Menendez.... he's a Phony who Also Protected Foreclosure Fraud in his Own Building."

So Senator Mendendez drew a hung Jury/Mistrial today.

Four years ago I showed you how U.S. Senator Menendez, joined by alleged sexual groper Al Franken, put up a big show to go after foreclosure fraud. Turns out Menendez ignored foreclosure fraud of Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg in his own damn building. 

How do I know this?

Because I was there, I saw it. His aides said they would act on it and he completely bailed. Even the building security specifically took our side and asked "What the fuck is the problem?"

So yah, I wouldn't be surprised to discover he was engaged in bribery too. 

He's even more insidious than Republican Kelly Ayotte, whom a constituent described as "full of shit" because she is full of shit, creating a phony Mortgage Fraud task force whilst presiding over New Hampshire's biggest consumer fraud case in history, the FRM Ponzi scam. It was steeped in mortgage-backed securities, ahem.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies: Dogged Journalism 24/7.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Kelly Ayotte and her Republican Bankster Shills Got Their Way: Richard Cordray Steps Down."

All of this is simple, watch the movie above as her own constituent in North Country said "She's full of shit."

I told you 6 years ago that Kelly Ayotte would gut the CFPB if she could, and now after years of adversity Richard Cordray steps down. Oh Jesus. Can you blame him? He must be under total attack right now. I've known Counselor Cordray from the early '90's when we both worked for Ohio Attorney General Lee Fisher.

"Cordray was a frequent target of Republicans...."

No shit Sherlock.

More about Kelly Ayotte:

Next thing you know they will be pushing Kelly for Supreme Court Justice. Souter is long gone, time for another one from NH. She's got a lot of power, but not enough to put me in prison over a First Amendment issue when I was legal chair of the NAACP; I kicked her ass and the State ran away like a puppy that peed itself after a widely-publicized indictment for Attempted Felony Extortion in a police abuse case. All I had said was that the NAACP would sue and go to the media if the Town of Jaffrey failed to pay a black man who endured a visual body cavity search and 3 drawn police guns for loitering. They arrest reports are no longer hosted online and they are deep in my archives but trust me, it happened to Willie Toney.  The Police Chief Martin J. Dunn was fired because he was loco and the Prosecutor was dirty and resigned his post.

She also barred me from a public invite forum for her racist pal Joe Arpaio so I sued her and should have won but you know how that goes. Then Politico interviewed me and trie to make me sound like a lunatic with no First Amendment knowledge, fuck them too for their yellow-assed journalism. Unlike Kelly Ayotte I have actually won First Amendment Jury Trials (video) and I always know exactly what I am talking about and they all know it.

Let's not even get into many other transgressions against the people of New Hampshire... except I will take time to mention that the biggest consumer fraud in NH history occurred on her watch. It was the FRM Ponzi Scam involving mortgage-backed securities of all things, yah. Watch the video at bottom as Executive Counselor Dave Wheeler describes how Kelly ignored him about his constituents' concerns regarding unlawful foreclosures, fact.  

Fact: My first Kelly Ayotte blog completely disappeared from the blogosphere. I had to rebuild it. Fancy that.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

KingCast Presents: Momma and my Little Big Nieces!

Momma was so smart and so ahead of her time.
1998:  "Son you need to get yourself a blog....."
2017: I'm certain she is still smart, she just can't express it.
Dementia is the most perplexing thing in the World.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Shocked to Hear Pierce County Judge Stanley J. Rumbaugh: "Banks are Going to Lose in My Courtroom if They Don't Have the Note."

So in a Wrongful Foreclosure case Pierce County Judge Stanley J. Rumbaugh actually told Attorney Jeff Jared and Michelle Darnell recently
"If they don't have the Note in my Courtroom they're going to lose," 
.....or words of substantially similar import. The commentary was made in the context of a Motion for Leave to Amend a Complaint or something similar, it was busy last night at the Darnell Election Party so I'll have to get the specifics later but at any rate I am at once pleased and shocked:

This is the same Judge who recently screwed over a U.S. Veteran and her family on ADA accommodations and the underlying case involving gross recklessness and the death of the family matriarch. See top video, above.

This is the same Judge who bent over backwards to help the banks in Brenda Duzan's case involving the same exact issues of Note ownership, even going so far as to throw Wally Brown out of Court and to refuse to acknowledge my well-tendered Notices of Media Coverage.  See video #2, also above. Of course the Federal Court allowed him and the Pierce County Attorney's office to lie and get out of our First Amendment Free Press lawsuit; that's what Courts do by design to little Plaintiffs who challenge the system but the question remains: 

Since when did Judge Stanley J. Rumbaugh start following the law on Foreclosures, i.e. that the Deed of Trust follows the Note?  See below from my Affordable Video Demo website. Judge Rumbaugh, see how nice the Court is to me, I'm right next to the bench and everything is just fine. What a concept. But you hate me so you won't have any of it. Stick around, Your Honor I'm not done with you yet, not for a long time.

I believe Ms. Darnell. I know her quite well actually. We've worked together on Mortgage Mediations here in Washington. I've shot campaign video for her. I shot a video for her significant other, Attorney Jeff Jared. We have helped save a lot of homes together, including Jane Mair.  Seattle City Councilor Nick Licata told my cameras and anyone else who would listen that the banks were committing CRIMINAL ACTS. 
Jeff Jared, Esq., Josh from SAFE in Seattle,
Jane Mair, Michelle Darnell, Yours Truly.

Nick Licata with Jane Mair.

I was Jane's mouthpiece for part of this and was present with her when she signed her Loan Modification papers at Bank of America. 

Anyway as to Ms. Darnell, even without seeing the transcript I know she's no word of a lie. The question is, why can't I say the same thing about Judge Rumbaugh?